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The Importance Of Green Vegetables | Living Healthy Chicago

The Importance Of Green Vegetables | Living Healthy Chicago

By Bryan Wright 5 Comments December 4, 2019

It’s important to think green
when we’re eating healthy, but why is that color
in particular key when it comes to our vegetables? Well I’m getting the answer
in today’s Healthy Eats. (lively music) So I’m with Stephanie
from Food Wonderful. Now Stephanie, we all know
that we should be reaching for broccoli and spinach, but
why is green the magic color? – All vegetables are great, but I especially love
my green vegetables. They are so nutritious. So when we talk about the nutrient profile
of our leafy greens, we’re talking about getting a
lot of vitamins and minerals, especially things
like iron and calcium that you might not think are
coming from your vegetables. We’re also getting
a ton of fiber. We get a ton of antioxidants, and we definitely
just know that diets that are high in
fruits and vegetables and especially these
green vegetables are associated with
better health outcomes all across the board. – So we’re talking about eating
our greens on a daily basis. How many servings
should we be getting? – So there’s no
specific recommendation for just green vegetables. We do typically
recommend between five and seven servings
of vegetables a day. One easy technique
that I recommend is using the MyPlate method. So when you sit down for a
meal, take a look at your plate. Is about half your food
fruits and vegetables, and if yes, then it’s
probably pretty balanced. (lively music) – The cool thing
about green vegetables is that you can use
them and serve them in a variety of ways.
– Absolutely. – You can go juicing,
you can go salads. – There are so many ways to
prepare our green vegetables. For example, we have today
some roasted Brussel sprouts. That’s my favorite way to
prepare Brussel sprouts. You know, if I can just
change the way that I prepare my vegetables and then
actually enjoy them more or eat more of them, then
that’s what I’m gonna do. – Curious, if we are going
to cook our green vegetables, are we losing the nutrients? Should I be fearful of that? – No, I don’t think so. There are some people
who are gonna say that you know, steaming your
vegetables gets the most nutrition out of a vegetable. Sure, maybe that’s true,
but if you don’t enjoy the vegetable when it’s steamed,
you aren’t gonna eat it. And so the most
nutritious vegetable is the vegetable
that you’re eating. – One of the most common ways that we are eating our greens is in a salad.
– Yeah. – But that gives
us the opportunity to add more healthy
ingredients into the salad. – We can really go crazy
with a lot of variety. You could add fruits,
you could avocado. That’s, whatever. Your imagination is the limit for what you can do with salad. So today you’re gonna show us how to make an arugula salad. (lively music) – We have a handful
of ingredients that we’re gonna toss on. Let’s start with our avocado. You can take a knife and
just slice into the avocado while it’s still in its peel. Once we have the slice, I’m just gonna take
my spoon, dig in and now I don’t
need to chop this. Next we’ll add in
our sweet potatoes. So these are some sweet potatoes that I roasted with a
little bit of cinnamon and salt and pepper.
– What’s next? – Last but not least
is some blueberries. I think that these
all complement each
other very nicely. There’s a nice little
sweetness to sweet potato. There’s sweetness
in the blueberries and then the avocado gives
you a little bit of richness. – You wanna mix it
up and we’ll try it? – Yeah for sure. – Definitely these
salads look delicious and I cannot wait to dig in, but first let’s recap
what we talked about. And that is by eating more
green vegetables in our diet, we can live a healthier life. – Green vegetables
are so nutritious. So many vitamins and minerals. So much fiber, just so
much that’s good for us that we, that really
we need in our bodies, and by incorporating more
green vegetables into our diet, we’re really able to
improve the quality of our overall nutrition. – Thank you so much. How do you incorporate green
vegetables into your diet? Tag us on Instagram with
your favorite recipe @LivingHealthyTV. Okay now let’s dig in.

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