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What’s In Your Fridge? | Kitchens with Grow Fit | Healthy Food Habits

What’s In Your Fridge? | Kitchens with Grow Fit | Healthy Food Habits

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment October 13, 2019

Hi, this is Mariam Begg, and I’m a health coach I’m here to present another episode of our show, Kitchens with Grow Fit, where we go into people’s houses, sneak into their kitchens, see what’s happening there, what’s the food like? Whether it’s good? Bad? What we can do to make it more nutritious? And today, we are at Abhi’s house, and we’re here to see what’s going on there, and what he likes and what he doesn’t like.
– Awesome Yeah, so work-life balance is what everybody struggles with. Absolutely! So especially with my lifestyle, you know, I travel three or four days a week. Most of the time, since I’m single, I go out whenever I’m in the new city, meet my friends, that… You know that’s the whole reason, you know, my food habits are not really regular. Our country is an extremely social country. We have a very social culture. Whether there are poojas, or there are festivals, or there’s a housewarming. Everybody and everything revolves around food and eating, and we tend to overeat a lot because we constantly do social… Social events are just a natural part of our lives, right? So that tends to be the hard one because you’re constantly thinking “Oh my god, there’s like “Am I gonna get this gulab jamun again? It’s really nice, and this aunty has cooked this and…” I am absolutely a sweet tooth person, I have to eat sweets every single day. So that’s just so difficult! So when I say that, you know, I need to really have a healthy lifestyle and have a proper meal. I don’t know how to stop not eating sweets! That’s so difficult. The “glutton” situation. I totally get you. Okay! So let’s try and see what we can do to get you healthier, and see what’s in your kitchen! I’m excited! He’s really nervous! Mostly, it’s healthy! But I think, I don’t know what you can find. Really? Really? Are you really sure? Didn’t I tell you I love chocolates and icecreams? I didn’t even see the chocolate, actually. I saw a lot of other things.
– What did you see? Hmmm… Where do we begin? What do we have here? So I decided to take three things out of the mannyyy things that were available in his fridge for me to diss! There were some good things but there’s still a lot of There are lot of things that can be causing, that you might think is really healthy, and then it it might not be so good for your body. So the first one of course, is cheese slices! So cheese. If you want to do the dairy, do the dairy. Do good quality dairy, because that’s what makes the difference between good quality dairy and unhealthy dairy. It’s just convenience, right. You have it, you have it on your sandwich, and you’re done. Yeah, so the thing with this is that it’s a propriety cheese product Hardly has any cheese in it Cheeses are from different sources. We don’t know, we don’t know the recipe of this. But I watched a program on it. There are emulsifiers, there are fillers. There are colours. How long will it last, do you think?
– I guess about six months, I guess. Six months! Do you think you can keep something for 6 months? I totally understand. Yes, so why would you buy something that you would last 6 months? What is it doing your body? Right, I’ve never thought about what it does to my body. Yes, but you know what? It’s easy for us to have, and that’s why we do. You’re having it because you want to stay alive, right? So why are you doing something that…? Oh, I feel so terrible for myself right now! Awwwww! It’s okay, it’s okay. We’ll sort it out. Yes, so cheese. Just try, you know, I know everybody has it in their houses. I know everybody likes it, it’s convenient. Yes of course, it’s convenient. My family thinks I’m an ogre because I keep telling them to buy the real cheese But do buy it, because dairy is something that’s available everywhere in this world, and if you really want to do that, if you want to go the dairy way, do a good quality one, do an organic, good quality, single-source cheese that’s been made with love, made in a clean environment That’s much safer than doing something which has colors. You know, I wanted to look and tell you about Wanted to read you about just the ingredients on this, just ingredients on this so so there’s water, spices, condiments, and herbs, which is okay. The most important things to read on a label… – The emulsifiers.
– Oh yes.
– Numbers! When there are numbers, that’s a colour. – This, what is this?
– I don’t know that means. – Yeah, so if you don’t know what it means, we are not buying it because that goes into our stomachs! Okay, so all these are colours… So what happens is, that these are preservatives, right, and Many times like how we think of garbage and waste in our lives. We think if we throw, it goes away So in the same way, we think of foods, right we think of the cheese as like you know it has calcium And then you don’t think of the other hundred things that are there in it, right And we think that that just goes into our body and just disappears because the body doesn’t need it and the body catches hold of the calcium, and makes you strong! Nope! Out! Next the sugary fizzy drinks, oh my god, should I even start on this? How many spoons of sugar is in a can? I told you, I love sweets! And then you have a fizzy product. So you know what I use this for my house? It cleans toilets! It eats up the dirt in the toilets. Imagine what it’s doing doing to your stomach. It’s acid. It’s acidic. Eat the sugar. There’s so many things available with the sugar. Why do you need this? And you how many of these do you drink in a week? I think about, a litre or 2 litres. Yeah He’s hiding his face! Did you know it’s bad for you? You know, there times when you know things are bad. But you still do it. Because it’s tempting. But two litres a week is not “at times”. Well. Yeah, I think I should start drinking more water. That’s simple enough, but yeah I mean how do you get off the sugar habit ? Because I’ve struggled with it my whole life. And how you get off the sugar habit is, is that we start substituting it with healthier sugar and you actually start you losing the taste. Like today, you cannot make me drink a sugary fizzy drink, for anything in the world. Because I’ve lost that taste. Even though I love sugar still, and I still need the sweet But I’m actually off this, so that would be good, right? Gradually get into it. I sometimes feel really bad, because want to eat like this amazing cake or hot chocolate fudge, that I loved all my life. And now I don’t like it anymore! I’m most upset! And Swiggy started delivering it to my house, and now I can’t order it because I don’t like it anymore! Well there’s chocolate in the fridge if you would like some! Yes, I might just look at it, but yeah, so if you want to have it once in a while Once in a while is fine! 2 litres a week is not fine. Okay? These things disrupt your endocrine system They destruct your moods, your skin, your hair… So many things! So you can be eating a healthy salad, and then this just undoes everything So why would you want to do that? Is that even worth the taste? Let’s go boom-boom-boom, power up! I like this energy! Okay, what next? What are we doing? What did you think of today? You know what, I’m gonna walk away! I’m absolutely fine, I loved the session! I like the fact that, you know, it was an eye-opener session. You know there’s always alternative ways of eating healthy and not necessarily they’re always very hard to make so I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to basically make some choices in terms of the kind of food I eat now, and Start experimenting and see how does it really change? and probably the perspective I have in terms of the kind of food habits. I think I’m going to work towards that, yeah. I think that’s what I think today’s session would be.

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