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Fan Wins Big in a Double Dose of ‘Make It Rain’

Fan Wins Big in a Double Dose of ‘Make It Rain’

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment September 20, 2019

OK. I said we were going
to win some money. Would anyone here
like to win $1,000? [CHEERING] How about $2,000? [CHEERING] $5,000? [CHEERING] What about $8,050? [CHEERING] We’re going to win $10,000! [CHEERING] OK. Great. We all want to win $10,000. [LAUGHTER] This is all thanks to my
favorite umbrella, totes. That’s exactly what
we’re going to do. Let’s play “Make It Rain.” [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – THE WEATHER GIRLS,
“IT’S RAINING MEN”] (SINGING) It’s raining men. Hallelujah, it’s raining men. Amen. I’m gonna go out, and gonna let
myself get absolutely soaking wet. It’s raining men. Hallelujah, it’s raining men. Let’s get our
contestants down here. Do we have a Danielle
Howard in the audience? [SCREAMING] Come on down. Can we also bring down
Sigournee Grano Yeah! [CHEERING] [SCREAMING] Oh my goodness. Guys, guys, guys. Here is how the game is played. Hidden somewhere under
one of these umbrellas is $10,000 in cash money. Unfortunately–
gang, listen up– there’s a lot of water
under the other umbrellas. OK? You’re going to
stand over there, I’m going to ask you
a question or 10, and soon as you know the answer,
you grab that water bottle. If you’re right you get
to pick an umbrella. Are you ready? [SCREAMING] OK. Go stand over there,
hands behind your back. Now are we ready? Number one. totes umbrellas is
sponsoring this game, but who sang the popular
hit song “Umbrella?” Rihanna. Oh my goodness. You’re right, Danielle. [CHEERING] Oh my god. OK. Oh my god. So– Oh my god. –I pick one. I pick one. That’s right. All right. You pull and you
cross your fingers. OK. OK. [SCREAMING] That’s OK. That’s OK. Oh. Oh god. All right. Oh no. OK. We’re fine. We’re good. That’s OK. We’re good. Next try. We’re good. We’re going to try again. OK. OK. OK, ladies. Oh my god. I have a podcast called
“Armchair Expert.” It’s incredibly good. [LAUGHTER] What do you call
a group of whales? A pod? [CHEERING] Sigournee. No! Oh! [CHEERING] It’s freezing! [LAUGHTER] Straight
from the Arctic. OK. I’m guest hosting Ellen today. Serious question, would you
say I’m doing a good job? Be honest. Yes! I’m going to give it a tie. Both gals can pull. Judges? [CHEERING] OK, pick your balloons. On the count of three. One, two, three, pull. [SCREAMING] Oh. You both won and you both
lost all at the same time. Oh my gosh. Woo. Awesome. OK. You may get incredibly lucky
and win a bunch of money. Who was I incredibly
lucky to marry? Kristen Bell. We got another tie on
our hands, everybody. [CHEERING] One, two, pull. [CHEERING] Oh wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow. Woo! All right. You just won $10,000. Danielle, you’re
not– hey, Danielle. You’re not going
home empty handed. You’re also getting
$1,000 Visa gift card. [CHEERING] I want to thank totes umbrellas,
America’s most trusted brand, for sponsoring our game. We’ll be right back.

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