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Q&A: When I find my kid playing “doctor”

Q&A: When I find my kid playing “doctor”

By Bryan Wright 1 Comment January 6, 2020

welcome back to our Sproutable parent Q&A
this question comes from a parent who wants to know what to do when kids start
playing doctor hmm besides freak out whenever I have a
parent aske me a question like this I always send them over to Amy Lang and
her fantastic company called birds and bees and kids Amy what do we do one of
the hallmarks of childhood is playing doctor and this is also one of the most
uncomfortable moments for most parents here’s the deal children play doctor
explore each other’s private body parts because they’re curious so I just wanted
to help you understand a little bit about when you should really worry about
a child’s curiosity when a child is curious about who’s got what parts or
even asking questions about what goes where
then there are certain markers or indicators that you can use to
understand okay is this typical playing doctor is this something more worrisome
so the first thing is this usually when kids are playing doctor it’s spontaneous
so they’re playing another game and it becomes hey let’s look at each other’s
privates it’s also mutual the children agree to play that way there’s no threat
or violence or coercion they’re usually really good friends so they play
together a lot it’s not a first or second time playdate it’s like a regular
besties coming over to play it might be a cousin it might even be a sibling and
then the last thing is that they’re having fun there’s no guilt or shame
they’re having fun it’s playful and parsh one of the things you should also
know is that usually the kiddos are around the same age so usually within
two and a half or three years maximum age difference so if you catch your
children playing doctor the first thing you need to understand is that it’s
probably innocent and curiosity based so you need to be very careful how you
interact with the children and not yell or shame them because if the behavior is
problematic then it’s going to be more inclined but they’re gonna be more
inclined to hide the behavior it’ll go underground and you really need to know
if your kids playing games with other kiddos because
when children play games with privates it’s not safe and it’s not okay and you
should say that explicitly it’s not safe and not okay to play games with privates
because kids can get hurt and when you are talking to your child
about their private body parts and keeping them safe and not sharing their
private body parts one of the things you need to remember is that when you talk
openly about this and when you say very clearly it’s not okay or safe to play
games with privates you’re protecting them from sexual abuse when they
understand it’s not okay to play these games with their friends if Uncle Creepy
or Aunt Creepy wants to play a game with privates they’re gonna already know that
the rule and your family is that we don’t play games of privates and so
they’ll be safer and just a couple other little things so one of the ways to
assess if a child’s behavior is truly concerning and don’t get me wrong you’re
gonna freak out if you catch a kid playing doctor of course you are it’s
very typical for that to happen but the when to really freak out is if the game
or what they’re doing is adult like in any way so if it looks like adult
sexuality in some way then that’s cause for concern the other way to tell is if
after you calm down like you catch them playing the game and you calm down a
little bit if your adult concern comes down and you’re like okay this was
typical it was spontaneous it was mutual they’re good friends are having fun
alright we’ll correct the behavior and remind about the rules if your adult
concerns stays high that’s another indicator that you need help
so one organization you can reach out to is called ‘rainn it’s r-a-i-n-n dot org they
are wonderful you can reach out to them and talk to them about what’s happening
with your child if you think your child needs help and another organization
that’s also wonderful is stop it now dot org they also can help you out with this
sort of thing real moments are learning moments

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