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UT Physicians – October 2019 Employee of the Month

UT Physicians – October 2019 Employee of the Month

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment February 29, 2020

Good morning! We’re here in the Texas
Medical Center and we’re here on the sixth floor of the UT Professional
building to give Moe Sarani the Employee of the Month for October. We’re
here with his wife who actually works in the neurology clinic and Susan Bell
who’s the practice manager. Susan Bell, this is probably the what? The fifth or sixth
employee of the month that comes out of your clinic? Absolutely. At least. We’re gonna walk in
behind – we’re gonna try to surprise Moe and give him a check and give him a
plaque for Employee of the Month October 2019. Let’s go. Good morning! How you doing? Good.
Moe? Andrew Casas. I think I’ve met you a few times. You can put that down.
Yeah, we’ve crossed each other’s path. That’s smart, you put down the patient
information so we don’t violate HIPAA. So we have a little surprise for you this
morning. You were nominated by a patient who comes all the way here from
Lufkin to the clinic for Employee of the Month. So we’re here this morning to
hopefully surprise you and award you for Employee of the Month. Turn around. We have
your wife here, came down. She’s in on it and Susan Bell, of course, your manager.
So we’re just here to say thank you very much for everything you do. You used
to be in the call center. You did such a fantastic job Susan said I need you
facing the patient at the front desk and you do a phenomenal job so we’re here to
give you a plaque for October 2019 Employee of the Month and a check. Now I
was told that you’re not supposed to get this check, your wife is supposed to get
this check so that you don’t spend it all in one place. But, that’s $500 and
that you’re gonna get that after taxes. So you clear $500. That’s okay because my birthday is coming up, so it’s
just in time. So she can buy you a birthday gift? I don’t know that’s gonna be quite fair.
I’ll give the mic to Susan and see if she wants to say anything about Moe and
his wonderful services here in the clinic. Absolutely, Moe is an exceptional
employee. One of the things about Moe that maybe not a lot of people realize
is that in internal medicine we get a lot of patients up here they get lost
and they don’t always know where they need to be, where they need to go. I
witnessed on many occasions that Moe will go out of his way to try to find exactly
where the patient needs to be and oftentimes if they’re in a wheelchair, or
they are struggling and that they’re directionally challenged,
he gets them to where they need to be. You know, when you’re
coming downtown and you’re already nervous about traffic and you’re coming
for an appointment, you’re already at your wits end and if somebody reaches
out and goes that extra mile to help you it makes a big difference in their day.
So you know, I couldn’t ask for a better employee. He’s always there for
the patients and that’s what we’re here for, that’s our mission is the patient’s. Thank you
very much. I’m glad to be doing what I’m doing. I enjoy it.

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