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What Is HMB? | Health Supplements

What Is HMB? | Health Supplements

By Bryan Wright 3 Comments August 17, 2019

“Beta-Hydroxy methylbutyric is a component
or metabolite of the branch chain amino acid Leucine. Now Leucine , isoleucine they’re your branch
chain amino acids, a large percentage of your muscles is made up of them. So taking metabolite of the Leucine is good,
some studies have shown that it actually aids in lean body mass gain. In the amounts you need to take and the cost,
I don’t know if it actually pays to do so. I’m not saying it’s a bad product at all,
it’s actually very good. We have branch chain amino acids in 2 of the
3 products, being the whey protein as well as the muscle insurance, so if you want to
just take the main component being the Leucine instead of just a metabolite of it, that’s
fine. In terms of HMB some of the studies do show
that it actually works better for people that are untrained or deconditioned, not an elite
level athlete. So that being said, for a lot of my athletes
I work with, I mean I don’t recommend a specific HMB supplement. I would recommend a branch chain which you
get an ample amount of Leucine. I mean in the muscle insurance, if you get
the muscles insurance you’re going to get a 1,000 grams of Leucine, per serving.

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Just Weijers

First 4 first time liked it tho



Is being first even special anymore… like kind of. But I mean… i dont know :/


Rowan Minnion

I am a research scientist and have carried out research on HMB. It is not the case that taking leucine will increase the HMB in the body. This process is limited by an enzyme in the body and in fact the vast majority of leucine is turned into a substance known as KIC.

The research on leucine supplements and protein supplements is still inconclusive. Where some show small gains in strength, others do not. HMB has much more consistent positive research backing.


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