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M.B.B.S. In Philippines EXPOSED

M.B.B.S. In Philippines EXPOSED

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment June 12, 2019

[Applause] [Applause] hi guys I'm dr. Amin from STD overseas from Germany and you are Hank Evita and I you and shamanism come in Adana all right and it's like from which region directly in turning right Lori from it's an obsession they're going to all right okay and you I'm steaming hot dogs come on all right okay and how did you get here to Ukraine to study medicine we came to Korea okay so dr. Bellin in about okay and when did you reach here in Ukraine you know ii ii november you exactly remember the day given okay and you're about to finish a first year now alright how are the experience far so good you feel at home okay the island radio making experience we never had such a good experience before because I heard something you have a previous history oh yeah tell me more about it we have actually come from two things we had contact for medicine back to revenge for pre-medical we didn't like the medical over there so we discontinued and then came back to India then we tried meat and after that we couldn't get Martian dust it was so difficult and we got to know about Vulcan airplane by not matter became alright and what exactly like all the problem in the cinnamon and why do you need to go there for free many correct we will our onions on the borders for America oh you didn't know that you're born for every medical book red onion marie-claire instance tom about that okay and where you were able to pass this test you have you're able but the politics are not based on the morals on the marks like based on the money that's a problem and it's like we don't have government universities over there it's all today right so they have pressure rules in every university like if you don't complete the pre medical exam bringing food if they have any time they can expel you from university they no need to give you any reasons and there is no test like semester exams or something like that okay so many experts we cannot ask like why what is the basis only time experts we can try bad you're not in control of anything and the order we have so many disturbances were there like green light with three earthquakes in six seven months free right wave and did not develop actually so once you see Falcon course that will not be powerful Abbie Cornish no electrons no electricity for one we usually the progenitor okay so I it's I can't take worse in India but it's like raising the center is lower arm more poor than India okay we cannot contact our parents for one being promoted and then I'll be very scared yeah and even if there is it the swing then it will be classes okay so thatís cool so I like about the pre-medical again was it for for here you know that would actually wanted off you're not graded like BSC what we study in India but they give it as BS over there okay and it is the same with us but in U is big pre-medical is for three years yeah but over here they have reduced it for one and half years so we cannot consider it as a tardy PD function so when you come out of medical you cannot tell that you completed pre-medical to any political it is not considered as a broad clownselor all people that are going to other countries like New Zealand they said no it's not three medical analysis course so they made their own degree is generally mazarron canary but while abroad and what were the reasons actually for you to choose the Philippines at the time actually we were so promoted by our agents and so many it is like four years course let's how they promoted so people are on for another score solid business assume you wanted to save the time yeah that's what people usually think that is happening click once girls 18 minutes so they think like four years okay so that is how it was and we had like four semester and ever it costs more than tin plating look a little more peas and food is not available like they're only two it is available for another stable thoroughly and like the energy when chickens are very tense tender and what about the students you went there where the Linnaean students yeah that is the problem like three medical you can have any number of students so it will be like a mini school over there we were nearly two thousand five hundred twenty are by morning oh yeah but for medical only we hundred friends I visited two at a time but this also you didn't know anybody yeah but we had a question to our agent but once we left us this we had no contact they just got our money and they said you have to go to yes if you are saying about their own problems and at once I cannot see you so your work you were very stuck yeah even some of our friends still there haven't joined any universities they have been losing the one year simply at home there they have reserves where cancers and the result of one button yeah like here we have people to help us the degrees of that where we went into this listen day nobody had a definite converting it we had to go on to the final yeah okay and how did you manage to turn around her life yeah because we lost nearly eight to nine lakhs McKinnon here so they were not interested in the side insulin but we are very same ambition to be fourth Baxter who the second because in India also I are happier need but they said they need twenty or twenty pellets so no other choice linger for Mira and how did you contact and Yuki your over theta mu found out about is mother I found through the not commenting truly and we wanted to come directly to the end because the sub-agents little chest and many more 1732 currently we are direct contact yeah and how was it for your mom how do you really how did you talk to me yeah if she don't have the first movement she spoke she said no I just have keep it and she is actually a good experience with North Indian citizen white custom language didn't feed in each other till I got my actually just before getting is like the previous day I saw not even colors where I saw I know his number that further but still retested them ok because I think one of the very good things also like dr. Karen of the school students that he's not even taking a single penny he taking no money yet feels like you even get the visa and yet she didn't receive any money because we said you know there will be my students wherever they call I think with actually which also stars in heaven please I locked in a room you have gotten money spent and the next moment my left shoulder ha ha to learn from the possible so horrible we were made to leave in a renovated Bangla and what is Mary King doing stall them to the lady band we were not able to tell up and because we website and like they will start finish for it so we had to make them for one years but more than that University that we have enough for now like for side teachers that's also Hangul ology subject and all the four year students my god oxide and both of you went together – yeah at that time and then both of you will manage to convey apparently and come here but I think what do you think to make the right choice economy origin it was worth apply them to continue yes yes we are very bad feminist and because because relative to make the electing University they are making money from busted after coming here we are like we are holding their value all we came to certain and great so in your first year what were your favorite subject – policy just probably a very interesting in your because I suppose okay okay so I going back home the summer or are you staying here yeah I'm also have your hair and window was like so much so we can go in December than nothing alright you enjoy your free time also in Ukraine you know what are you doing your free time I just saw you cooking you cook for yourself something no no idea Magali doesn't really cook like and we all know that much we have we see shadows before now really baby studies right in your older to your parents yeah yeah how many is in total which we will rule three years we have to be in Korea try not really don't worry about it you will work until you're 50 or 60 this three years they don't count at the end you will come with doctors again alright thank you very much for the interview and all the best [Applause] [Applause]

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