Why choose pharmacy? – Will's story

Why choose pharmacy? - Will's story

Why choose pharmacy? – Will's story

By Bryan Wright 1 Comment May 23, 2019

I'm well on the farms The Apprentice and I'm working towards being a dispensing technician I chose pharmacy because I've always had an interest in medicine so it was either be a doctor or be a pharmacist and being a pharmacist seemed more attractive because it's more interactive and you deal with the community a lot more to initially apply for the apprenticeship I needed see your above at GCSE in English maths and science after the application process were invited to an assessment evening we had formal interviews group tasks after all that is really good to get get the job because I can learn while I'm working and earning money at the same time to get on to an apprenticeship you just need an interest in what you've chosen to do and dedication to the course in my farm ticker I'd like to obviously finish this course and become a dispensing technician and then hope for go on to study pharmacy university level and become a pharmacist mixer curve was supporting me throughout my apprenticeship by giving me a day off once a week to go to college to do my BTech and also install my colleagues are helping me with my NVQ qualification the people I work with the definitely supportive they don't treat me like an apprentice they don't make me do the dirty work I get to do over all the jobs everyone else gets to do but if I do need help they'll happily tell me where something kids or where I can find the answer to a question I'm asking the best thing about working in my pharmacy is definitely the people I'm working with some interesting characters and also the customers we get they're never the same they're never the same problems each day it might be a common common view on pharmacy if everyone just stood there counting pills and it's not really like that my perception of pharmacy has changed quite dramatically actually because like most I didn't really know what happened in the pharmacy I've never seen I've never been behind dispensing bench so it turns out quite interesting quite exciting on a day to day basis

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