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Physician-Based Medical Coding Course Webinar Replay

Physician-Based Medical Coding Course Webinar Replay

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 11, 2019

Q#28: Could we do a
session on contraceptive management, a biggie
for me. [Laughs] Alicia: A: Yeah. I answered that one and the
thing. It’s like, put it in the forum and be more specific what you’re needing. Well,
we’ll go research it. Laureen: Yeah.
use that forum that says, “Webinar Q&A” if you put it in there. And give us a case.
Give us some meat to try and code, that will be helpful. Alicia: And someone wants to know, in the
transcript, does this all would be coming in? Yes. Laureen: Yes. We do have a Replay Club that’s
$10 a month and what you get is a full video replay of the webinar, in addition to it being
broken up into nice clips that you can get right to the subject you want. It comes to
your iTunes podcast if you so choose. Boyd puts it into audio only and you get a full
beautiful transcript, I think with even slide, little snippets. That’s a huge value for just $10 a month.
We highly recommend you do that. We don’t have a free – we’ll actually kind of do
because Boyd will also put up some clips in our YouTube channel which is free and it sort
of kind of has a transcript in the – what do you
call it Boyd? Boyd: In the transcription, annotations. Yeah. Laureen: In the annotations. Thank you. This
particular one could be three or four months down the road because that’s our free channel,
but for the paid one we get it done, I think its within a couple of weeks, right Boyd? Boyd: You betcha. Laureen: Alright. More pressure. Alicia: Another point is the Replay Club is
provided to when you’re one of our students in the PVC course that’s another freebie
you get, is access to the Replay Club, another one of those great perks for the whole year. In the transcript, yeah that’s free. That’ll
get sent to you guys because you get the – just where they were showing… Laureen: No. Transcript isn’t free. Alicia: Janet was asking. Let’s see. Was the transcript free of charge? She is listening, she got it. Laureen: OK. Let’s see. Q#29: Where can I get certified for HEDIS? A: I don’t know. Alicia: I put a little note in there, reply
to that one. That’s another one that would be fantastic for the forum and let us do some
research for you, because we’ll take the time to check and see if there’s some places
that are more reputable than others because you’re probably not going to be the only
one that would ask that. Give us a little time to look at it. Laureen: Q#30: What can I use to prep for
practice management questions for CPC? A: That category is kind of a hodgepodge of
things. We have found that chapter I of the textbook that we use for the Physician Based
Coding Course which is basically from the AAPC is where those questions come from. It’s
kind of generic questions called the “The Business of Medicine,” and we do have in
our CEU class area where we lecture on that topic. So, these are all of our different CEU classes.
Here it is, course “The Business of Medicine.” If you come here, you can just get this one
chapter, you don’t have to take our whole course and you’ll learn the difference between
Medicare A, B, C, and D that talks about HIPAA. The major components of managed health care.
These are all similar things, and this chapter is only $40.

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