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THE BLUE ZONES DIET | The Longevity Diet

THE BLUE ZONES DIET | The Longevity Diet

By Bryan Wright 15 Comments August 18, 2019

Hi guys my name is Christina I’m a
nutritional health coach and I upload delicious healthy recipes and
nutritional tips and lifestyle tips every week. If these are topics that
interest you then do hit the subscribe button below to be notified when a new
video goes live. In this episode I have a subject that I’m really passionate about
and I would like to share that with you and this is talking about the Blue Zones.
For those of you that haven’t heard of Blue Zones, Blue Zones are areas in the
world where people live the longest compared to the average population. They tend to
exceed a hundred years old, where the percentage of centenarians are much
higher to the average populations. Those areas are Ikaria, Greece, Loma Linda,
California Nicoya, Costa Rica, Sardinia, Italy, and Okinawa, Japan. The study was
performed by National Geographic and Dan Buettner, I hope I said his name
correctly, and basically they studied those people and they identified that
those people had nine things in common. They live their life having these nine
things in common which I’m going to share with you. So the very first
thing was that they were moving naturally. Their houses were either in
quite high in the mountains so they were walking quite a lot to go to the market
or to visit their family or to go to the land where they worked and. So they were moving naturally. they were also carrying their own shopping bags.
you know how shopping up bags can be sometimes heavy if you
have lots to purchase. Nowadays we just ordered online order online and
that’s easy but the action actually of carrying
heavy bags can prolong your life because it is a type of exercise and so they were
incorporating a natural movement in their life so they were not marathon
runners or athletes they were just moving constantly and I have
incorporated that in my life I’m not a big gym fan I have to say but I love
walking, i love stretching and so yoga and walking in parks are part of my life
so this is one way of how I try to incorporate something that has been
proven in studies that prolongs your life. According to Blue Zones knowing
your purpose adds up to seven years to your life expectancy in Okinawa, Japan
it’s called ikigai there are actually books around ikigai and I also made a
youtube video on this as well which I have linked down below and in
Nicoya, Costa Rica it’s called plan de vida and knowing your purpose and it
doesn’t have to be big it’s for those people it was helping their kids raise their kids most of the time or helping their community to become better helping
their community in general was part of their purpose. When they’re waking up
in the morning they knew exactly why they were doing what they’re doing
and today like I wake up I wake up in the morning knowing that my purpose is
to help you guys to educate you guys and to help little kids grow and being raised
happily and healthily mentally and physically and also to make sure that
whoever is looking for an advice around health and wants to become better
happier and healthier I’m here to assist as well that’s the reason I wake up
every morning so what is your reason for waking up every morning? and you need to
do that because that will add seven years to your life.
Even in blue zones and stress can lead to inflammation and then rage related
issues so if you’re chronically stressed your life expectancy decreases so in order to deal with and people in those areas they have
their rituals how do they deal with stress so they have their downshifting
times for people in any career and all that very well from Greece people in
Greece tend to sleep have naps in the afternoons like between 12:00 and 2:00
is usually the nap time the same happens in Spain there are people that use
prayer as their downshifting for me now downshifting occurs through mindfulness
for example when I cook I try to be present to be mindful in order to
decrease stress and also breathing like I teach a lot about how to breathe
properly to people and so taking deep breath breathing constantly and being
aware of how you breathe and your breath will help you lead a stress-free life
so apply advance because that will also contribute to your life expectancy and
we want to live long and happy life right another thing that people in those
area do is that they don’t eat until they’re full they eat until they’re
eighty percent full specifically and population centenarians in a key Okinawa
they actually make a pray before they eat to make sure that they ate it only
eighty percent or before they get completely full and that could be a
difference between weight gaining and weight losing or maintaining your weight
and I always recommend eating your last meal three to four hours before you go
to bed centenarians tend to eat lighter meals towards the end of the day so
their last meal will be something vegetable based something really light
they’re bigger meals are earlier in the morning and also one other thing that I
would add today is just to make and you feel quicker such it it is chewing
chewing up to thirty times a bite will help you send the right signals to your
brain that you’re full to try and chew longer like thirty two up to thirty
times and also try not to eat very heavily in the evening what the research
also found is that it’s not a surprise actually we all know how important
vegetables are for our health and so centenarians tend to eat more vegetables
and plant-based protein than meat they then too it makes five times a month
only just five times a month well today we mean to be potentially two
times are they need while centenarians they’re not so meet for cuz they’re more
plant-based focused and so there’s a lot of colors on their plates there’s a
rainbow color something that’s a lot of nutritionist and a lot of dietician a
lot of health specialists in the industry now promote and urge people to
do so eat your rainbow because that will make you live longer now the good
things for those that love alcohol is that centenarians the did drink
alcohol they were drinking alcohol every day small amounts so they weren’t saving
up to drink at the weekend that doesn’t happen no they were drinking small
amounts every day they were drinking high quality of alcohol every day
specifically in Sardinia they have really good quality of red wine which is
full of antioxidants so a little bit of that, the centenarians in Sardinia
were drinking and they were clearing their blood and as a result that
contributed also to their longevity so they ever tended to leave for quite a
long time so alcohol is allowed in small quantities but it has to be high quality
and if you get give us a Sardinian wine that’s the best of all. all but five
centenarians that were interviewed for this study have faith-based community, belonged to faith-based community there’s nothing to do with being
and dominating in a community but it’s being part of it and what the
researchers found that attending a faith-based community four times a month, adds
between four to fourteen years of life expectancy obviously this is up to you
you need to understand what faith or spirituality means to you and and make
it appropriate to yourself because no one is pressuring you to believe in
something that you don’t in order to live longer and but even volunteering
doing things outside of yourself and for some other people potentially will help
you and increase your life expectancy successful centenarians tend to put
their family first and this doesn’t come as a surprise to
me because there’s a lot of studies showing that having a supportive
environment having a partner actually adds to your life expectancy and so the
elder generation stays really close to their kids and help them raise their
grandchildren the longest lived people have chosen the right tribe and this
is very important because loneliness smoking obesity and Happiness they’re
contagious so choose your tribe to help you live happily for a very long
time so all of these things will help you become a centenarian and if you
would like to check what your expected lifespan is and also how to improve it
how to increase it then I will link with I will provide your link actually the
test you can do to check that out hopefully you enjoyed this video if you
did do hit the like button and provide your thoughts and comments I love to
hear from you and I’ll see in the next episode bye guys

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Christina Tsiripidou

Hi guys. Thank you for watching! Which of the 9 elements made the biggest impression on you?


Kajana Club

interesting, had not heard about blue zones diet


Two Minutes With Jen

Never heard of blue zones! Thanks for sharing. I love how mindset plays into it with rest, faith (or spirituality), and love. Makes perfect sense.


Dal Dhaliwal

Great video Christina. I have heard of the blue zones diet and found your video really interesting.


Katarina H.

Love this video! Just love it! I always thought it was just Japan but I like to hear that these zones are also elsewhere. It is so surprising that knowing your purpose can add so many years to your life!


Adriana Girdler

I find it so interesting, what you said about knowing your purpose. This has always been something that's important to me but I didn't realize how directly it could affect the longevity of your life. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Cheers!



Sounds like Blue zones are in great places. I need to go to California. Living naturally is best. I like your channel. You always give good advice and good recipes that are natural.



I like the idea of moving naturally, knowing your purpose and practicing mindfulness..thx for sharing this valuable info. I like to see a a video on makes you laugh:-)


Professor Heather Austin

Christina, thanks for sharing the blue zones diet. I've never heard of this before. It's great to learn.


Heather Gerhardt

Chewing longer is super important. Saliva helps with digestion.



Kids my age tend to eat a rainbow like Skittles ("Taste the Rainbow" slogan LOL) BUT we should eat a rainbow of yummy fruits and vegetables like the centenarians do! Great video! 🙂


Jill W. Fox

Thank you for explaining this diet so well.


Wild Woman Enchanted

Yes.. blue zones… thank you for reminding me. It really is important. The Blue Zones are so much more connected than we are! We could really learn a lot from them. And we could live longer and more happy and healthy if we followed what they are so wise about…. Great video. Loved it. Loved listening and thinking about it and seeing where I need to shift …. thank you. Loved this. ~Elizabeth (Eat your rainbow!) 🙂


arif ali

Very good info thx.



Great video! Thank you!


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