Married To Medicine Season 6 Episode 6 | A Room Without A View

Married To Medicine Season 6 Episode 6 |  A Room Without A View

Married To Medicine Season 6 Episode 6 | A Room Without A View

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment October 12, 2019

hi everybody and welcome to the Nestle’s
my life my journey I am here today to do a review on married to medicine oh my
goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness basically this episode was pretty much
about heavenly and Contessa pretty much a little bit of quad but pretty much you
know Contessa and heavenly mainly heavenly so that’s where I wouldn’t
start I want to start with heavenly I want to talk about heaven yeah I got a
lot to say about heavenly I was pretty much in tears because I understand and
identify with people who have these altered on altar or altar or whatever
you wanna call it egos of you know pretty much a hard
exterior a rough and tough person and really they are the softest nicest
people that you could ever meet in the whole wide world very caring very loving
when I look at dr. heavenly I see a very beautiful woman
I see outward beauty like she’s a beautiful woman her features are
beautiful they’re unique I see a beautiful woman her daughter is her twin
and her daughter is beautiful and I get so upset with people like Mariah Mariah
have to put other people down to make herself feel good and she’s gonna
earlier in the episode she’s gonna tell her husband that he had a girlfriend
that looks like dr. heavenly in other words she was ugly and you can’t go
around calling about it ugly Mariah because – Everybody Somebody is ugly and
to me you very ugly now you might look at me and saying I’m
ugly but I think mariah is very ugly because she might just you know let me
tell y’all something about being pretty and being ugly some of the most
beautiful people in the world make themselves look ugly and for Mariah to
be having a conversation with her husband about her relationship with him
and as an example to her daughter she brings up another woman’s name who has
no relevance to that conversation like heavenly didn’t having to do with your
conversation you didn’t have if you thought his other girlfriend was ugly
then having to do with heavenly because heavenly is not no ugly woman heavenly
is a beautiful woman I love everything about heavenly features she’s beautiful
so ok yeah heavenly got a mouth though heavenly doctor this is real this is
real and this is hot here’s and like y’all be sayin I’m gonna keep it 100
heavenly keep it 1000 if you don’t come for her she ain’t gonna come for you and
pretty much when you come for heavenly she going for yo jugular don’t go don’t
come for people with a fishbone when the girl got a dinosaur bones she gonna
knock you upside the head with it don’t don’t do it
like y’all already know how heavenly is to begin with I understand why people
just but heavenly she do and see the reason why I can understand I have this
same analogy with Kenya Moore I feel the same way about heavenly like I
understand them because I’m basically the same weight like I’m the nicest
sweetest person I bite my tongue on a lot of stuff bow if you keep coming for
me and you cross me I’m about to say your mama cuz I do the mic
play the dozens and I tell everybody but folks when somebody tell me something
stupid I tell them I say you got one more time to come back with that and I’m
gonna tell you right now I play the dozens that’s what I tell them I said I
play the dozens cuz I ain’t gonna be nothing that your mama can’t be if your
mama can’t be such and such and such and such whatever you want to call me if you
want to call me on my name if your mama can’t be that Ian don’t call me that cuz
your mind about the p1 in five minutes so I understand when she say your mama
cuz if you just told her something there was off-color you know if you just told
her something that was disrespectful your mama yo your mama low like what
problem do you have with her saying your mama you shouldn’t get mad cuz she said
your mama cuz you just called the room out her name so if your mama can’t be
what you called her then don’t call no listen okay this is the rule on this I
I’m coming to her defense and I’m not coming to her defense I’m coming to my
own defense cuz I do the same thing your mama if you don’t want me to be if you
don’t want your mom gonna be whatever you call me being don’t call it to me
dummy that’s just how I feel about it like don’t call me nothin you don’t want
your mama to be so you want me to have respect for your mama but you don’t have
respect for me that ain’t the way a word that’s not the way it works do unto
others as you have them do unto you and guess what if you call me I my name
being your mama like I have a relative who called me on my name and I told her
I said yeah I probably am what you just called me cuz all the women in my family
must have been one your mama must have been one my mama must have been one and
you must have been one cuz y’all taught me how to be one so guess what
don’t call me nothin you can’t be you don’t call me nothing your mama
can’t be don’t call me nothing your daughter can’t be
don’t call me nothing every generation in your family can’t because when you
call it to me I’m bout to tell you dad everybody down the line of every
generation was that so yeah heavenly went back home well first of
all she’d been seeing her her anger management person and he suggested to
her that she has some deep-rooted issues that need to be resolved and like
anybody who comes off harsh but really are genuinely good people it’s because
they got some unresolved hurtful issues or they are being a product of their
environment and like Evelyn told us from the beginning of time she used to be a
heavyset child she used to wear big glasses she wasn’t that cute but what
she don’t realize he is because nobody never told her that or nobody never
showed her tit that she was very beautiful
it didn’t matter she woke to coke bottle glasses she was still beautiful and she
beautiful now but when you don’t teach your children self-esteem and you don’t
put your children in the environment to you know when children are being bullied
in school parents need to go to the school on behalf of their children but
when you let your children stand for themselves all the time and it’s all
those children learn how to do is fight and defend themselves then when they get
grow eventually listen everything gets better with practice right you become
better as stuff with practice right so when people were being bullied they
might have been bullied for you years but as they get older they get
better at the being bullying process and now they not necessarily becoming a
bully but they have a the the bully is the trigger for them so now because the
bully is the trigger now you know Dana got better at this thing you tell me
something your mom already yes you know just think about this part of something
a little child would say when you say oh you got nappy hair yeah and they say
your mama so heavily used to say your mama a lot when she was growing up so
now she still said don’t call the woman nothin that your mama can’t be if you
don’t want your mom gonna be whatever you call heavenly and call me Dean don’t
call it to me because I’m gonna tell you your mama and if you don’t like it me
jump over here and do something about it point-blank in the story you act like
you a big bad wolf come over here and jump you could be the wolf if you want
to but I’m a bear a bear a lion oh I’m the king of the jungle or
whatever he’s got whatever it is that’s what I’m gonna be whatever the king of
the jungle is that’s what I be y’all giving heavenly a hard time but heavenly
really is a beautiful person she’s a product of her environment she took us
back to the house she grew up in she grew up in a room with no windows her
mama never ever ever let her outside she lived in the neighborhood which you know
sometimes we look at the things that were done to us as a bad thing but it
could have been a good thing even though you grew up in a house heavenly with no
windows and even though you didn’t get to walk outside and know the
neighbors or play with children you never know that doing those things
probably really would have made you a different person than you are today
doing those things you might have got caught up in some stuff that would have
took you down a direction where you wouldn’t have been dr. heavenly today so
everything even though some things were very traumatic that happened to us
everything happens for a reason and God has given us strength to survive those
things and overcome those things and we count everything as a blessing
so maybe them for Windows was a blessing maybe I mean nothing for Windows them
for walls maybe them for walls was a blessing maybe never going outside was a
blessing because like you say it wasn’t an outside but drugs poly drugs and a
whole bunch of stuff sometimes living a sheltered life is the best life
especially when your parents can provide a better life to you to you other than
the Hulett so sometimes the sheltered life was the best light so even though
we you know look at our parents and say they could have done better they should
have did this they should leave this which like I got my I got my vices
but with my parents as well and you know we all got you every child whether it’s
your child but whether it’s you who was the child or whether it was your mother
or father who’s the child every trial is going to have every child is going to
have some sort of an issue with their parents it’s not one child in this world
that even when people say oh my mom and dad was a great parent sometime they
just saying it to make their mom and dad feel good and not to give them a guilt
trip but every child is gonna have something that they say if you allow
them the space to be honest where they say well I wish my daddy would
did this I wish my dad mama wouldn’t be at this you know everybody gonna have
some regrets from their childhood so y’all tell me why when heavily is
going on her journey why dr. Simone is sitting in the back seat snoring with
her mouth open head straight up in the air and easy don’t say when uh when dr.
heavenly say okay you have always supposed to be helping me she can tell
me why she’s so loud why is she so angry cuz you snow oh that was so funny yeah I
enjoyed that I was in tears I was in tears because identified with heavenly
identified with her story I identified with her hopes and her pains then when
she went back to go look in the house all this time she had never mentioned
that her dad had died in the hop and heeey excuse me and once she got there
she said my dad died she had to leave outside go outside
install plan but I haven’t heard her even though I hear her mention that her
mother used to call her be like there are parents who do that there are
parents who do that to the to the that curse their children after everything
that they know and then when you hear those children outside playing by
themselves with other kids you hear them kids person like a drunken
sailor why because they learn those words in their learn those words from
their parents they parents call them a beating so be that you sorry son of a
sucker and naturally dad is gonna be those the
words the vocabulary that that child know best so Kevin you know that Claire
heavenly know that word best because it was used to her
I totally 100% disagree with parents cursing that their children calling
their children out their names I just think it’s the worst thing ever in the
whole wide world but saying that don’t mean that it ain’t gonna never be done
because people do it every day I hear people do it every day I see people do
it every day my my heart crumbles when I hear it but when children are growing up
to be the product of their environment then you get a heavenly and you get a
Vanessa and then all of a sudden you have a problem with Vanessa and and a
heavenly but you created the monsters okay
I ain’t got to try to be nothing else for Halloween I just be myself and you
created me like the Bride of Frankenstein you created the Bride of
Frankenstein dummy oh I’m just trying to I’m trying to
break it down for ya okay for those of y’all who say heavenly is rude heavenly
is disrespectful heavenly is mean heavenly is everything that people put
in her to be neither other stuff that she became that they didn’t put in her
that can’t take credit for that they can’t take credit for the heavenly
or who she became uh you know as far as her profession is concerned cuz they
made her become that in a sense they contributed but in the sense they did
not so the all the ugliness and the bad that you see about having a yeah that
was what she grew up to be that’s what she was raised to be and she wouldn’t
want to live it more out of life she’d be worse than what she is so y’all need
shit up Oh changing the subject and moving right on to miss sweet and
beautiful Contessa yeah Contessa got some courage got some strength oh my
goodness she is getting I don’t know if I’m saying it right two breast
augmentations her mother died of cancer and she said she had two sick parents a
whole life and she don’t want her children to see her sick and she said her breast
exams keep coming back with issues every year which is making her worry more
about winning if she’s ever gonna develop cancer and that in itself can
make you develop something it can make you sick so she just gone she she just
go on a drastic route and cutting them off and that’s gonna give her peace of
mind and sometimes people do drastic things to give themselves peace of mind
she want to make sure she is gonna be around for her children listen I have a
sister that is eight years younger than me that died this year to stage four
cancer she left behind two young children a nine year old and a 14 year
old that is a mother’s worst nightmare to think that she might die and leave
her children behind so she has to cut her breast off cut her legs I’ve cut her
arm off take her out they try to be here for her children
that is a mother with 100% commitment and love for her family I commend her on
that like even though I commend her I don’t know if I could do it but I’m sure
I could because I’m gonna do what I need to do and she had the foresight you know
they say hindsight is 20/20 but foresight is better than hindsight
so she had the foresight to be able to say listen I don’t wanna have to go
through this or go through that even though I’m gonna do this I know it’s not
gonna give me a 100% proven success that I won’t develop cancer sometime in the
future but it will better my chances and on top of bettering my chances it’s
going to give me peace of mind let me tell you something peace of mind is
worth all the money in the world peace of mind you cannot buy peace of mind so
I respect Contessa I applaud contestant and she’s a very
very very very very strong woman okay we know most black women are strong women
let’s move on from that situation her husband is there to support her she
got up the morning of her surgery didn’t even let her children know what was
going on she just keeping a happy countenance all the way around on behalf
of her children dad and yourself woman make me cry cuz you’re gonna see from
next week our children are jumping in the bed owner and everything they don’t
know that they can’t grab mama that they can’t hug mama that they can’t lean on
mama and touch mama but they don’t know cuz she didn’t even tell them so that’s
a strong woman contestant you a strong woman so next up is quiet so quad meets
with dr. Jackie one-on-one and quad is too strong because
and I think that’s why everybody giving her a hard time because quad is too
strong quad is she don’t know how to be know uh nothing other than what she is
but at the same token when you do have see some people are used to not having
friends and that’s me I’m just not having friends I’m just not having
nobody to lean on to cry on to talk to and so when you don’t have that and then
when you get it you don’t know how to use it because you never used it before
so that’s what quads probably me as quads problem is she have a friend in
dr. Simone and dr. Jackie but she don’t know how to let them in to bear this
burden with her because she always had to do it for herself and like she was
about to say in next week’s episode she was about to say she always had to be
the strong person and Mariah gonna say we all have Mariah why do you always got
to be a competition witty with somebody shit up sit down and listen sometimes
every single thing that quad have to say you got something to say she don’t even
like you so shut up she’s not asking for your opinion she she allowing you to be
in her presence but that don’t mean she want to hear from you
say present say I’m here and sit down and shit up learn listen to the teacher
what the teacher got to say but the teaching ain’t asking you for nothing
let choir tell her story speak our truth and you shouldn’t have anything to say
about it and tis she don’t have nothing else to
say when she shut up and she ain’t saying nothing else and she ain’t giving
no more explanations to her situation then maybe somebody else could I mean
but why she’s still talking shut up fool Mariah make me see I’m just telling the
truth I don’t like Mariah I don’t think I
would like Mariah in real life like I don’t really like I don’t like she tried
too hard people who try too hard ain’t really got it going on like they want
you to think they do okay okey-dokey smokey come for me if
you want to I don’t care so anyway who why I be forgetting their lady name
because she’s so irrelevant to me for you I’m about sick of tour you I’m about
secretory and they don’t have a storyline they storyline is this fake
life that they live living and always spending money on something that they
are not very practical people like come on now you just got out of debt not you
like to spend 2.7 million dollars on the house maybe you could afford to 2.7
million dollars on the house but can you show us some aspect of your life already
besides spending money and having parties like is there anything else that
you have to offer this show besides spending money you spunk money on your
debt you were spending money on other stuff while you was in debt now you’re
out of debt and you spending some money do you have
anything else to bring to this show besides spending money come on nah oh my
goodness I’m just little when people don’t have a storyline I just ain’t
interested like it it’s nothing to tie you in her life with her family besides
spending money drinking wine spending money drinking champagne and spending
money and every conversation she have is about spending some more money every
penny she looks she like one of them people that she know how much money she
gonna make off of her married to medicine she didn’t already sat down and
calculated that money that she gonna make next year she didn’t already
calculated for this year she’d already spent it went oi you give her paychecks
she on to somebody when she get her checks she offered it over to somebody
cuz she didn’t already took our IOU correct me if I’m wrong but that’s just
the way it is some things would never change
yo guess what that is marital medicine in the shilling and
there’s nothing quite met with this other couple who is a part of their
marriage whatever and it’s two people on the show that I really just just
well I take that back three I don’t dislike them but I just really don’t
care for them and number one is Mariah she would be the number one person I
think no I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I think dr. dr. G would
probably be number one and probably Mariah and Dean and probably uh
what’s-her-name that I just got to mentioning toy you cuz dr. G like I said
before have a little man syndrome he the smallest angle short man and got too
much to him you know I don’t like to talk about
people but just got to tell the truth for shame the devil
y’all want to say heavenly early but heavily not ugly but dr. G thank you he’s a short man with a short man
syndrome have to get some money in order to get a woman or get some respect I
mean he ought to be happy he got quality but however you got it you got a but
that don’t mean you’re gonna be able to keep her cuz when you get somebody that
one way and then you have a negative attitude and a bad attitude and a bad
mouth and a bad disposition you want him away you running away you know maybe she
was maybe she grew to love you maybe she didn’t even like you to begin with but
maybe she grew to like your girl love you but in your mouth running the whole
way come on not money and everything just cuz you go buy a woman a brand-new
car just cuz you could buy a woman a house just cuz you could buy you could
buy love you could buy love but that still don’t mean you’re gonna be happy
you go you could buy what appears to be loved
obviously quiet is telling you that her love is not for sale dr. G she’s not
with you for what you could buy for her she’s witching this short funny looking
but because she grew love you but you buying her things ain’t enough to keep
up and your mouth running her away so get it together like she say you 40 subs
57 years old 47 years old I don’t know 40 50 60 you gonna have to start all
over again with him to woman and maybe a new woman to act right cuz she’ll let
you by but as soon as she thinks she so she get herself together she she will
take that nonsense ain’t nobody gonna be taking the nonsense you ain’t gonna talk
to me stupid you got a couple of times to talk to me stupid and I’m gonna get
to step into you know quad don’t have to be there she don’t have to be there she
make her own money is she with you it’s cuz she wanna be with you not cuz she
got to be with you and that’s how doctor we don’t say in one episode I’ve been
taking care of you since I met you well if you was taking care of her since you
met her maybe that’s what you had to do to get in a woman
jive Turkey maybe that was the only way you was gonna get a woman was to take
care of him so count your blessings shut your mouth up and go sit down somewhere
would you lose sure it still quad is better than me because dr. G see see
people be giving quite a hard time because quad is not being that
transparent but what they don’t realize is if quad became transparent dr. G’s
feelings would be hurt and she’s really respecting him more than he respect her
because she’s trying not to hurt his feelings
if she put him on blast all day every day oh he already looks ma man he’s
gonna be the size of a peanut they have to go have to roll up somewhere and
crawl up somewhere and his ego really gonna be hurt she trying because she
care about him and she loved him y’all think she don’t care about him and she
don’t love him she do care about him and she do love him and that’s why she let
him say stupid stuff to her without replying back but he better be glad he
married quad and not me because I’ve been told his little book where to go go
crawl back under the rock that you came from under you think cuz you got some
money you think cuz you a doctor and you think that make you somebody you steal
the hood rap that you you trying to make her out to be
you still ignorant and stuck on stupid got to go sleep with a woman in the
hotel room in order to make yourself feel good cuz you like I said you got a
little man syndrome ain’t got nothing else to say y’all cuz you know it’s
always the pot calling the kettle black I got plenty to say about everybody else
and y’all come for me if y’all want to I frankly my dear I really don’t care
come come for me imma be like heavenly don’t jump over here unless you ready to
get past I believe every little oh yeah y’all better leave quite alone and y’all
better leave contessa alone cuz do some strong women this all I can say about that I’m gonna
talk to y’all later make sure y’all get this video a thumbs up leave me comments
in the comment below make sure you press the subscribe button and come back for
another video so I will talk to y’all later
okey dokey smokey bye now thanks for watching

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