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Kelly Burdge, M.D., North Shore Physicians Group

Kelly Burdge, M.D., North Shore Physicians Group

By Bryan Wright 2 Comments December 4, 2019

My name is Kelly Burdge. I am a board certified
nephrologist. I did my training at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio then I trained
at the Ohio State University. Nephrology is the study of the kidney which
can relate to things that actually affect the kidney such as chronic kidney disease
or acute kidney failure. There is also a wide range of things that
can affect the kidney and are impacted by the kidney such as high blood pressure, disorders
of electrolytes like sodium or calcium, and kidney stones are another thing that I treat
patients for. There are a lot of side effects to kidney disease that we can manage and help
prevent complications of. I think the benefits of being part of NSPG
are really just endless. This is really one of the most proactive health systems in the
country. We are close to one of the world class medical centers downtown, but I like
to tell patients that we are here on the North Shore.
Having proactive leadership and having proactive electronic records makes the job easier. If
I need to ask something of my leadership or get something on the computer records it’s
right there. Patients with chronic kidney disease and transitioning folks to dialysis
if they need that I think is a very special and rewarding time that is very critical in
a patient’s life.

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james reppucci

Dr. Burdge is my doctor and she is wonderful! She is always clear and concise with her opinion. MGH is fortunate to have such a fine doctor. Jim Reppucci


Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs How are ya

MGH and NSMC are affiliated but completely different.


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