The Miskatonic – Private investigations and horrible diseases – Playthrough PART 4 - Buy Bentyl

The Miskatonic – Private investigations and horrible diseases – Playthrough PART 4

The Miskatonic – Private investigations and horrible diseases – Playthrough PART 4

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment May 16, 2019

so Charlet how was your assignment good it was good knock on door waita around that so for a while no response came back home and you didn't go inside outpost inside oh no no didn't go inside what's a lot to it so I didn't just knock the door left haha inside you crazy right well we'll see a team to investigate and search for a missing researcher Thank You Charlotte we have known to desertion you doin silent so early so um what do we do now you return to your quarters and get some rest tomorrow you start patrolling the occult Science Building right right well talk to you later Bob looks like way too clearly looks like we're in the clear Liz still behaves damn right we're gonna get to the bottom of this and but for now let's get some sleep and start investigating tomorrow okay see you tomorrow charity oh my god pretty exit path see you Lizzy she's hmm whoa oh hello is this really what the world looks like it's like chunks missing and chunks added so that little witch girl that did favorite at the University of in harvesting goo from kidnap prisoners what was the sustained goo and why would a member tstewy be two weeks episode dastardly own um so she you know I had no idea what they're planning what is the cute pinch girl I was pretty sick she's a baby second creepy monsters for the sake of Education so don't think you're seeing it for all of the university being all tacitly some of us would dumbass a little witch care why do you keep calling me the little witch girl I'll be exact in some sizes you I story resumed with a little witch girl quite investigating the strange or school while keeping up appearances I secured the god of the cold science building but what the little witch did not know is that their loyalties were being tested at every turn I'm 22 I'm a grown-ass woman voluptuous almost good morning as a topic it's me men day in the morning with with the Miskatonic morning announcements this morning you speak of I want you just grab all the posters sounds awful first off thanks to our dedicated highly trained to follow the Kapoor remus now who's there a hefty portion of Cthulhu flesh and all that Allah like a Greek code record cost of only seven casualties man I'm getting fat GE never mind I'll do international news the Miskatonic universities Canadian branch is suffering a yetis infestation brought about by nursery since how many years can we get series of experience I can't tell Japanese experience or success or failure that's right human research department is building wondering if the best way to started work today's blaring news what a fucking Yeti apocalypse in my head call me crazy she's got an interesting look to her boy hey Lizzie how's it going what you doin crying bass keeps up with New England a severe off so what I get the extra bits and bobs sticking out her here and there like the folks here oh that's what she's doing Sica would you trick want to try something perhaps innit Oh lavender rose petals sandalwood ambergris some guy's blood moist worms horse placenta powdered dog a smaller sword for the rocks bacon grace squirrel peppermint for what tingly fresh feeling Iceland center like my Denver used to say ain't no getting through Horseman's uh wait what you drank a lot to rusticate what we found so herring duty today I think someone needs our help in the library Kate when will Graham sleeps in the in a bit I'll see what they want thanks Lucy Oh Annie mrs. Roth did breakfasts see zelfs Katyn remote be executive branch from the higher-ups some delivery knows Hazel's who is it I don't know without a name same as a it's a date biking Savage I can't ask if you want wait really it's like you and food now he's a pig no I mean nevermind thanks Annie thanks any problem lovely you would say you know one second you come find me students huh I guess and it's not made of 100% pure aggravating activate them after all well turn them even the library get better get it better get over there hi Annie hello bleah ain't you a little back and sorry I did Thank You Annie what assassin it was super scrumptious ah that's a sequel nglish sauce recipe i smuggled something in under my family's petticoats i comb we simply colored brown ah don't tell me he's made of like sure the freckles or ripped off throat or something oh my gotta get sharp teeth and purple blood Danny oh no no no no no no no they made brown souls before the greats fun and in its main event again molasses and all that they screen on cars though oh what's the great funny thing whatever even got fun he was free a bowl every before everyone went alone made notes should I say me playing bad myth me me ugly-ass white dress being courted by the local boys and played points to go score hair paintings and pickle on Concord yes when we are born before ever once a little bit that's gonna say me playing bad myth me and me ugly ass and me I asked white race being courted by the local boys and played waistcoats and coiffed hair payments and pickle on cocktail sticks picnics on the weekends at the park Buster town comes every hour please and thank you route to unum Pleasant bloody tedious No kind of nice oh you'd see it now should say now at bus route I had the buzzards coming spikes and a driver traces roadkill for a night with the pie makers brother the badminton courts and thou communal barbecue pits and the whole villages get together and cook burgers are the football team on the next town over and look it's boy local boys wear net more a small and local girls loose a white dress to dress nothing but white rooms no basses Bobby bumping you on the head for pissing on the wall from the look of pictures we hate them first of course there's a lot of fun to be had when you're in there for yourself but lovey huh well apart from the cannibalism doesn't sound too bad you know with all the cannibalism hey guys you wanted to see me Nico day uh which go you wouldn't happen to have any more secrets to divulge probably think I'll wait discovered hey magic guy's 1:09 the day I left school to become a wet I sneeze in class in liquid one well it could find my whole mecha teacher you yeah buddy guy what do they do well I don't have much control room but basically I do this scary sound how long does this continue and stuff happens usually it's harmless making people think strange things or limbs alone um mixed honey duh goes go do backflips or babies say their first words but you know occasionally make stuff turn inside out I guess that makes our secret for you you go well it's my secret gathering that I need your help with cattle Carlos we're looking to expand a library to Souls my collections but the engineering department exploded last night I needed to find power to source helpers in the library build an extension for the tars sure I guess I can handle that here excellent try to copy them if anyone has power tools in a building will be there French girl what do you think actually talks with him him the mouth or this thing yeah this thing is she okay I can't remember my father's face the corporeal my uncle check it out of the girls okay there hi guys I was doing the engineered engineers we're trying to vermin renovate the what is that in the background yeah nice hey guys have you seen their engineers we're trying to renovate the library we still have engineer zero exploded with that Debbie machine living trying to build for yoga knows how long nope I sell a few wandering around campus where there that's broken router panics a lot of them correct gotta fill those shrimp shrimp Nakota bind ours oh wait that's him fuck take that again go to fill their shrapnel coated by now I saw a student no words of a lie his entire head cut in half oh shit really yep but he was always a little two-faced hmm two-faced I've had engineers used to terraeum to store completely prototypes Charlotte Chancellor they got what you're looking for thanks guys let's go check it out oh hey again hey Vicky where the hell is everybody meteors building the me ain't exploding most people are office carrying the water to their infirmary from your area oh yeah of course so what are you doing here well I don't have any arms yeah ah lucky break huh well it was more luckier ripping off and eating sup wall man how's the science radical hey Jess I told there were some sort of engineering project one of the guys left here do you think the library guys could Robert huh oh yeah it's over there that did not help at all did you find it that's some big ugly fuck what is this thing it's like half car engine half stick after steal purse this is a fight an ultra victory or something the reason you don't eat your just pile on the top of each other I have I have a rock-solid lady boner right now hey God have one in black they'll show the coven they'll lose their shit take the thin what come on we weren't going it use it to shut the etherium oh but that ain't happening I thought which is where inter herbes and eyeballs and cauldrons and stuff we are so we're gonna rock solid over that monstrosity first and foremost which is like awesome stuff I've also awesome colors are awesome secret midnight dancers are awesome and the lady your owner is awesome you are a colossal lunatic thanks Jess I'll see you later she is adorable Hey hey hey spooky because what wait see the same girl from the before you really I gotta read these names hey spooky knickers one waiting for you in the library is that is that the thing yep Gloria st. if you say so looks like some day bill for fightin ultra vampires I know right hey guys I got the thing a spooky girl with the engineers taken ill we have decided to use the shredded remains of the department to store Nico's archives just until the engineers you know start existing again yep we don't need to renovate the library until they restart a technical course which requires students with arms and or legs does that mean I get to keep the thing help yourself you're go what are you gonna do with it I don't know I just want to look at it hmm well good luck with that okay job done I'll put this in my room do a quick patrol and start my private investigator nothing like stolen comic book posters women find a girl over which you all use values values and nothing like an investigation into stolen brain goo to make the Furman forget them better get back to it so where were you last night I've snuck into your room with you what they owe you know just after a secret mission New Orleans hidden keys dark revelations tragic tales that kind of stuff taps sacred I was in here about wait why were you my room I don't know just for talking you're pretty much the only person I talked to my brother ordered lunch lady and that's pretty usually you know nan cheese that's probably because you're incredibly annoying besides the only thing you talk to me about is trying to chop my butt yeah it's a good dynamic we got going any yeah it's not bad Oh Charlotte I got his voice kinda thanks for the help with my archives care to add room with another secret um let me think well the reason my here is like this so I don't accidentally use my eyes on something if I'm if one of my eyes is covered up it seems less than the effect weird huh oh yes I've heard about your magic eyes I might have an hour personal experience or you of tomorrow so don't go poking them out before then watch at coven it it's very English words but there's another cannibal and remind me to build a child Ward for my archives so the clans around guys hey why'd you leave the coven to work here in Arlen well what's a cult of show nigga Roth motto which harmony compassion for the universe or first neither exactly try to make the world a better place because it's a crappy shitty and that's what these guys do man but rather than being nice and helpful for neighbors that creating crack scenes technology all that kind of stuff the biskits annex on the frontier of our called challenge and working here room here means you get to be part of a collective oh who sir Mickey's hospitality remember us when it goes well he's got cancer or Paulie or 10-10-10 to klaris well that makes sense to me well you why did you decide to work he same reason became a witch I really liked all the creepy bullshit Romans he was no dick these guys are on a level and if I go blabbing old I saw newly insect could lose my job it was such a handful of nerdy folks buffoon weirdo experiments outside of the university dissect but in the game it was a whole facility dedicated it with a tunnel leading there and warning sacks and stuff all over the walls no way this was a legit operation and I gotta find out who was on a tap bug lady and owe him so what are you working on now the rediscovery of one atlases we serve youth it appears to be some kind of black sentient cloud though occasionally forming random solid shots or icicles in his core when under severe distress the e thean seems to use them in this forms with no judgment in humor torturing them before they in here maybe near the smoke the old thing is in one of these last chapters under an atomic and manuscripts d thean right that the clouds communicate in a human language I'm seen Emporium Hyperborean writings describing the human souls as floating black spikes funnily enough sounded like the two might be related it would mean the first pre human contact with the e thien's was situated in a lush jungles of the Arctic are you thinking what I'm thinking I think we got expectation to plan huh I don't know what the fuck they're talking about hey Morita our school swim team each has a custom a swimsuit a center for needs the needs and of course being the extra Nerdist limbs or muted proportions most of them have what the fuck is a swimsuit suit that we all what do you wear when you swim I'm just starting to get the impression which is our onset yeah cuz apparently you just do new to everything so how was your internal or sonification any negative side effects nope was pretty smooth transition oh it did figure out a cool trick that's nice to have my intestines falling out oh yeah what's that just grabbing ripping everything out looks like a charm my torso is completely Hollow now that sounds like literally the worst thing that can happen to a human being whatever dumb idea worse it's not dumb we do guess so he's a zombie he's a researcher did you know Italy library I did you know library fucking hell she's suddenly Scottish yeah did you know our library holds records of every encounter with York South off the horrific god of literal knowledge in human history Wow how many encounters have we had none weird right oh maybe that's why maybe that's why there's so many goofy fellers around no knowledge God to give him some knowledge huh explains a lot oh hello ugly bum friend to me yeah that's a bucket of ears yeah indulge in like Creed now II well I was gonna check out the tentacle 10 not well I was gonna check out tentacle tactics a dissertation of an organ in controller and rogue transmutation circles but I've lost my appetite for knowledge how days white chocolate and sugar paint I just make these in the chicken to remind me at home you know know also creepy oh really now engineers Department explored remember guess means I get to pick out awesome thanks Annie how these ice how do you survive the engineering explosion it took out the whole department oh I was in a garage across campus it was one of the great things about being a mechanic you don't spend a lot of trying time trying to invent the better French because you're too busy overcharging for spark plugs and peaking at pinup calendars gotcha we had a pinup calendar coven headquarters once and buy pinup calendar I mean spell of the month calendar by headquarters I mean Susie's house by once I mean every year since I was nine every mark thanks for efforts in Capri I'm pre natural medicine I've advanced 200 years new English meter didn't mutagenic atmospheres gone from a cataclysmic camera getting too mild mutational nuisance when I was a kid I saw a guy's face was a butt crack hell ayran well thanks to the corporeal there positive does the creative writing teachers seem a little weird deal whenever someone answered the question wrong his eye stop blood huh that creative greatness creature is either some sort of banshee what does a huge douche bag there's too many voices it's gotta be some of the cult science department was responsible for extracting brain goo from people it has to keep my stoop in here for now I'll quit sook I'm gonna take me to like solid I to go work for one of the school crackers silane Ross fry left was some of the Reese's job there Miskatonic Jeff was right you know they call it the engine you know what they call it the nightmares corpse silly for a reason right because the nightmarish city filled with corpses or a city filled with nightmarish corpses ah they say that about everything they said that Boothville Milwaukee I bet is a nightmare city phil was equally nightmares corpses but then again I've been to Milwaukee no these three Michael Melik or yang rekt Cygnus China it causes the victim to see a pair of glowing eyes and places of pitch darkness suffer sufferers were terrified of falling a cynic asleep noting that the eyes seemed to because closer whenever they looked away from them the worst sufferers saw them even when they had their own eyes closed politic plagued Italy Scriptures and texts were hidden inside Italy's most popular newspaper cross world's Brussels those are completely cross walls were rolled into terrifyingly relations of the birth of humanity most being driven insane by their own knowledge don't miss the Gerwig New Zealand a simple airway that crawls into victims ears at night but makes sound of horrific muffled screaming and violence sufferers thought that there were neighbors were literally murdering each other many tried to save to save contended wives for murdering innocent husbands the male population of New Zealand haft over the weekend well that one wins comparing diseases I hear the Faculty's heading to Dunwich in a couple days need need a knuckle to help build a new portal whenever I hear him same Dunwich there's a grin my face to know that for whoever however tough my job gets at least I'm not a portal to either paycheck damn shame your job is standing in the hallway that's gotta be pretty big paycheck if it's worth a face made of bottles yeah extra cerebral sentience seem to be a common factor outside of the human race even when decapitated some creatures seem to function with some control over their actions oh cool yeah it's like moving here it's a difficult thing to study at least if you ever clean at least if you have any qualms about cutting off the heads of a diverse selection of adorable animals I really hope those guys have qualms about cutting heads off adorable animals all the qualms days I love the jackets I just that's something I would love to have there's there anything else I should know about nature and its communication disorder yeah don't these carrots I hate it communal consciousness that's a cool idea we all had a lot easier to spread harmony if everyone else connected to connected at the brain then again it'll be a lot easier to infect people with the asshole virus probably for the best that we all think of ourselves the asshole virus Twitter how's it hanging a wall man what do you see it again you and me get out of here hit the town grabs us to eat food awesome please don't encourage – eldritch Barry protecting the verse from hemisphere from other planets from our incredible volatile experiments on an original Nick Ramon ago to misbehave oh sorry was I fooling around with him what you working on currently the effects are applying the facts that were playing examples of Necronomicon parchment – helix large patches of human flesh oh and a sample of parchment actually survives the entirety of not necromancy contents onto the subject skin essentially making a new copy of the book by tattooing the subject skin yiii oh yeah scarring and the people you're doing this to are okay with that no matter now that's not quite it's not my department why um never mind see you see around nah Jess that experiments seem pretty nefarious but nothing about brains or goo extraction but I keep an eye on it yeah you know tattooing the Necronomicon on somebody's a skin that's not that's not creepy little sundress did you hear the cancel the liberal arts programming here the Kent's the liberal arts program yesterday little art stuff like the study a little bit everything right way to cancel it well can you imagine setting a little bit of everything here at Miskatonic oh yeah I guess I would be a little suicidal having a bring having a brain come cause of internal Google eternal OHS does have its broad backs last night I'd lose some goo and it was as it had dripped off in the drain and forget everything I've learned in college wow that is shitty how much did you lose half a teaspoon the only thing I learned in college was how to play beer pong huh this guy's a brain goo pouring out of their heads I won't ever the same brain go as a brink or we discovered but these guys are a purple brain goo whereas the Stefan I found was orange their multiple flavors yeah hey what's up Charlotte you look a little frazzled that's nothing wandering the halls listen to what Falk is working on wandering some halls that's a weird job well if it makes you feel any better you're making us feel a lot safer we heard that an accident in the whole building says you've been here see you around Charlotte hmm that's cosmos focus are standing around the hallways talking about board games and disease and shit what are you waiting for dr. Ferris Valentine might come off as a little bit apathetic thoughts the plight of humanity but he gets it but he gets it and that's what we need we frontier are called Sciences he gets it what does he get he gets what sacrifices that have to be made both from inside the University and outside of it it's a nice thought to think that all humanity is a little love and tenderness gothcorp but love doesn't cure black box does it by now well I think I just made a breakthrough in my investigation if thirst thinks like that it ain't hard to imagine that he'd be fine with kidnapping folks and if many agrees with admitted many other scientists here do too ah Charlotte finish your Patrol yep Oh the elders front awesome it's getting late and some enough staff stuck in early so you can take the rest of the night off crating I guess I better go get on everyone has body clocks then if I'll be in my room you need me well I'm not Lester figuring out who's behind the Grimm go but there are few folks acting suspicious might just be dark humor echo Nick mechanism but it sounds like some of these guys are fine with gruesome shit happening and two innocent people I mean it's not like there's any there's a plenty of cruiser should have any goodness in people up there already but there's an excuse killing people collecting brain goo first thing tomorrow gotta find out who it is good morning ladies and gents when they hear version your pleasant and fulfilling everything pushed me abound race of a cool science blogger directs or consequence Oh Shabba don't tell me she does this every night and now everyone's ready for the show Mindy's nose human you'd shave learn uplifting story from al the world I'll flip ting in the scene in the sensitive most people at our precious little universe University isn't actually a battery of liquid shit and human suffering compared to wrestled at least not the worst one firstly the bin ref court of sightings in rural Russian villages are estranged through supernatural species in Squamish bipedal humanoid constructs roughly 15 feet tall with a skin made of a thin clear glass shines like these Glassman appeared to be stuffed with lows random human organs extremities and trails that all appear to be working correctly open hearts bait couldn't connected intestine mask 8 7 hands wiggling little fingers bass creatures all the wonders silently the local villagers take a human's hand and walk back into the forest with people to petrify to peer test our local Miskatonic correspondence dave Chumley ain't this report form in the personal note section with our goat Oh God it's the freakiest shit oh girl she just walked away with it Oh God one of them has a fetus in his head Oh God it's breathing get me the fuck out of here hilarious and if you think train Miskatonic operators being frightened like tiny babies is what by walking lunchboxes fun reports from Paris Paris state but the latest operation declared a so-called void from the catacombs of Paris has ended in disaster oh yeah oh yeah thank that god of peanut butter girl worships cheese biscuits bizarre yeah only survived the 13 man operations well that's it that the void once again crept into the minds of the agents stating that the three that turned to shotguns on myself turn out to be the lucky ones he won't on disk how you ain't old to describe with deaths of the afford of ten men to our universes liaison and what can we only describe as pop as a petted how did the dumb trance including bashing the heads of goons catacomb walls tearing their eyes out and filling a sock with gunpowder and simple one simply tearing the flesh off of each other's faces until a hollow voice till the Vator don't come back you know precede the swan dive at the french-cut quarter secondary building of the concrete below and from the other side of the world have been reports of a New Zealand of a new super actual intersect infecting the populace right the earwig thing heard those guys joking about it I guess you're stuck in a stuff talking about creepy bullshit might as well turn in sleeper to it the Krejci seems to carry no sick physically to pollinating inland disease but while period in the in the victims ear will generate the muffled sound screaming in brutality making Victor's believe that their neighbors are whistles e attacking each other thousands of people already been murdered in an attempt to save imaginary spouses from imaginary violence local Miskatonic correspond correspondence Sasha the basher combs and this is I just kill her already I just want to sleep Sasha silly bollocks and is all her talk and talk like that gets you a visit from the Miskatonic in house in stable regina few charts she talked to sensitivity stirring me once back when you're all allowed to flirt at work I had never done it before but the cute lad from knave literature Department said he was uncomfortable when I start up at him with a bowl of spaghetti stared at him and screamed this could be us before my for throwing my head down in the meal this – is that a threat or flirt I want to work the England long story short sensitivity training can suck my swag Eddie and I still free to branding on all my back the ice water hosing the blood spill the bloody speech this will this will allow any other very intensity she covers with the hot dry dock chains a cosmic dangling broken body I might as well call it a corpse damage out so thanks Brad this still takes blood I've thought of it though that might be some losers ye there is some sensitivity training

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