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Gwendolyn Wright, MD, Pediatrician

Gwendolyn Wright, MD, Pediatrician

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment September 13, 2019

My name is Gwendolyn Wright and I’m a pediatrician at Scripps coastal medical center in hillcrest when I was younger I was really interested in science and really excelled in those fields and was thinking about that and then I have the opportunity to do some research on herbal medicines in South America and I fell in love with the whole process of healing and so then I decided to go to medical school and to this day I’m trying to continue to marry those two things so they art of healing with rigorous scientific evidence based I am a pediatrician because I love kids I just enjoy everything about children and enjoy being with families for a long time and watching the children grow some of the things that I like to focus on our newborns and helping newborns and mothers with breastfeeding I help newborns who have tongue-tie and I do do the procedure for anatomies in the office and find that to be helpful the other thing that I specialize in is school-aged children with learning disabilities or behavior issues in school I believe it’s very important for doctors and patients to work together to build trust and that trust can be built over time I really like to share everything I know with patients and involve them and making decisions about their treatment the most important thing for everyone’s overall health is nutrition and this is something that I do focus on a fair amount and both well check up some sick checkups is what you can do to maximize a truly healthy diet as well as a full lifestyle to include exercise sunshine and that sort of thing the most satisfying part of my job is just having fun with kids every day I really enjoy just tickling Tommy’s or connecting with that teen or even helping patients and you know uncomfortable toddlers through a difficult visit it’s incredibly satisfying to help children get better when I’m not at work I mostly spend my time with my family I have three school-age children and we are outdoors the whole time so whether it’s sports or hiking or surfing or snowboarding backpacking in the mountains we just like to be in the natural world and on the go

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