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Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery

Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery

By Bryan Wright 1 Comment October 9, 2019

A congenital heart defect is something you’re born with. The complexity goes across the spectrum. There are innovative ways of having your baby survive and it is important to search for those centers of excellence dedicated to caring for babies with complex congenital heart. Some of the things we’re doing are cutting edge that are not offered anywhere else. There’s really nothing that we can’t do here at the Cleveland Clinic. I think the biggest problem is the uncertainty of what’s going to happen. There are going to be surgeries lying ahead. Interventions that they’re going to need to know, but all of those things are manageable. Having people with the highest skills knowing the background of how to take care of these babies is integral to the overall outcome. Cleveland Clinic is one of a very few unique places that has everything. And they’re going to be able to bring the top specialists from perinatology to obstetricians, to speech therapists to specialized nursing, to the right surgeons to interventional cardiologist. We are an intensely committed faculty and within that, we’re in a center that knows how to be excellent. I really don’t think you can get the type of care that you get here anywhere else. ♪ Kids with congenital heart disease, they need to be followed for their entire life. At the Cleveland Clinic we do have a dedicated service for adults with congenital heart disease. We have a full range of specialists that can take care of the tiniest patients all the way to patients that are 80. The clinic has defined themselves as excellent in adult heart care, and so we can tell our patients with 100 percent confidence that we can provide the best lifelong care for those patients. I was born with tetralogy fallot, I had two open heart surgeries as a child. So I needed a new pulmonary valve. I waited until now to do it. Finding a doctor that really understands the nuances of those different congenital things is super important.
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♪ We are able to help 99.9% of the kids with congenital heart disease. We’ve introduced 3-D printing. We’re able to see a replica of the heart that we hold in our hand before we open the chest and we can decide exactly what we’re going to do in the operating room. So when you have expertise and human resources, and you have advanced Imaging and skills, then the best outcome can be achieved. Our ability to leverage virtual visits, to be able to reach out to our families in a digital way, is critically important to families that may go back to states where there are no congenital heart centers. You want to make sure you have that right team of people. But you want to make sure that as you get older we’re going to have the right people that care for you. And Cleveland Clinic has all of those. This is where we make the difference. These cases that we convert a hopeless inoperable case to a case that patients are back into normal life, their parents are so delighted to have the child grow Well I’m living proof, you know. I’ve lived a glorious life. ♪

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