KARELA CHALLENGE #HEALTHY EATING | Good Habits Moral Story | Aayu and Pihu Show - Buy Bentyl

KARELA CHALLENGE #HEALTHY EATING | Good Habits Moral Story | Aayu and Pihu Show

KARELA CHALLENGE #HEALTHY EATING | Good Habits Moral Story | Aayu and Pihu Show

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment September 13, 2019

If you , would ask the kids what’s there least favourite vegetable there answer most probably will be bitter gourd no, most definitely will be bitter gourd after this challenge i gaurantee you that 9 out of 10 kids will start eating bitter gourd if you like the video , please hit like and share it with your friend who dosen’t like to eat bitter gourd come on let us start the challenge come today we are going to do a special challenge everyone close your eyes one two and , tan-ta-dan hawww, what is this? who all like , bitter gourd ? no one I you like bitter gourd? then you should get the best prize even i like it too you like it , can you eat it raw? no, not raw so first, we will decide a captain Who will be the captain? from the girls team , who’ll be the captain pihu didi , pihu didi pihu didi , beacuse she’s the eldest from boys team Ansh bhaiya because Ansh is the eldest both the captains do stone, paper, scissor brother, sister, brother, sister… yes boys win brothers win so now, ansh will decide who will come first from your team rishi rishiii.. come on rishi take one slice and after eating the bitter gourd there should be no expression on your face till 20 seconds come on rishi pick up the slice yeah, timer start don’t give any expression till 20 seconds brother stop very good 21 seconds , result (everyone laughs) now eat , eat eat you cant throw it you have to eat it you can drink water (laughing sounds) say something rishi (laugh) it is very difficult it is very difficult come on pihu decide who will be the first from your team um.. (laughing) i’ll go first first , pihu this is the sign of a true captain very good pihu pihu didi will loose boooo , boo first let her eat come on , pihu one one, two, three start pihu didi, pihu didi pihu didi stop (laughing sound) eat it and drink water Don’t throw everybody remember you cant throw it because this is healthy thing at least some should go in your stomach it would be good for you drink , drink water Now lets go over to the boys meaning, on the brothers side tell me, who’ll come first me, you very good ready take a slice your time starts now (team mates cheering ) very good ansh stop done you did it for 21 secconds now drink, eat and then drink water How was it ansh? How should i describe it? whoever thinks, that this is an easy challenge? should try eating one slice at home then you’ll know How difficult this challenge is !!! Ansh, is not saying anything now. no worries we’ll stay fit, if we eat healthy captain will be fit if caprain is fit, team is fit come on, next sisters rishika see boys have 2 points we only have 1 we’ll have to win this point don’t loose come on rishika start (kids cheering) stop very good rishika Pihu give some water my child. Now eat it and drink water you can drink water (laughs) very good verry good now if rishika do this then aayu can do this too Aayu is in tension how will he do the challenge? you have to make the boys win, aayu. aayu can do it How was it rishika ? it was good you liked it , eat one more rishika eat one more will you eat see look, did you see the girls wow, girls have 2 points yeah, yeaahhhh this is a tie till now 2 and 2 come on lets go on to the brothers side again come on captain now decide Pushpu Pushpu come on Pushpu take one slice time starts now (kids cheering) stop (laughs) very good, drink water team captain, give some water chew it properly and eat it Pushpu how was it ? it was very bad was it bad ? (laughs) ate this for the first time really first time Who wants to come next? shanvi shanvi will be next come little shanvi….. come on time starts shanvi now very good shanvi no expression (kids cheering) stop see friends the youngest girl ate give some water to my little, little girl now tell me how was the taste shaanvi ? will you be able to eat it? will you tell mom that you want to eat bitter gourd will you eat it now who will come from the brothers side? Aayu (laughs) let the captain decide let the captain take decision aayu knows he’s the only one left Now, I have to the challenge. wait should i say time start come on, aayu time starts now (kids cheering) looser looser looser very good how was it? aayu is laughing was it good eat one more aayu come on team captain, give some water to aayu chew it properly and eat it. (laughing) see, today aayu The chocolate boy, ate bitter gourd who only wants to eat chocolate all day today ate a bitter gourd today 10 unhealthy chocolates got balanced friends see friends eat one slice of bitter gourd everyday aayu (laughs) come on now lets go to our sisters again now who ? oh ho ho , too much tension how will you eat it we should not loose see sisters should win they have 4 – 4 points we only have 3 boys have all won now the last turn is yours Match should end in a Tie… shall we start come on, time starts now (kids cheering) Just some more time, stop how was it water, have some water first then we will ask aayu is the youngest but he also ate the little shanvi and aayu both ate it do you know they are the youngest shanvi and aayu both of them are in 1st standard both of them ate so everyone can eat you all kids are very special you know why because, when we tell you to eat something don’t want to eat mom don’t want it mom but when we give these kids a challenge then, no one is more capable than these kids they will do anyhting to win this challenge Did you see that but today is a tie hmm , it’s a tie boys – brothers also win and sisters too now, i’ll give you one more task what what now (laugh) now watch wait for 2 minutes, i’ll be right back i think, it would be something good hmmm…. auntie, what have you brought this, this is a very special thing what if you can eat bitter gourd you can eat this too tension not okay please open Shall i open it? yeess.. yes this is bitter gourd stir fry cooked this is challenge’s 2nd part ok, you ate raw bitter gourd now you have to eat this bitter gourd stir fry and after eating, you have to tell me is raw bitter gourd better or the cooked? bitter gourd is better ansh , let us start with you is raw bitter gourd good or it’s vegetable bitter gourd’s vegetable bitter gourd’s vegetable you liked it vegetable now its , little sweet aayu’s turn chocolate is nice chocolate is good i asked whether raw bitter gourd or cooked i wasn’t asking about chocolate bitter gourd’s vegetable vegetable hmm , vegetable is tasty see rishika likes it soo much eat it and tell is raw karela the best vegetable is better vegetable is better na now if mom says today bitter gourd’s vegetable is the meal so who will eat the bitter gourd? yes mom , i’ll eat it me , me good kids always eat whatever is there for their meal that day mom gives you ice cream too pizza, burger , juice she gives you everything she makes healthy vegetables so that kids remain healthy and you should positvely eat bitter gourd’s vegeatble

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