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Healthy Choices for Kids (Balanced Diet for Kids)

Healthy Choices for Kids (Balanced Diet for Kids)

By Bryan Wright 2 Comments September 19, 2019

– When I talk about Code
Red for busy moms and kids, I often get this, “Oh, but Cristy, you’re not a mom.” And no, I’m not. But I have seen enough success stories from busy mothers on
the Code Red lifestyle to know that it’s possible. I have worked with families whose lives have greatly improved on Code Red, including seeing positive
behavioral changes in children, and better overall health and
relationships in families. Before we get into this video, I want you to get a free
resource in your hands to help you get started. Click the link below to
download the Code Red Lifestyle Guide to stay Code Red approved, even with your busy schedule. (soft upbeat music) One of the most common questions I get is if Code Red is okay for kids. How could it not be okay? It’s real food. Not only is it okay, it’s one of the healthiest nutrition plans that you can get your kids on. It cuts the unnecessary sugar
and carbs from their diet that can lead to
insomnia, behavior issues, early onset of disease
and learning roadblocks. The thing you wanna think
about when you’re considering what to feed your kids is just
because your kids are thin, doesn’t mean they’re healthy, and doesn’t mean they’re optimized. Everybody looks at a kid and thinks, “Oh, well thin, that’s fine. “They can have whatever they want.” But that’s not putting
them in the best spot for sports performance,
for learning at school, for behavior at school, behavior
at home, and energy level. And let’s talk about sleeping. Giving your kids sugar
or anything that has that will spike their blood
sugar at night before bed, you are just asking for
a rough night’s sleep. You’re asking for your kid to fight you tooth and nail about getting in bed. Your kid needs good bedroom boundaries. Your child needs good nutrition, that way your routine
and pattern in schedule that happens throughout the
day starting in the morning throughout the day and on into
the evening goes smoothly. It will go smoothly, if your child is not consuming
a ton of sugar and carbs. So keep your child on a good track, that way you keep your
routine on a good track. The children who have become Code Red kids don’t feel restricted on Code Red. In fact, with the proper
knowledge and education, they feel empowered to choose a healthier choice for themselves. That’s what I’ve noticed. When I go to speak to kids’ schools, or I go to talk to Code
Red kids at our events, they tell me that they just want to make a healthier choice for themselves. They want to understand why certain foods are better for them and certain
foods are worse for them, and they’ll make that decision even when their parents aren’t
around, it’s remarkable. We just don’t give our kids
enough credit, we don’t. We need to teach them why
it’s okay to eat the orange, for example, but really not okay to have the orange juice, all right? And I’ve explained this to kids. I just had a child ask
this at a kid’s event. “Cristy, why is it okay to have the orange “but not the orange juice?” And I explained to them, “That’s easy, because
the fiber in the orange.” As soon as I explained that to that child, “Oh, okay.” And the mom later told me that child doesn’t want
orange juice anymore. They just want the orange with the pulp because it has the fiber
and all the vitamins and nutrients and minerals. One of my favorite success stories about Code Red kids from busy parents is Shawn and Mindy Brown. Now Shawn and Mindy Brown
are certified coaches, Code Red certified coaches. And they have two kids, Liam and Maggie. Liam battles with debilitating, incredibly painful migraines and they have spent a lot of time trying to identify what it is that causes these migraines and how to get rid of them. But one of the big culprits
of the migraine is nutrition. And when Liam has any amount of sugar, or significant sugar, it triggers
a very, very bad migraine. So Mindy and Shawn have
eliminated the sugar and the processed carbs from his diet. And it has significantly
reduced the amount of migraines he has. For example, before he would have maybe four to seven migraines a week, and now he might have one to two a month. So it is an incredible, incredible improvement in this situation just from switching to
real food with their kids. I can only imagine what
it’s like to be a busy mom, trying to set a healthy
example for your kids. I hope this video inspires
you to in some way take that power back and
make the right choice today. It isn’t about shaming you. You deal with enough mom shame. This is about empowering
you to put your foot down and take your family’s
health into your hands. If you’re ready to make the change today, download my free resource
in the link below. If you liked this video, I would love for you
to give me a thumbs-up, and better yet, subscribe
to my YouTube channel. That way, you’ll be informed
when I release a new video. But parents, I wanna hear from you. I want you to put it in the box, tell us all what behaviors
have you seen improve since switching your kids to Code Red? Put that in the box, let us all know, I’m dying to hear. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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Brian Erickson

Code Red has helped me with headaches as well. They're nearly nonexistent. My alcohol consumption is nearly nonexistent too.


Nikki Dupree

I chose to start eating natural foods, to sleep and drink water in Dec of 2018 after seeing an eye opening photo of myself. I have not quite hit goal, but I have lost over 60lbs. After listening to one of your podcasts, I took a moment and looked at my family and cringed. Yes I was feeling better, yes I was becoming happier, but I felt like I was leaving them in poor health. I had no issues with making two meals, one for them one for me. We have a son with a high functioning Autism, a daughter who struggles with her weight (pop and snack machines at school should be banned). My spouse and I sat down and had a discussion with our family about making good choices and how what we eat affects us for a very long time. My whole family has joined this lifestyle with me and I am happy to report my son's behaviors have settled and our daughter is more bubbly and confident in herself. Thank you for your motivation and love of your rebels.


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