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Personalised Medicine - Animation

Personalised Medicine – Animation

By Bryan Wright 3 Comments July 14, 2019

this is Max and this is Hannah they both suffer from an autoimmune disorder max is a patient today and his story is based on current medical practice Hannah's story is our prediction of what will happen in the future when medicine has become personalized for this condition Max's doctor correctly identifies his condition and prescribes the standard first-line therapy corticosteroids max tolerates them poorly and experiences nausea and vomiting Max goes back to the doctor who decides to revise his days however max still suffers adverse events max goes back to his doctor who switches him to non-steroidal drugs the nausea and vomiting subside but the jokes have limited efficacy who remains prone to high permeability a doctor and has also diagnosed correctly she undergoes genetic in serum protein tests these established the genetic cause of her problem and helped identify effective and well-tolerated treatments diseases with the same symptoms often have different genetic causes genetic tests allow doctors to identify the roots of the problem and tailor treatments to each patient further analysis of genetic markers can aid selection of a treatment with minimal side effects Hannah's doctor prescribes a genetically tailored drug for her condition the new medical technology allows the doctor to treat the patient not just the disease max suffers a hypersensitivity reaction and is hospitalized his doctor prescribes ameerin after struggling to find a milder therapy which max can tolerate this leaves max prone to cancers Hanna's treatment is successful and well tolerated her condition is managed effectively you

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Taqveem Un-Nisa



Siddharth Sameer

very good video , can you please share the software you used to make it. I wait for your answer


Samuel Pollen

Nice animation!


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