Train HARD to Make Game Day EASY // Dan's Daily Dose #279 - Buy Bentyl

Train HARD to Make Game Day EASY // Dan’s Daily Dose #279

Train HARD to Make Game Day EASY // Dan’s Daily Dose #279

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment October 9, 2019

– Hey, what’s up guys? This Daily Dose is comin’ at you live from my patio
deck overlooking the water down here in sunny South Florida. Got me in an amazing run this morning. Two hours, 40 minutes on the beach. I loved it, it was very hot, very humid. More hot and more humid than I will be facing when I do Ironman Florida in November because, A,
it’s later in the year, B, that race is a lot further North. I think training in tougher
environments is really important and that’s my message
in today’s Daily Dose. Alright, so like when you prepare for an Ironman and an Ultraman, stuff like that, a lot of times, I think, it’s important to try and simulate as much as you can. You can’t always but try and simulate a tougher environment, a tougher challenge than you’ll
actually face on race day. Try to do that in your business. Try and practice harder than
the game will actually be. Whether you’re working on your scripts, your followups, your role play for when you’re in front of clients. The more you do that stuff and train and the more you can
make it very difficult, the better you will do when the real situation comes along. I think too many real estate agents don’t think like athletes. Professional athletes
practice, practice, practice, practice, practice and then
they play in a game, right? When you do an ultra-marathon, when you do an Ironman, you put in hundreds of hours of training when race day is several hours long or, even if it’s a full day, for some of these crazy longer ultras, it’s still only a fraction of the total amount of time that you are putting in for training. Make sure you’re putting in the practice, make sure you’re doing it often and make sure you’re making
the practice difficult so that when you get to race day, it’s just a rehearsed. Alright guys, hope that
message resonates with you. Hope it helps, if it does, please hit that thumbs up button. Also, hit that Subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any of our other content. Please leave me some comments, gimme some feedback, I wanna hear from you guys and share this with someone that could benefit from it. I’ll see you guys later. (upbeat music)

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