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WVU School of Medicine Music Therapy Program

WVU School of Medicine Music Therapy Program

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 4, 2019

My name is Hannah Bush and I am
assistant professor of music therapy in the Department of Human Performance at
the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Music Therapy utilizes music to
accomplish non-musical goals, utilizing music as a therapeutic agent of change
to address social, emotional, physical and cognitive goals. The music therapy
program at WVU operates hospital-wide so we collaborate with physicians, nurses
and other members of the treatment team, such as occupational and physical
therapists, speech therapists, child life specialists and social workers to
provide the best possible care and outcomes our hospitalized patients. A
common misconception about music therapy would be that we utilize classical music,
and we can utilize classical music in our sessions, but we utilize music of the
patient’s preference, so if it’s classical music we could utilize
classical music. But in the hospital setting it’s often a lot of classic rock,
country, pop music, children’s music and lullabies. But you will see us incorporating
a variety of musical instruments that are selected based on the patient’s
goals. So, that might be playing a tambourine, a drum, or a piano to work on
refining gross motor skills, we might be encouraging a patient to sing to work
on breath support, enunciation, self- expression, and it may be that we’re just
asking the patient to sit back and relax and just listen in order to help improve
physiological parameters through music- assisted relaxation.
Music therapy services are provided free of charge to patients at
the hospital and the driving force in expanding our program, would be donor
funding and community support so that we can include more information so that
they can see the benefits of music therapy. The future of the music therapy
program at WVU ideally will expand into WVU Medicine’s outpatient facilities,
including rehabilitation, and the pain clinic, infusion, behavioral health and
the variety of services that WVU Medicine provides.

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