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UConn Health Minute: Dry Eye Relief

UConn Health Minute: Dry Eye Relief

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment February 29, 2020

Dry eye is a common disease, and often
chronic, that affects millions of people, especially older adults. This
time of the year we’re seeing more dry eyes especially because of the heating
system. The dry eye symptoms are very common, especially red eye. Their eye can
become inflamed, and especially a gritty feeling sensation like something is in
your eye. And sometimes if the disease is left untreated it may damage the front
surface of the eye and impairs vision. One of the most common causes is aging,
menopause along with that, as well side effects of some medications, such as
blood pressure medications, antihistamines. Dry eye treatments are usually
prescription or lubricant eyedrops. If that doesn’t work your doctor may
recommend to block the tear ducts with tiny plugs. Also your doctor may
recommend a small procedure which will block the tear ducts in a more permanent

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