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Working Out With My Brother - Doctor Striker

Working Out With My Brother – Doctor Striker

By Bryan Wright 1 Comment July 12, 2019

hi I'm doctor Stryker and this one is about working out with my brother subscribe so it was a fine day my brother was like hey doctor Stryker do you want to go to the gym with me I'm going with my friend and I was like yeah sure I've never gone in the gym before and I'm like 110 pounds I'm a marathon runner and it'd be really cool to get like giant beefy muscles and just like walk around being by scepter all the time just like alright you know like because cuz that's what my brother looks like he spends all of his time lifting women on the beach he's also a doctor he's pretty cool he's got an amazing life he just like works in the hospital and then goes to the beach and lifts a whole bunch of women and then he goes to two tournaments where he lifts more people and he's like completely jacked and so he was like hey you want to go to the gym and I was like yes and so we went and the first part were there and the most important thing is to work out your chest because you know having a giant chest as is the part of manliness that's the most important just being like I got these massive tits you know just like pecs all over the place just super important to showing manhood and so we're benching there and my brothers got like two plates on each side because he's so manly right which is like it's an it's an okay amount and then his friend comes out and also does two plates and then I come out and I do like 85 pounds and he's like wow you can almost lift as much as my girlfriend ah I was like damn it so then as we're walking walking away his friend is just like you know the best thing to do is just to take the largest weights possible and then just pile them on and just do the smallest reps cuz that way you just get the most testosterone and the entire reason of going to the gym is just to be as manly as possible and get the most testosterone because that's important and I was like doesn't that make you go bald and he goes I hope and then he's like you know the thing about football players is that they're not actually that strong like they can squat a whole bunch but like I can do way more on machines than them you know it's like I got these big beefy muscles here let me show you and so we go over to the PEC machine you know cuz we really need to work out our chest and the thing about the PEC machine is it goes like this and my friend later in life was like yeah a bunch of women do this machine and there's a song that goes with it goes I must I must I must increased my bust I must I must I must increase my bust and I was like cool let's do this machine this looks like a lot of fun and we didn't hit our chest enough already benching and so my brother goes and he does a huge amount and his friend goes and he does a huge amount and then I go and I do like almost nothing and then this guy comes out of nowhere and he's just like can I work in with you guys and we're like yep yeah sure like I see no reason not to you know there's like three people using this machine but you can totally do a set because you know we got time like for real though I mean he's like yeah yeah yeah yeah good and he gets on their knees just like you know it this isn't enough can you put it on the bottom please and we're like wait well yeah sure and so we put it on the bottom and you know to get the full stack of weight and he's like you know this still doesn't seem like it's quite enough can you can you put it on the bottom like can you are you sure that it's on the bottom we're like yeah yeah it's on the bottom he goes I I just don't feel like it's on the bottom are you are you absolutely positive that it's on the bottom I would just like you to check to see if it's on the bottom because I just don't feel like it's on the bottom and we're like yeah it's a it's that that definitely on the bottom like we got the pin in the bottom weight like it is definitely inserted in the bottom no hetero and he's like earth all right all right hmm that's that's weird I guess it was just on the bottom strange and he just walks away right and my brother and his friend and I we just look at each other and his friend goes you know I can definitely lift a lot on this one and so we go over to the triceps press which is where you wear a seat belt and you just like push down like this right and and so we sit there and my brother puts it on the bottom and he's like it's on the bottom I can do this uh uh uh you know and his friend comes in and puts it on the bottom he goes oh oh and then I'm there and I'm like I can't even get to the part where I need to have a seat belt and then we go home and later on two years later I was looking at this and I decided to sit down and I put on my seat belt trying to get ready for the triceps press and I was like it's I been working really hard on this and I think I can get it to the bottom you know and I take that pin and I insert it into the bottom all the way because I want giant beefy arms because that's what makes you cool is to have giant beefy arms and I sat there and I pushed and I pushed and then I blacked out and the entire world went completely black lost all vision and then I came back I didn't pass out or anything and I gave myself a hiatal hernia like actually injured myself for life had to go to the doctor and uh try pushing it back down it was this weird maneuver where I just like shove around my inner organs it's very unpleasant don't do that doctor Stryker out

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