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Verify Before You Buy | Online Pharmacy Verification

Verify Before You Buy | Online Pharmacy Verification

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment August 16, 2019

Not too fast. OK. That looks like bacon. The Internet is like
a world wide web. I think that the Internet
is a magical place. The Internet is something you
look up on or literally listen to. I think my favorite thing
to do on the Internet is play games, hang
with my friends. The Internet, people
can shop on there. Dude, she’s a shopper. I like to watch
videos about the toys. About them opening toys. He likes to watch
people open toys. I don’t know why. I’ve taught my dad to edit
photos on the Internet. She knows a lot
of the shortcuts. She’ll come and
show me how to do it because she’ll say, you’re
doing it wrong, dad. And I’ll be like,
I’m doing it right. Sometimes he forgets his
login or his password so I have to come
in and type it in. But this kid’s got a
memory like an elephant. She’s taught me
on different apps how to use them because
she’s not afraid. Where I think many adults
are like, I don’t know, if I hit this button,
what’s the consequences? No fear, and that’s a concern. I feel that sometimes
the Internet can be good, and sometimes the
Internet can almost be like really bad and negative. I was online with my mom and
we were buying some toys. That person sent lots of
e-mails to my dad’s account and he charged him
a lot of money. Sometimes Dad can’t get
to our local pharmacy so he started buying his
prescription drugs online but I was worried,
I wanted to make sure he had the
tools to be safe. There are a lot of
online pharmacies that look legitimate
but are selling medicine that doesn’t work, or
that might be dangerous. I verify my online pharmacy
so I can preserve my safety and be there for my
son for a long time. Be safe, buy smart.

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