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Supplements and vitamins

Supplements and vitamins

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment May 11, 2019

hi it's Angelo from strong women fitness and yes so I get asked a lot about what supplements if any I use or vitamins and I do have an array of things that I like to take um and I'd love to hear from you tell me what supplements you take or vitamins I generally what I do is I always when I wake up in the morning first thing I do is have get a big glass of water I have a multivitamin my vitamin C my Amiga three six nine and then I put some BCAAs in my water and then I have that and I have that so I'm getting my amino acids as well that's in my BCAAs so I'll have that all those vitamins and I'll have that first thing before I even have my coffee or breakfast but I do always eat within the first 30 minutes of waking up and you know get that metabolism boosted and then what I'll do is generally I go to the gym in the mornings and so what I'll do is about 30 minutes before my workout I will have some Elkanah so and it's just in the tablet form so I take a couple of them and and then that helps you use the fat stores rather than and then your muscles tissue so yes I have a couple of them so it burns helps burns fat um so I have them before and then uh and then during my training I would have a carb powder and some BCAAs as well they get those amino acids in because I'm trying to build muscles so I need my amino acids to help promote muscle growth and repair so I will have them whilst I'm training um and all and then after my training after I've after I've done my workout I will have a protein shake within a sort of half an hour of training so I either straightaway will all within 30 minutes I will have my protein because I'm still obviously trying to muscle it's not so easy for us girls to build the muscle and hold on to it so we've got to but inside my protein as well what I have in it is I have my creatine my glutamine and my icing and then that helps with recovery and muscle growth as well so I have I have that prepped in and then in with the powder and I just have the unflavored type because then you can't taste anything other than your protein flavor and usually I usually go for chocolate in fact I always have chocolate let's be fair I always always have chocolate and then also I'll one thing I forgot is I always have my apple cider vinegar when I wake up I'm just before breakfast I usually can't hack it the second I wake up the I have my BCAAs then and my vitamins and stuff but I usually have my apple cider vinegar twice a day so I have that when I get up in the morning I'll have my apple cider vinegar and and then what I normally do is i dilute it and put it in warm water rather than just on its own because it's it's quite strong tasting and quite yeah so I still don't got used to it but it's not too bad but it's so good for you and you know lowers your blood sugar level and it's good for weight loss it's just good for everything apple cider vinegar it's such a good product to use I so I use that morning and night I'm yeah so anybody wants to help with their metabolism and burning fat and low in their blood sugar level and all these kind of thing I think actually encourage your appetite I'm apple cider vinegar not just the tablets to have the of the liquid one because it's it's it's better for you and also they do this organic gluten-free I'm they do it's got nothing in it so you get use that one and yeah so I have that twice a day and then and then before my bed I usually have my ZMA where am I apple cider vinegar again as Jose damai would be my zinc magnesium and that helps helps me sleep promotes and then recovery and everything like that because obviously muscle soreness so that's why you need your glutamine and every and your creatine and all of these products for your recovery muscle growth and recovery as well yeah and sometimes I have I'm meant to have it all the time but I I generally go through sense of it but I do have digestive enzymes before meals and if I'm if I'm running a program where I've got to have quite a lot of protein so that helps digest my food so if you're someone who can suffer a little bit we've got health digestive enzymes can can help if you someone who has you know digestive issues so take them so had that and then when I'm not a training a day that I'm not training I would have else'll Turin which is removes toxins and so I'll have that and I'll have my BCA's I'd still have my creatine and all of that and I'll put it in a big jug of water and I'll just sort that all day long and then I'd have them the BCAAs a flavored one and then it just tastes like juice and then you have that all day and then you're helping your recovery removing toxins and helping and keep that muscle tissue that's so important to keep because you want that lovely shape so I just thought I'd clear up what once I take and yeah and then we protein I tend to go for ice alert because it's a pure a better powder it's it's it's the way they manufacture it I believe at the factory I'm it's goes for you through a better process and so it's a higher quality so it is a little bit more expensive but for it's better for you so and it's not so it's not so not any crap in it it's it's pure protein so yeah that's generally what I take it's not a law I may sound like a lot but it isn't really there isn't an awful lot I mean some like people do take a lot supplements so I just have a few and then a few vitamins and things like that and a protein powder that uh that I have I take and then obviously my apple cider vinegar so that's that's what I take I let me know what you take I'd be interested to hear and yeah so that was it and so people asked me so I thought I would just let you all know and it's good speaking to you and I will see you very soon probably tomorrow bye bye then

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