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Doctor who survived Ebola returns to 'save lives'

Doctor who survived Ebola returns to 'save lives'

By Bryan Wright 19 Comments July 23, 2019

they write his name on his protective suit but everybody knows who he is dr. Phil Emma works at a remarkable clinic where health workers treat victims of Ebola but this doctor is extraordinary he caught Ebola a virus that kills most of its victims and survived it last November we found him slumped in […]

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My Deadly Skin (Medical Documentary) - Real Stories

My Deadly Skin (Medical Documentary) – Real Stories

By Bryan Wright 39 Comments June 8, 2019

tonight on real families the children that grow too much scale we asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said normal skin and we had to sort of sit and explain that that wasn't can ever be possible for a run two families battling a painful and incurable genetic condition that strikes one […]

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