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UNC Charlotte Majors: College of Health and Human Services

UNC Charlotte Majors: College of Health and Human Services

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 11, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name is Kristen Kartes
I am a pre-nursing major in the College of Health
and Human Services and I’m from Elkin,
North Carolina. I chose nursing as my major because ever since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed
helping people. And I’ve always wanted to make
sure I had a good stable job. My anatomy teacher,
she’ll actually get us up and get us involved. We got to learn about the
different kinds of tissues. Epithelial tissues,
connective tissues, all kinds of different tissues. It’s easier to remember because
you’re actually doing it. I’m in the exercise science program and everything I do is driven by movement. And if I can do an in
class demonstration, if I can get the students to go
into a local elementary school and teach lessons
to the children, they’re going to get
hands on experience. That’s procedural learning. Regardless of how I present
something in the classroom, it’s only a starters kit. They have to think
out of the box, take the basic tools
that I gave them, rework them to fit that context. UNC Charlotte school
of nursing actually requires that you have 50
hours of hands on experience. I actually had an internship
at the hospice home in my hometown. I think internships
are a great thing to do, especially
over the summer, because whenever
you’re done with it you’re pretty much
guaranteed a job. The last day I was there, I
was offered a job on the spot. Even with 200 students
in a classroom, I’ll have volunteers come up and
we will demonstrate something in physics. I give them ways of applying
it in a real situation. We’re like one big family and
the students recognize that. So if you join us, you’re
going to join a bigger family, and we’re going to embrace you.

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