HEALTHY FOOD TIPS WE SHOULD KNOW EARLIER | 【小乖麦当劳】公开如何避免诱惑去超市选择健康的食物。【Eng Sub】 - Buy Bentyl

HEALTHY FOOD TIPS WE SHOULD KNOW EARLIER | 【小乖麦当劳】公开如何避免诱惑去超市选择健康的食物。【Eng Sub】

HEALTHY FOOD TIPS WE SHOULD KNOW EARLIER | 【小乖麦当劳】公开如何避免诱惑去超市选择健康的食物。【Eng Sub】

By Bryan Wright 10 Comments October 16, 2019

Hello everyone, I am Jenny, welcome everyone to return to my
channel again. this vlog I want to share with you how to choose foods that
are relatively healthy from supermarket. Nonsense will not say much, letʼs go! I will lead everyone to one of the large supermarkets in
Australia, Coles, to see what can be bought, Letʼs Go~ Generally, just like everyone comes to the supermarket, if
you start with vegetables and fruits sections, then yes, your choice is right and healthy. The vegetables and fruits are all part of the 80% clean that
I mentioned before You can choose green vegetables and fruits, as well as
Berries which have low sugar content, high in vitamin C and is a healthy low IG food that gives
you a feeling of fullness. For vegetables, I personally recommend that you eat more
green and choose the unprocessed foods, which contains natural carbs and will not cause the body to
gain weight. For example,
pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes are all
good choices. Ok, now I want to share and highly recommend nuts for ever
one because it contains a lot of good protein and micro
elements. Generally good fat can help you with your nails, heart, and your skin, hair, and bone and joint growth, and many
other benefits. So how do you choose nuts? Iʼll share my tips with you. First of all, when you pick up a pack of nuts, you can take
a look at the packaging, like these are natural, are very good, then see if flavors
are added. This kind of honey roasted flavor tastes very nice, but I
would recommend that you eat less, because it contents a lot of additives. The taste will be
delicious, but it is not a healthy choice, it contents a lot of sugar and fat and so on. According to a healthy food standard in Australia, this has
2 stars, and this natural nut usually has 5 stars. According to a healthy food standard in Australia, this has
2 stars, and this natural nut usually has 5 stars. So when choosing nuts, try to choose natural ones. Eating
too much flavored nuts is not healthy. Ok, now I want to share with you how to choose cheese. The three kinds of cheese that the little cockroaches
generally like to eat are these. First of all, this box is cheese. The cockroach is
especially fond of eating, and its ingredients are also very good. If you can’t eat
this kind of packaged cheese, you will feel that it is especially wasteful. Then I will
choose this kind of cheese with biscuits. This kind of cheese with biscuits, I don’t recommend eating
more, because it is delicious. However, the carbon water and fat
contained in the biscuits are exceeding the standard. . If you eat too much, you will still get fat. In addition, like this kind of cheese, Otaru is especially recommended,
it is a separate piece you can put it in your bread with avocado and eggs when
breakfast, it is also very healthy and nutritious. Then everyone can
look at its ingredient list, like the natural cheese I just told you, its fat and sugar
are less than 1%, personally think this is a pretty good choice. Then, like a cheese with a biscuit, you will see that it has
about 860 kilojoules of a component, which is equivalent to about 200 calories, so like this kind of cheese with a delicious biscuit, I suggest you still have to Eat less. Like this cheese box, Xiao Yan is still quite recommended, you can put it in your
salads, it is also a good choice. In addition, it is generally
recommended that you can put it on your slice of bread at breakfast, and it is still
97% Fat Free, which is a good choice. Great. I just mentioned natural carbs, natural oils, etc., now lets talk about natural protein. Itʼs really simple. You can choose chicken breast, beef, salmon and tilapia, they are all very good choices. Itʼs really simple, when you go to the supermarket, if you see the chicken breast, beef and the fish, buy it! It wonʼt go wrong! These are all natural proteins. As for yogurt, I also have some tips to share with you. First of all, this yoghurt is really delicious. It’s really
popular in Australia. When I first came to Australia, I can eat 1-3 cups a day.
But later when I looked carefully at its nutrition information, I found that it had a
particularly high sugar content of 25.5g. Then why would I recommend everyone to choose this natural
yogurt, especially this Greek yoghurt. You can look at its nutrition information, its natural sugar
content is only 8.3g, which is really healthy compared to the others. Of course, if you don’t really like this Greek yogurt, we
are suggesting you to add some natural dried fruit or nuts, the taste will be better
and healthier. You can also look at this side. There are really a lot of
choices. It is recommended that you take a look at the nutrition
information table, , to see whether there is excess sugar, or Greek yogurt. Life has 80% clean meal plus 20% cheat meal, and 80% of
clean mealʼs concept is very simple, because most of the people know what it is. Today, I will share with you on the 20% cheat meal. I
understand during the weight loss period, sometimes you will be struggling and suffering from hunger, and there
is always one or two days that you are craving for cheat meal. Therefore, Iʼm here to show you how to choose relative healthy cheat
meal. For me, this sugar-free peanut butter is a particularly
good choice, and its also graded 5 stars in Australia’s health rating. First of all, when you are choosing a product, you can
take a good look at the nutrition information behind the packaging. The
information at the back is critical, and it will tell you the level of
contents in fat, sugar, salt and protein. The key nutrition information are
easy to measure, however the remaining information is difficult and hard to
calculate. Moreover, I will recommend everyone to drink almond milk.
Natural almond milk contains much more nutrition than the ordinary milk. Almond milk
contains micro-elements which cannot be replaced by other dairy products. You donʼt have to buy this brand. You There are a lot of
other brands to choose from. There is another brand of nuts that I love to eat. It is very clear on it, without any artificial additives and
sugar or other ingredients, and it is also 5 stars in Australia’s health rating. You can also look at a table of nutrients behind it. A bag is about 5 servings, and each serving is 547
kilojoules, which is equivalent to being particularly healthy in snacks.
This brand of nuts also has a lot of other flavors to choose
from, these two are what you want to buy. Another important point to mention is the Belvita breakfast
digestive cake. I know that such a product is not suitable for eating during
the fat loss period, but if you really can’t stand to eat cheat meal, you can also give yourself a reward. With a cup of black
coffee, it is also a good choice. This is my choice of cheat meal for a week or two every week or every month, slightly relative to some
healthier snacks and so on. Finally, there are chips of these vegetables, which I
especially like. It is said that it is relative to natural vegetable chips, each of which will not exceed 100 calories, etc. . It is not a particularly healthy product, but relative to
Some products that are healthier. Yes, these are the things I want to buy today, Finally, I would like to tell you that the juice sold in the
supermarket is very good, but the sugar content is particularly high. . I really don’t recommend everyone to drink. You can choose
to eat the fruits of the prototype food, not only can add cellulose, but also limited. The absorption of fructose is also very good for the body. If you really want to drink juice, you might as well take a drink of sugar-free carbonated drinks, which may be
healthier than commercial juices. It comes to the end of the vlog, I hope everyone like it! If you like my vlog, remember to like, comment, subscribe and also share. I will see you next time. Bye~ I would like to share some exercise do not require inside
the gym. you can do it outdoor or indoor. All you need is resistance
bands See you next time.

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