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Healthy Food Hacks to Trim Down!

Healthy Food Hacks to Trim Down!

By Bryan Wright 4 Comments September 11, 2019

– If you’re looking to trim down, but don’t like to give
up your favorite foods. We’ve got some healthy
hacks to help you out. I love segments like this. – [Drew] We sure do! – [Dr. Travis] Drew,
we’ve got three hacks. – [Drew] Yes we do! – [Dr. Travis] And you’re
starting us out buddy. – [Andrew] Oh! Am I starting
off with a good one! Who doesn’t love a rich,
creamy ranch dressing? – [Sonia] I do! (crowd cheers) – [Drew] But guess what? So loaded in fat and calories, and the problem is, you
just do a little drop and you get that taste and you go “Not Enough!” And boom, boom, boom. – [Travis] Oh yeah, absolutely. – [Drew] Dr. Travis, I know
you love that Ranch Dressing, not so much (Drew and Sonia laugh) – [Travis] This hack you’re
about to share with us, – [Andrew] Yes! – [Travis] I might start this Drew, I might start doing this. – [Drew] It is a coconut
milk Ranch Dressing. Who would think? – [Travis] Before you
give us how you make this, Can I try a bite? – [Andrew] Of Course! (audience laughs) – [Drew] Real nice. – [Sonia] Now I think it
goes to the seasonings – [Drew] I wouldn’t know. – [Sonia] Yeah, ’cause you
can’t taste the coconut, it actually tastes like
Ranch Dressing, yeah. – [Drew] Well guess
what, isn’t that great. And you’re getting that creamy
fix, but what a difference. In general, I’m talking
about half the fat, and half the calories. So calorie wise, 140 with typical Ranch. 70 with my coconut milk recipe. – [Dr. Travis] But also if
you read the ingredients- (audience cheers loudly) – [Drew] This substitute
works and I know a lot of you like to put Ranch on other
stuff like Pizza, and- – [Sonia] Maybe French fries. – [Drew] French fries so – – [Dr. Travis] Calories
Drew, you’re talking about taking ingredients, if you ever read the bottle of Ranch Dressing,
and not all of them, but some of them you’re reading
words you can’t pronounce and you’re not really
sure how they made it. This is not just a calorie reduction, these are healthy calories. – [Drew] For sure – [Dr. Travis] You’ve taken
something that is unhealthy, in many cases, and made it healthy. – [Drew] Well- – [Dr. Travis] It’s remarkable. – [Drew] So, half the fats! – [Drew] You’re talking
about 7 grams of fat with this recipe, with the coconut milk. Versus 14 grams with a typical Ranch. And much, much less- – [Dr.Travis] Alright
I love the salad Drew- – [Drew] Sodium. – [Dr. Travis] I love the salad. – [Sonia] Yes. – [Dr. Travis] But I am
ready for the main course. – [Dr. Travis] I’m sorry, I’m sitting here staring at some Alfredo- – [Drew] I’ve been talking,
I get a, I get a bite. – [Dr. Travis] You see Alfredo,
I’ll give you a happy guy. – [Sonia] Alright- – [Dr. Travis] But- – [Sonia] Let me tell you the healthy- – [Dr Travis] That was good right. – [Sonia] Hack here, this
is cottage cheese Alfredo. – [Drew] Wow! – [Sonia] And any of us who’ve
ever tried to lose weight are really familiar with cottage cheese because its high in protein, lower in fat, it keeps you full. Also such a great source of
phosphorous and magnesium. So in this case what you’re doing is you’re subbing this
in for your Alfredo sauce for the pasta and take a taste. – [Drew] (speaking Italian) (crowd cheers) – [Sonia] Yeah, you like it? So the thing about this is it’s also a much lower calorie it’s 112 versus 140 calories
per half cup of sauce. But most importantly,
it’s so much less fatty. 4 grams versus 12 grams of
your typical Alfredo sauce. So, so much healthier for you, lower in sodium, lower in cholesterol, and I don’t think you’re
sacrificing on the taste – [Drew] Not at all! He’s
still eating over there- – [Sonia] Yeah, so that’s a thumbs up! – [Dr. Travis] That’s as good
as any Alfredo I’ve ever had. – [Drew] It is good – [Dr. Travis] Right. Real quick, we have time for one more. And this is an interesting
one because, who likes tacos? (audience cheers) So everyone here likes tacos but sometimes that taco shell can be loaded with things that you don’t necessarily want. So a hack is, have you
all tried Jicama, Jicama? – [Drew] Yes, Jicama in your salad. – [Dr. Travis] It’s a root vegetable. I had never tried it until
I came out to California It’s very popular out here. It’s 2 calories, the shell is literally 2 calories if you use Jicama versus 140 calories with a
traditional corn tortilla. – [Drew] It’s basically
water fiber, right? – [Sonia] Yeah. – [Dr. Travis] Fiber and water and with zero calories pretty much. 2 calories is nothing, so let’s try this and I am not a massive Jicama fan. When I’ve tried it, but then again when I started hosting this
show I didn’t like cauliflower and now it’s one of my favorite foods, so. – [Sonia] Actually, it’s really
light and it’s still crispy- – [Drew] Really good. – [Sonia] Yeah – It’s sort of similar to
wrapping your taco in lettuce but better because- – [Sonia] It’s a little more thick. – [Drew] It’s a little
heavier, I love this! – [Dr. Travis] And it’s better
than in salads sometimes the Jicama is too thick,
it’s overwhelming. These thin, thinly slices Jicama shells. I love this. – [Sonia] Yeah, and you
could even use these as tortilla chips too- – [Drew] Docs- – [Sonia] You could just
slice them a little thinly. – [Drew] We’ve outdone ourselves here. – [Dr. Travis] Three for three. – [Drew] These are three great hacks (Everyone cheers) – [Drew] I’m still eating. – [Dr. Travis] We’re going
to have these recipes and everything you see
up here on our website. Yummy yummy in my tummy

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