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Mental Health Program

Mental Health Program

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 4, 2019

Well I take medication but also was very
isolated so I didn’t do a lot of stuff with people before coming into our program I was
pretty messed up. It really helped me cope with my illness I a lot better. learning how to communicate with people has really helped me just in my own confidence of um, my own
communication skills and it’s helped me a little bit–I work a
little bit so it’s helped me a little with my job I feel very comfortable coming to the group I met a lot of friends who I have over for to watch sporting events and even for Christmas I’ve had them come over I feel like I have some skills to go on to possibly finish my certificate that I’m working on in school also some skills just to deal with life like
with my workers and and people in my life in a more
positive way A lot of people with mental illness
they don’t have families or no one not not not too much support and
for me I am thankful that I have a wife and kids and you know, I’m able to work full
time which is a struggle at times but I am trying to stay
positive and stay the course.

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