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Keto Supplement Guide | Supplements We Take and Why

Keto Supplement Guide | Supplements We Take and Why

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment July 20, 2019

hello guys hi and welcome back to the channel and if you are new here my name is Ahmet and you are Vince this is the videos we do so if you like that then hit that red subscribe button it's for free so just do it no thank you so my wife here is a ketogenic lifestyle coach and if you are having trouble with your keto diet and you're not getting the results that you want then just visit our website and book in a free case estimation and let's see if we can help you so we wanted to do a video about keto supplements that we take and what we don't take and why we don't take it and this can be a very helpful video for you so that you know what you should spend money on and what you shouldn't spend money on and everything that we show you here is going to have links in the description below and we're going to have a link that is for us and that's mainly Amazon and we are started working with the European suppliers so we're going to have an EU link and then you can buy the exact products that we are showing you here they ship everywhere in here so first of all what we don't take so we don't take ketones and the reason is because most people are doing the keto diet to lose weight and when you're trying to lose weight it actually doesn't matter how much ketones are in your blood and when you take nutritional ketones or exogenous ketones your body is going to burn that instead of the ketones it makes from your body fat and why would you want that you want your body to burn your own body fat make the ketones out of your own fat so never take that so the second thing which is completely up to you if you want to do it or not but I will give you just the scientific reason and as long as you have insulin resistance your body is not taking in vitamins so there's a lot of people who are taking a lot of vitamins every day and it's basically just expensive piss because as long as you have chronic high insulin in your body which is basically most people when they start your ballad and definitely you have that basically and once the insulin resistance is handled and you're going to be able to take in the vitamins from the veggies that you eat and you should eat lots of veggies and get your vitamins from them with that said we do take two vitamins maybe even three with the minerals but that is for a different reason so I'm gonna show you what we take this is vitamin D and this is vitamin k2 they should be taken in conjunction with one another and the reason why we take this and basically I watched the video about vitamin D and it's a super important vitamin and you basically naturally get it from the sunlight unless you live up north which we do so basically the video was saying that if you're up north hundred percent guaranteed you can put it in writing that you're deficient in vitamin D so I just watched that video and I was like great vitamin D and this k2 so vitamin D is super important your sex hormones in your sleep it's involved in yeah a lot of hormones so very very vital vitamin if you have it you're gonna sleep very deep a lot of people have sleep issues so I'm very happy that we bought them this is my favorite us brand and I will link another one you can buy new if you are in the EU and we do like one tablespoon they just cover our B vitamin needs on the most natural form the most absorbable way you can get yes and the reason why you want to take extra B vitamin is because it's super helpful when you have insulin resistance and basically it can lessen your hunger they're good when you're beginning on the keto diet because you can it allows you to go longer and it stops your cravings so it's just something that you want to take when you begin on the keto diet and then you just want to take it when you're prone the keto diet because it's just good to take the vitamins are good for you another thing we are very upset lately or at least me a bone broth it's from beef and this is from chicken both of them is organic and it's just so good because I'm trying to implement longer fast right now and I do for the tiny more electrolyte and these are right these Dino sugar or these or carbs or anything weird and I really love that so I would say my favorite product lately these two and I will link them below if you are in Europe it's two days and you workout them so I definitely can recommend them if you are starting out or you are trying to do longer fast or if you are fast and make you feel it's really really hard to push to the next mineral then they are great solutions and they are not really gonna break your fast is just fluid and I mean you don't have to buy the supplements you can actually make your own and that's also what we're going to do and we're going to do videos about but if you don't have a slow cooker and you just want have it fast it does take quite some hours to make yeah you should just buy it and have it at home and it can help you add and fantastic when you're starting on the keto diet to avoid keto food by the way so another thing that a lot of people have trouble with on the keto diet is actually sleep and I had insane problems with sleep and I actually didn't even know it when you cannot sleep it's very hard to burn fat because you burn the most fat in your sleep so the things that kick you out of sleep lack of vitamin D stress too much stress I have a lot of stress and for that I have this thing from Eric Berg it's a adrenal and cortisol support I should take this more often but yeah it's very helpful with the sleep and then I'm just going to do a picture we have just bought over a thousand dollars worth of products from Erik Berg for like months yeah it's like Munson yeah exactly it's crazy what we bought and they haven't come yet so this is like the last stress relief that we have another thing that I bought is he has a sleeping pill which I'm going to put a picture here you take one before you go to sleep and it's super good to help you fall asleep and then we take a calcium magnesium supplement and magnesium is a relaxing mineral and it helps you fall asleep really good so again this is super good to help you sleep better it's packed with everything you need so if you had a bit low on vitamins or if you feel you don't think you know meaning you are not having 7 to 10 cups of veggies every day then definitely we encourage to expander is great this is a European brand but it comes from the same Asian seabed that dr. and brings me guys choose pattern so if you are nothing to us or you have a hard time to purchase dr. a birth product I would definitely go with this one and the link will be in the description box below so now the next one is a few one together and that is also something that a lot of people have trouble with and they don't even know it it's like ridiculous it's one of the most handle things on your client and that is digestion so if you are feeling bloated you have a lot of gases you have constipation there's 10 trillion symptoms that you can have it's not normal actually you shouldn't be constipated you shouldn't be bloated after your eating and men most of it has to do with the fact that you don't have enough bio or your stomach is not acidic enough so I actually had this also of course because if you can have a bad symptom on keto I will have had it for sure and so there is a supplement which is also out by dr. Eric Berg and here's a picture for you that you can buy you take it basically with eating and it helps your stomach to digest but cider vinegar baking lemon juice is also very effective like every time you can make a drink like that like like one glass of water one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and lemon should taste somewhat good and then you just throw and you drink this is a drink and it's quite nice I think on the summer is even refreshing with some ice and things like that and it really helps with in digestion or citric loops or anything like that yeah and I also want to say that the lemon is especially important that you take like maybe one tablespoon a day because on keto especially if you're not eating a lot of vegetables which unfortunately that's the biggest mistake a lot of people make that they're not eating a lot of vegetables then you do have a danger of stones in your body I go about our stones and this is giving you all the protection that you need against that so the last item I take as a woman is a C cup and this is from Iceland because it's really clean and nutrient dense and the reason is because you need iron and if you are either and efficient you can have a lot of cycle issues and I did have that before keto and about eight months after using C cup every day I greatly improved had a lot of benefit on my hormones on my side as a woman so I can highly recommend if you are doing keto and you have any type of psychology definitely get CCAP the truth is I didn't find anything better than dr. Burke's phone so I always recommend this one and yeah I just feel I need it I got a lot of help from that cool so that is the supplements that we take and why and the supplements we don't take and why we don't take them so we hope that you guys like this video thank you for watching it to the end make sure you subscribe and give it a like and see you guys in the next video

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