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Matthew Taylor, M.D., Sports Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic

Matthew Taylor, M.D., Sports Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment February 20, 2020

When it comes to sports medicine the
greatest thing with it is my patients are motivated they want to get healthy
they want to get back in the game and get back on the course whatever it is
it’s rewarding because we help people get back to doing what they love I wanted to be part of the ground floor of
a sports medicine program I wanted to be able to help it grow we’re gonna have
both the primary care aspects and the surgical aspects of sports medicine
we’re gonna be able to encompass all aspects of athlete care musculoskeletal medicine
from again musculoskeletal injuries to concussions to prevention of injuries
and so to be able to very easily take a patient that we’re trying to manage
conservatively and say you know what it didn’t work let’s shift you on over to
surgical care I think that’s gonna be a simple transition for my patients it’s
gonna take away a lot of the headache and frustration that comes with being
referred to a separate office entirely once again to start over management or
start over care the problem most of the time what I’m gonna try and do is help
you get better without the need for drastic interventions without the need
for surgery if we can make simple changes to your training regimen to your
to your lifestyle to your footwear if we can make those simple interventions and
get you better and that’s a win I think probably the thing that I identify most
with at this point is that I’m a dad I have for young kids ages nine and under
pretty much all my time is spent with them doing things with them I’m an avid
sports fan so I love sports I love being outdoors and I’m doing
activities and sports either with my kids or on my own I love watching
sports I think that’s a big motivation as to why I went into sports
medicine because it gives me that opportunity to be part of a team or
group be there on the sideline for coverage I mean I love waterfalls and my
big thing growing up was hiking the waterfalls and jumping off cliffs and
waterfalls I think we’ve got a great opportunity to create a program for the
community here in Corvallis and Albany in the valley here that’s gonna provide
some resources that haven’t necessarily been available in a single location help
people with diverse problems but I’d like us to become a hub or a center so
that you know you can come to see us at The Corvallis Clinic Orthopedic Surgery &
Sports Medicine department to take care of not only a suspected musculoskeletal
injury but suspected concussion or if you suspect an overuse injury or if you
just have questions as to why this problem won’t go away

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