Prescription drug monitoring program

Prescription drug monitoring program

Prescription drug monitoring program

By Bryan Wright 1 Comment May 23, 2019

epidemic crisis deadly trend all familiar words to describe the opioid problem in Wisconsin but tonight there's a new tool that could help curb addiction it's called the prescription drug monitoring program our KC geraldo joins us now to explain how it all works Charles and Shannon the program has a database that doctors have been putting information into for about four years as they prescribe controlled substances starting Saturday doctors have to check that information about a patient before writing a prescription for a drug regulated by the government you've been doing it now for the last number of years doctor Dermot Mauro feral uses the prescription drug monitoring program database regularly that helps in improving our safety when it comes to describing these medications while opioids are one dangerous problem drug the system monitors all controlled substances prescribed all over the state the central hub to start connecting the law-enforcement community the public health community the practitioners the pharmacists that are treating patients and bringing them together to fight the opioid opioid abuse like epidemic in the state program manager Chad's ad Raziel says the database won't end the epidemic but it's a model for putting systems in place to fight the risks of over-prescription dr. shopping and pharmacy hopping it certainly is an added step in managing a patient if you're prescribing a controlled substance having to do that is going to take a little more time but I think from the point of view of the patient safety and the community at large it would be a positive step to better inform the patients and to make a more informed decision yourself when you're facing that decision to prescribe or not dr. Mauro Farrell says the PDMP also helps him start the conversation with patients who he feels may be addicted to medication or managing pain with medication when there are other options all right Thank You Casey if you or someone you know needs help fighting an addiction or have other problems you can always call 2-1-1 the service is free to use and helps people find resources that they need 24 hours a day seven days a week

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Cart Conrad

In Virginia it's been happening for years about now


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