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Pharmacy Tech – Wisconsin Technical Colleges

Pharmacy Tech – Wisconsin Technical Colleges

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 4, 2019

[Jeremy:] You learn stuff in class and you get to
use it right away, hands on. Only eight weeks in you’re doing an internship. [Jennifer:] Pharmacy technicians-they have to
deal with filling prescriptions, counting, picking the right medication, they have to deal
with insurance, and most of all, being able to communicate with the patient. [Jeremy:] Learn the top 200 drugs, generic and brand name, fundamentals of reading prescriptions,
pharmacy benefits management, pharmacy calculations. [Jennifer:] A lot of times, the doctors will
just write ‘quantity sufficient’, so they leave it up to the pharmacy to go ahead
and fill in the quantity that the patient needs. There’s definitely some calculating that we
have to do to make sure we get the right amount. They could end up working anywhere from the hospital setting,
to retail setting. Retail you can do a lot more with patients and customers,
hospitals setting you deal more with the actual medications and mixing and compounding. Pharmacy is definitely a growing field.

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