I took the poisoned medicine and punished him who wanna protect me.|ep53-3 - Buy Bentyl

I took the poisoned medicine and punished him who wanna protect me.|ep53-3

I took the poisoned medicine and punished him who wanna protect me.|ep53-3

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 3, 2019

stop Please order. that whoever You hurried to make a fart again I told you to get something from the House Did you get it See what you say What our master wants Why do you need to get it in person? Someone else sent it Still the best pick Then you go to clean the backyard Remember to clean it up that whoever Don’t wander around in the future Whoever is in this palace I won’t let you go please go away Sister Pearl Don’t pretend in front of me The whole Yanxi Palace has the most eyes on you, But you can’t compare them. You still work honestly Don’t think about it Lest you cause trouble How dare i what happened What’s wrong with you They are not careful, there are many medicines in the warehouse It’s made worms puppets. Masters in this palace That is not working If so lost It’s a pity Many medicines are still good correct Are you here to get the medicine? Wait a minute I’ll get it for you remember This pack of medicine has to be boiled for half an hour with black chicken soup After brewing the medicine To have a health effect Really fragrant You tell her What i told her Still counting Make her think clearly Dr. Ye Thanks a lot Dr. Ye You usually prescribed so many medicines This medicine won’t go wrong Confuse the prescription How can it be This public account is public account Private account I’m clear and not confused Row I believe you Just have something in your heart it is good Uncle ye If you can trust me I can help you with medicinal matters Really Look at these medicines in the palace The materials he uses are all excellent So wasteful Really a pity You might as well take someone out Although it is a medicinal herb But those drug makers choose Even if it is sold at a discount, it is still a good price May I This is the old rule in the palace People used to do this Even if the people above know Open one eye and close one eye The income of silver is either subsidized by the pharmacy Or buy some new medicine This also makes sense If you believed Let me handle this for you OK, I’ll leave it to you Is the medicine done? All right Then nothing is wrong with you here give it to me Ok Ok You embroider too casually I have embroidered for three days You see, what else is wrong? Ten days draw a water Five days to draw a stone Calm down both in painting and calligraphy Not to mention the embroidery of silk threads Even if it’s a drop That’s not what it meant You have to calm down and figure it out So as to embroider a qualified purse How do you know I want to embroider a purse? It’s all written on your own face but Highlander already has a purse you embroidered No more embroidery What idea do you have You make a wipe for his mother. But i don’t know What style does his mother like Who will really care, this amount is your intention You have to let Hyrants know your heart Do you understand About, understand You are stupid You should take medicine Poison in medicine I saw him with my own eyes He put a pill in the tonic You ca n’t say this indiscriminately, I swear, Thunderbolt Xiaoquanzi I trust him Next time you talk nonsense I’ll send you to the Department of Caution You have nothing to say Pulu who punished him for a month You take him down Stare at him again Recite from beginning to end Still not happy You Punish him so lightly You are too careless I just want him to know how much you trust me Save him annoying me all day long Wreaths Are you sure you want to continue drinking this medicine? drink Why not drink This is the soup I need most Madam please use tea You dare to bully me is not it How dare you use this kind of cold tea to dissuade me because I saw you at Lifo so I did n’t dare to disturb I’ll change you a cup of hot tea Quickly pack the cup A poem I didn’t know about, ancient writing is too difficult. Know who can leave a message Are you crying? Then you don’t know what the real pain is! I got it wrong You hurry up If let others hear They thought I was bad for you

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