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Service | Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy

Service | Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 4, 2019

since the inception of the program the
Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy has embodied the values of service to
its community “Dum Vivimus Servimus”, “while we live, we serve.” When I came here and they were like our motto is while we would have we serve and I was like that
really hit home for me because I was such a community service oriented person
that I was like I want to go to an institution that gives back to their
community and I live in a small town just like Clinton and so when you are
serving your community I think that’s the best thing you could do we have our
new Student Orientation so our p ones come in for three days of orientation
activities we do a half-day service activity for the students this helps get
the new students kind of involved right during their very first week the Bell
Center for the blind has partnered with the School of Pharmacy at Presbyterian
College in providing health Fair’s for the community and the pharmacy students
are the ones that are currently providing all of the testing that we we
do in our community as far as prevention it’s important because we are community
we are a very small and tight-knit community I feel like it’s very
important to be able to rely on one another in to more or less have each
other’s back when I’m working in the pharmacy you know I don’t think oh I’m
feeling this medication you know I’m making that big of an impact but when
someone comes in and they tell me no the heart issues that they’re having and
they just Express how thankful and grateful
they are for us you know just filling their prescription if you can’t afford
medicine and you’re having to give you those up try to take half doses and
you’re really in a mess and the have a place where you could come and get them
and and they don’t make you feel like it’s charity they just really care when
you’re in a position where you know you can’t do anything you
you pretty much you’re left with all the choice really when you have no choice
you have no power really and that’s the god-honest truth when you have no choice
but to accept that this is it you lose all desire to do anything my diabetes
was out of control like in the 300s and it was so blooming and you know
everything just seemed heavy and not manageable in the first class I thought
when I tell you where you won’t that they want you to be 100 or below thought
y’all crazy it’s not getting there but they were all super positive in theirs
like yeah we can get you there when you’re sick you don’t need people to
tell you you’re sick I mean you’re going through what you’re going through so the
last thing you want when you walk in anywhere where there’s a doctor’s office
the supermarket in the pharmacy or whatever is for people’s reaction to
reflect you’re sick I don’t need you to tell me I’m sick with your reaction I
need you to show the compassion that I need to walk into here walk into this
building and be able to walk out knowing that I have somebody on my side included
in its mission and vision the pharmacy program equips students with the
necessary tools to be servant leaders in their communities building
transformative partnerships with local advocacy organizations to enhance
community engagement and increase health awareness in underserved communities
I think one of the greatest gifts honestly of the Christian College School
of Pharmacy is the understanding folks who are truly experts in the field both
pharmaceutically but in terms of problems that tend to be pervasive with
with underserved population you think of pharmacists as being behind a calendar
but I’ve seen them get on the ground and help people take their shoes off and
check their feet for circulation problems you know when you see somebody
doing that that doesn’t have to do it it means a lot I think that you would be
hard-pressed to find a student faculty member staff that wasn’t willing to go
above and beyond any chance they got to help someone PC transforms people’s
lives for the better but it definitely feels like desperately need in the
community I am I am beyond thankful I am beyond thankful for for this program you
know it is a lifesaver it is a lifesaver and these angels and
their treasures the amazing thing is the compassion the
humility is embodied it is embodied in all the
students some of its it’s also an expression of their faith and some and
just an expression of their understanding of what service is and
what it means to be you know a part of a human community you

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