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Genericure – India’s Best Generic Online Pharmacy

Genericure – India’s Best Generic Online Pharmacy

By Bryan Wright 2 Comments December 11, 2019

In India, 90% of the people are either below poverty line, Lower class or middle class. Almost 13% of Indians are below poverty line,
i.e earn less than 130 rupees a day. Most of them can’t even afford 1 square meal a day let alone fund their healthcare. Did you know that in a single year, almost
38 million people fell below poverty line due to spending on medicines alone? People run into huge debts due to large spending on medicines. Some even skip the prescribed
dose as they can’t afford to purchase these costly medicines. So how do we curb the issue? Presenting, Genericure. Genericure is an online pharmacy, offering
low cost substitute of the prescribed medicines. These substitute are called Generic Medicines. Genericure provides you with the best quality generic medicines at very affordable prices, thereby saving upto 90% of your medical expenses and making healthcare more affordable. So why lighten your wallet when you can save so much more? Genericure, Providing affordable

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Nikhil Thakre

Best online pharmacy app for generic medicine & also provide of all type of brand name medicines.



Poverty people are uneducated. how dumb of u that u think they will use your dumbass online purchase.👎


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