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Nephron Pharmaceuticals | Success Stories from MTC

Nephron Pharmaceuticals | Success Stories from MTC

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 4, 2019

My name is Lou Kennedy and I am the CEO and
co-owner of Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation. One of the best examples of how well Nephron Pharmaceuticals and Midlands Technical College work together is, Midlands Technical College, with open arms, welcomed our machinists to come into their machine shop on the Beltline campus before we were able to get into [our new] building. We asked several of our engineers, our HR
folks and others to give Midlands Tech a list of skills that we’re looking for when we’re interviewing and recruiting. They were either already in existence at Midlands Tech, or things that could be a little more specialized to help us. There are so many divisions of
our company, and there are so many tracks that you can take at Midlands Tech that would
be of benefit to us. I think that students really can get anywhere from Midlands Technical College. And I believe that Midlands Tech and their faculty have that spirit throughout all of their campuses that we can help you get to your end game.
We can see here’s a faculty that’s diverse, here are students that are diverse, and what they can achieve is exampled in the very faculty at the college. And I think it just shows that anybody can get a skill and be able to be hired.

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