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MCT Oil Health Benefits

MCT Oil Health Benefits

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment November 15, 2019

Welcome to another video in the KNOWLEDGE
series from Your Keto Today’s video is about understanding the significance
of MCT oils in a Keto diet. MCT oil is a convenient way to take advantage
of all the health benefits MCTs have to offer. In this video we look at 6 specific benefits
of MCT oils in a ketogenic Diet. Also, In the description of this video, I
have a free keto recipe book for you. It’s yours to keep! MCT oil is medium-chain triglycerides, also
known as medium-chain fatty acids, widely known as beneficial body nutrients. They are highly endorsed in the keto diet
as MCT oils are considered “good” forms of fat. These oils boost metabolism, thus improving
the strength of the immune system. In this Video, we will try to understand better
what MCT oil is, and what its properties and health benefits are. What is MCT oil? MCT is an acronym that stands for medium-chain
triglycerides (from medium-chain fatty acids). MCT oil is, therefore, an oil consisting of
one or more medium-chain triglycerides. At room temperature, it is in liquid form
and does not tend to solidify like coconut oil. It is also tasteless. What are Medium Chain Triglycerides? All fats are composed of carbon and hydrogen
but vary in length. Short-chain fatty acids consist of 5 or less
carbon atoms, medium-chain fatty acids have 6 -12 atoms, while long-chain ones have more
than 12. Medium-chain triglycerides are considered
to be easily digestible and beneficial fats. Instead of being metabolized via digestion
like most other foods, these fats are processed quickly in the liver. MCTs, therefore, represent a fast and lasting
energy source for the body, which assimilates them very quickly. Typically this oil is extracted from coconut
oil or palm oil, both of which are natural sources rich in saturated medium-chain fatty
acids. MCFAs are also present in reasonable quantities
in human breast milk, goat’s milk, cheese, butter, and other dairy products. Medium-chain triglycerides, whether consumed
in the form of coconut oil or palm oil or taken with MCT oil, have several benefits. 1. MCTs are easy to digest Medium-chain triglycerides do not need bile
salts to be digested and pass directly from the digestive system into the bloodstream
without being modified by digestion, as is the case for long-chain fats. This makes it easier to metabolize and use
than other fats. Because they are so easy to absorb and use,
MCTs are often the right choice for those with problems related to digestion, fat absorption,
or the absence of the gallbladder. 2. Increases energy levels With an enhanced metabolism, you also have
improved energy levels, not to mention the direct flow of ketones from the rapid conversion
of MCTs into energy. Instead of more than 20 steps that sugar takes
to become energy, C-8 medium-chain fatty acids can be converted into usable energy in just
three steps, giving your body fast and invigorating support. 3. MCTs help regulate hormone levels Since fats are necessary for the adequate
production of hormones and for their balance in the body, MCTs offer many advantages in
this sense because they help to rebalance hormone levels. Thanks to their antiviral and antibacterial
properties, MCTs are useful for strengthening the immune system. Since the body can more easily use MCTs, they
are particularly important for those who have problems absorbing fats and suffer from functional
alterations of the immune system. 4. MCTs Check Obesity When the MCT oil fatty acids are converted
into energy, the metabolism is inevitably accelerated, which can aid in the burning
of fats and the overall efficiency of burning calories in the body. Research has shown that MCTs prevent the deposition
of fat in the body but rather, constitute pure forms of readily available energy. 5. Improves cognitive function. When the small medium-chain fatty acids are
transformed directly into ketones, one of the areas in which it is thought to have the
most effect is in the brain. By providing energy and protecting the neural
pathways, these ketones can mitigate the symptoms of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative
diseases, giving power for concentration and memory preservation. 6. Prevents diabetes. MCTs are known to help control blood sugar. Since MCT oil can help control obesity (which
is a risk factor for diabetes), increase metabolism, and optimize digestion, this oil is not only
useful for people with diabetes but also those at high risk of the disease. These are some of the benefits of MCTs and
is the reason why people who are on the ketogenic diet are more poised to reap these benefits. As the keto diet is deficient in carbs and
high in fat, taking MCT oil is beneficial in helping you remain in a fat-burning state
referred to as ketosis. How to use MCT oil? However, in consuming MCTs, make sure that
you eat other fats in your diet as MCTs don’t contain essential fatty acids. Also, take MCTs in moderate quantities as
they have a lot of calories as well, as saturated fat which could lead to weight gain, or raised
cholesterol levels respectively. As long as you limit your MCT oil intake to
1-2 Tablespoons per day, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of MCT  without
any side-effects. If you like to see more such videos; do subscribe
to our channel and, you are welcome to download free KETO gifts from the video description

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