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Why Choose a Concierge Physician – Premier MD Care, Fort Myers

Why Choose a Concierge Physician – Premier MD Care, Fort Myers

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 4, 2019

Hi I’m Dr. Jelin Israel-Cvik and I’m
with premier MD care which is an internal medicine concierge practice so
I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself I’ve been practicing
internal medicine for 20 years 16 years of practice here in Southwest Florida
with my husband and the past four years have been the most significant four
years ago is when I changed my practice from a traditional medical practice to a
concierge practice and what that or how that came about is that I was getting
really frustrated with being forced to run from room to room and seeing my
patients for maybe ten minutes not really having enough time to spend to
really go over all their health issues review their labs look at the
consultants notes doing all the things that myself as a doctor I was trained to
do and like all doctors are trained is to take time with their patients get a
good history to a good physical exam but I didn’t have time for that just the way
that medicine had gone so becoming so frustrated with that and seeing my
patients frustration as well and knowing that I wasn’t providing the health care
that they needed I decided to make a change and I converted to a concierge
practice so the biggest question is so what is concierge medicine what it is
it’s individualized medicine it’s quality medicine and it’s a doctor who
takes a lot more time to focus on your health care so I went from thousands of
patients in my traditional practice down to a few hundred and I give my patients
much longer appointment times 30 minutes to an hour sometimes even longer we have
actually have time to focus on preventative issues and not just your
current acute problems it also allows me to have a continuous relationship with
my patients in the sense that weekends and evenings or if they’re out of town
or they’re on vacation they can always call me and be able to get the health
care that they need instead of going to an urgent care or an emergency room
where the doctors don’t know you my patients also get same-day appointments
they don’t have to wait for a week or two to be seen if you’re sick you’re
gonna be seeing the same day if you have a question you can email me or text me
or we can talk so there is there’s just a huge vast difference between concierge
medicine and traditional medicine so I know I’ve mentioned to you that
getting a concert instructor or having me as your concierge doctor means that
you’re gonna have more time to see your primary care physician but what does
that really mean to you I can think of one really good example of a time when I
had a young woman come to me she moved here from Syracuse New York and she had
been having terrible headaches she’d gained a lot of weight and her vision
was getting really blurred she was only in her early 40s and she kept going from
her primary care doctor to the ophthalmologist to another specialist
and no one was really able to figure out why she was having the blurred vision
why she continued to gain weight why she was so depressed and by the time she
came to me it was obvious that she needed to have an MRI of her brain and
after we spent after the first visit we ordered that MRI and we discovered a
large tumor in her pituitary gland which was the primary cause of a lot of her
symptoms including her blurred vision and she ended up going to Miami to have
surgery and has had significant improvement in her symptoms and so
that’s just one example of many where someone who really if someone had just
spent a little bit more time with her they could have been figured out two
years prior to her coming to see me so that’s what concierge medicine can do
for you is if you’re having an issue that no one else can seem to figure out
because they’re not taking the time you really need to see a concierge doctor
I’m a primary care physician an internal medicine trained physician and as a
concierge doctor I do focus a lot on preventative health care about you know
I make sure that you get your colonoscopies done on time mammograms
are done breast examinations even pap smears for my female patients prostate
exams and men so all the things that we should be doing on a regular basis with
your primary care doctor to make sure that you stay healthy and also as a
primary care physician I basically and as an internist I treat illnesses
head-to-toe basically everything from your common everyday cold or flu to
pneumonia bronchitis diabetes high blood pressure heart disease so a very vast
variety of different health issues and my job is really to be like the
quarterback of the team to be the gatekeeper so when you come to me and
you have an issue and if it’s something that is
my scope or you’re gonna need to see a specialist for it we make sure to
expedite that referral for you based on how acute your problems are at the time
so that’s another benefit of being with me would be to help you to get in to see
the specialist to know the right specialist to go to and to have the
correct specialist hand-picked for you so when people hear the word concierge I
think they get the idea that it’s all cash pay and that it’s a lot of money
and really it is very affordable medicine the membership fee is very
affordable the price does not go up the sicker that you get it’s just based on
your age and people do always ask well does do you take my insurance or do you
take Medicare and the answer is yes we do take insurance and Medicare most
insurance plans private insurance plans we do bill your regular office visits
and your diagnostic testing and your lab work through the insurance companies and
through Medicare and the membership fee gives you all the benefits that we’ve
discussed earlier and another commonly asked question is considering where we
live here in Florida well what if I’m a seasonal resident I only stand Florida
you know six months seven months out of the year and the answer whether it’s
worth it for you to do that and the answer is absolutely yes because when
you’re up north and you have an issue and I know you better than any other
doctor does you really want to be contacting me and there’s a lot that we
can do through testing and through phone calls and telemedicine visits that we
can keep that care continued on even when you’re out of town and another
popular question is well I’m pretty healthy I don’t really go to the doctor
very often why would I need a concierge doctor and the answer to that is you
especially need the concierge doctor because if you want to stay healthy and
you want to have optimal health then you want to stay on top of all your
preventative issues and we have time to assist you with all of that

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