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Eating Out on a Ketogenic Diet, Restaurant Hacks – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Eating Out on a Ketogenic Diet, Restaurant Hacks – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

By Bryan Wright 1 Comment October 17, 2019

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we make
these videos to help people to better understand the information floating
around the internet about keto Patrick finds either articles or videos or
information that he finds interesting gets a spark from that he wants to talk
about so I’m not really sure we’re talking about today you want to let us
in yeah this week we’re talking about
restaurants in general eating out so is eating out in Quito compatible it’s an
article that I saw actually even surprisingly from CNET so it attacked
like a taxi CNET so-so but the article was out and stout dude Quito at fast
food restaurants and they were taking like fast food as examples like
McDonald’s can use them but I didn’t want to go to that article like it’s
just like like you said sparked the idea like to talk about because we love like
eating out we do it like probably too often comment to this in the comment
below is twice a month too often like I don’t think I don’t think twice a month
is too often yeah I mean there’s some people that eat out like seriously every
day mmm alright and we’re talking about like total like like we’ve been we’ve
been eating home like we you if I go back to what I used to do oh yeah I used
to have something from a restaurant at least three times a week at least three
times a week sometimes seriously five I hate cooking did I mention that I hate
cooking yeah so I was eating out a lot thinking yeah so I was thinking let’s go
let’s review maybe some different kind of restaurant type of restaurant and
what your your your good choices and your bad choices what to avoid so are we
gonna start with that so let’s start with fat food fast food like no good fat
food it’s not good fast food and so yeah so burger places usually fast food are
either burger places fried chicken so if I was gonna do classroom ok so just I’m
gonna go I’m gonna go in order of like if I’m thinking fast food what I’m
thinking because it doesn’t matter which fast-food restaurant you go to you’re
dealing quality yeah no but I’m gonna I’m going
to but I’m gonna go the order that my brain is good okay so just to show you
something if you’re going to do fast-food we know their oils are not
great so we’re like I’m talking I’m going typical fast-food the oils are not
gonna be great so my first choice is going to be some
restaurant where they make their burgers on a grill or a griddle they’re still
gonna throw a little bit of oil if it’s a griddle but if it’s a grill so like
Wendy’s or Harvey’s right like they put their stuff on a grill mm-hmm I’m gonna
go there and try to get some kind of chicken that’s not breaded I know that
there’s a few of them that have like just because you’ve done I mean unbrided
yeah I don’t eat beef and they’re not gonna have they’re not gonna have a poor
critter so so I’m gonna try to get some kind of chicken that’s not breaded
that’s my that’s my first choice I’m looking for some kind of restaurant that
has a grill yeah okay choice number two if I have to go with
somebody that’s frying something or cooking choice number two is gonna be
some kind of chicken place so like a Kentucky or right because at the minimum
it’s chicken I can eat chicken right and you think I’m gonna take the skin off and I’m
gonna eat the chicken so that would be my second choice and this is again it’s
the compromise you’re making because you’re stuck and you’re I’m assuming
it’s a day that I wouldn’t fast if it’s an if I could fast that evening that’s
what I would do like so this because of your choice number one actually would be
fasting but if I was if I was in a situation maybe I was fasting already or
I fasted ready for the week and I didn’t want to do another fasting day or
whatever my situation was although I really can’t see myself choosing to eat
poor quality food over fasting but-but-but-but rites opener then I
would just our go chicken but if you go like just the the category of restaurant
just above like your usual fast food or just above the McDonald’s you you won’t
pay like way much more and you can have better quality food and often you can
replace your like what are you what are we replacing for example
like for sure but burger buns we want to replace with with lettuce and and and
surprisingly like I’ve been asking you apparently is now doing that for you
when you ask like it’s not surprising like it’s not surprising anybody in the
home to ask for we have here a restaurant called la cash that casual
spouse always a sport like restaurant and last time I went with my boys I did
ask for a leaf like a leaf wrap and like they so accommodated you yeah even
though it wasn’t on the menu it wasn’t on the menu and they and they did so for
burgers like so chicken like beef usually like you said to you it’s pretty
rare to have a poor burger maybe be careful with the condiment ketchup
really SHhhh mister I think mr. Dubey is better yeah
okay shop really SH be careful you just remind me yeah the other thing that you
can usually do so another option whatever restaurant you do go to
typically because they’re trying to be more health-conscious they do now have
salads on the menu so like I remember going to McDonald’s for some reason
early in my situation with keto and you weren’t keto yet and Kyler’s wanted
something from McDonald’s and I got you guys stuff and I took a salad a chicken
salad so it’s salad with chicken in it and so
and it was it was fine it wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t you know
it was it was fine so usually is that we can have their sandwich as salad like
they’re gonna put the sandwich basically in a bowl so we can do that too okay
interesting okay and I probably in charge extra for having no bread so so
yeah so for the burger is possible like to have a good burger like careful with
the comment if you’re in the situation of me that you don’t eat beef you’re
probably gonna have a harder time at a faster us fast-food restaurant yeah
although the the just for information the burger I took Catholic Ash last week
when I went with the boys was a pork burger oh yeah and and just just for
people to know fire and ice in Boston also has pork
burger okay or no was it turkey but basically they had a like a but then it
was wrong me from there was a note and it was a not beef burger patties right
yeah but was it pork or was it Turkey it was Turkey I think it was turkey but it
was still delicious yeah okay salads was my mice I can think
on my list so fast food or not they’re usually now always a salad you can you
can take the fries in and especially since like restaurants have started to
really well I mean we’re going back years now
restaurants have been trying to accommodate people who want to be
healthier and still want to eat out so there are a lot of solids that have meat
in them or some kind of fish like shrimp or something like you so you have a
possibility of having some kind of protein in your salad and this has been
this has been a while yeah if we’ve seen this trend of restaurants trying to
accommodate people who want to be healthier you you probably if you’re
unless you’re doing like you probably want to make sure that they’re not using
a low-fat dressing yeah so you probably want to ask well that make sure that
they’re using a regular fat dressing but besides that it should be pretty safe
and usually like whatever the restaurant it was there is a pizza place you
usually have a Caesar salad usually can be and it’s kind of unless like they do
offer like low-fat like oh you just reminded me of something and what no
matter what salad that you order you can I should say 90% of the time no matter
what salad is you order you can have them take the croutons out you can have
them make it without certain parcel like for example there’s a salad that I love
to eat it’s called a harmonious salad but it has green pepper certain red
peppers blah blah and it has there’s something else in it onions I want to
say and I always have them make it with no onions and like maybe like a quarter
of the green peppers that they were or they got our I pulled a green pepper
salad yeah so like you you can then actually I have them add bacon and they
do that as well so you can like estimize your salad as well and and just
like you can especially the croutons but it’s really really easy not to eat them
yeah yeah you can toss those croutons out but it’s so much nicer when it’s
just not in there yeah you know accidentally throw it in your mouth when
you’re not paying attention yeah the article is also like giving a word
of warning about soups like if you do like soups be careful like soups and
restaurant usually they’re all like prepared stuff like this so preservative
even sugar so the content on the prepared soup in a restaurant be careful
with that like what’s especially like they do sort
of like they do offer it like if you have a tablet Oh like with appetizer as
appetizers and stuff so what’s funny is that people don’t realize that one of
the main preservatives that is actually used as sugar is sugar so it’s like it’s
that’s why it’s usually so many people like they were saying that most like
soups is yeah even cream soup like is usually made with milk and I think sugar
so it’s not like it’s not a it’s pretty rare you have a soup that’s made with
cream unless you go like at a higher class so be careful with soup the soups
and the other thing like at fast food be careful do the breaded stuff so even if
it’s a if it’s a chicken like she can give credit so so like yeah but most of
the time like now they do offer the grilled version of the breaded so like
the last few times we went like in a restaurant they do you have the bread it
even in fast food you had a breaded chicken you had the grilled chicken so
it depends you have to double check to some some restaurants do and some
restaurants don’t it really will like depend on their style again they how
hungry are you right like this is all gonna come down to how hungry are you
because if you’re if you’re if you feel like this a day that you need it to eat
you know you might and you’re in my situation where you can’t eat red meat
eating that breaded chicken might be the only option you have but yeah I mean I
doubt it there’s usually a numbers P and just like work around that like for the
rest of the day I go like no card for the rest of you know your food intake if
possible let’s go through some the friend category categories of
restaurants like to see which we think are the best and the worst am I gonna
get like hate mail from like restaurants now okay so I was thinking about gateway
covered fast-food for sure what about Mexican food Mexican food we
do have a Mexican restaurant we went it’s hard because you have to end up
taking out so much out of the menu you know like the thing that I figured out
when we went the last time was fajitas because you can just make it in a
lettuce leaf but like like most things have so many things in it and it’s
really really hard it’s avian rice it’s heavy in corn
tortillas corn little chips and there’s like yeah there’s the only good thing
they have and you know like this is the other part of the story too for me
anyways because like everybody’s different but I’m that person that once
I learned something’s not good for me like I’m just not doing it so like to go
to a restaurant where I’m gonna pay a normal price for a meal and only be able
to eat a third of it like to me that’s not worth it anymore
because I’m not gonna eat those other things is there there they’re gonna get
thrown away right and even when I ordered the fajitas like first of all
identify there was enough meat so that was frustrating to me but like most of
the peppers most of the onions but like almost like I did I threw away a good
portion of it it was a wasted meal so even though I would I go back no but to
put some context actually what happened is that we were supposed to do that
tacos tacos meal at home where usually you we can adapt even the taco spice we
do at home we don’t put sugar like be careful like
if you have that cause at home and you buy those little packets of spices
they’re really really high in sugar so so you can easily like find like google
the recipes you can find a recipe to put like a a seasoning mix on in your meat
and it’s really good made was really good yeah but like that day actually
what happened it it was a holiday and all the stores were closed and we
actually felt like okay let’s go like see if our Mexican place that we
used to go before was open we did take a look at the menu though and we did find
some options for us for example I had a piece of chicken with a an avocado sauce
button add the rice and like ask for more vegetables but like yeah it was
more like something for the kids than then that makes it really difficult and
for me what was difficult with more and for me what was difficult and why I
didn’t order that meal was because when I was looking at the vegetables I was
like it’s gonna be vegetables I’m not going to be able to eat so that’s why I
decided to try the wrap but um anyways I do feel like again I’m that person that
I’m not eating corn I’m just not eating it
I’m not eating what was the other thing that I saw on your plate that I was like
not eating that so like there was too many things on the plate that I was like
yeah I was right I wouldn’t have I would have been throwing half the more than
half away in the end I ended up throwing away like probably a third maybe I guess
because I didn’t eat all those green peppers red peppers that are this so
like I maybe ate one or two pieces of that and they’re night chase on top of
it so like I really do have to be careful with those but so like those are
the things right when you’re when you’re trying to go to a Mexican restaurant
like Mexican restaurants are really just high carb meals it’s like it’s like us
trying to go to a Caribbean restaurant restaurant now like I I don’t what would
we eat like we’d basically be able to eat oh maybe a salad and a piece of meat
but that’s like all the rice although it wouldn’t work like anymore I couldn’t
have a roti that’s like that’d be torturous like it
just like I don’t think I could do it now
okay another let’s go with another it’s not safe is good or bad it’s just ask
you because we used to love going to those place what about Chinese
restaurants yeah we go to a Chinese restaurant also like so what’s funny
okay so like like he said tacos we make them at home
and we were able to like modify to over the way we want Chinese we make at home
why because it’s so hard I what would we eat at a Chinese restaurant well we make
at home like the only thing we’ve like been able to make is like the potato the
butter no but the chicken is Indian oh sorry
yeah so the egg rule in the bowl egg roll in the ball throwing the bowl
that’s like behind your recipe the the cracks law you can find a bunch of
recipes online now and it is very good actually it is good I mean we get the
general Talley breaded everything you can make John’s hot without breading it
I just am eat beaver sauce the sauce is sweet like thing is like we show the
sauces take care I would like Chinese food right yeah its own so basically
like for us it’s been for a year and a half like a no-go things in the Chinese
restaurant were savory but then there’s the MSG part of the puzzle like do they
have MSG in them which is monosodium glutamate which acts like sugar so even
though it doesn’t taste like sure it acts like sugar in the system so if
that’s load I understand or somehow it somehow it Alyssa’s the same sugar
reaction blah blah blah in our body somehow I’m not really sure on that one
that’s something I’m just recently looking up but my point being yeah
you’re right like Chinese we have not gone back to the only Chinese food we
eat at home you’re right is the egg rollin opponent and I mean even the egg
roll in a bowl I’m not the most enamoured of it but that’s good now you
you I forgot one actually in my list that is usually bad to go out but you
can easily make at home and the indian vineyard union food so so I did find a
super nice recipe for butter chicken and I did find like you can make your own
not man bread in quote good and so so so what I did like last time for an Indian
meal the butter chicken it was great like I replaced the rice with
cauliflower rice which is great to taste great any even like you just actually
food process your cauliflower put it like like put it in a frying pan for
maybe not even 10 minutes I think it is gonna give you a nice nice feel with the
sauce and then on bread with the coconut yeah I’m so I enjoy kids like it even
the kids love it and that’s a key Tomio that are they have regular naan bread
but like and we’re gonna rice but the butter chicken day lot so actually
everything like 90 percent of what we make
they eat like they don’t like the cracks law so that like but I begin I don’t
like it that one I can understand why like it’s kind of I don’t know it’s
maybe it’s an acquired taste I’m not sure but like that that’s the one meal
that I think that we tried that hmm I was like okay not really um even the
shepherd’s pie that you made Kyler loved it like she was like you know like yeah
I’m so there’s dirt I do feel that we’re talk about restaurants though yeah but
there’s something right things that you can’t go out and get in a restaurant
that you can make it and make it home that’s a and so but but Indian Indian
food I think it could go out and get Indian I think you wouldn’t you would
because Indian does do a lot of savory if you stick to the meat you’re gonna
have a little bit of carbs in that meat for sure but if you stick to the meat
you don’t have any man so if you just have a meat and have the and have the
what you call it the the vegetables and you can you probably can but I know for
me would be hard I think I can do it okay just because like that’s me know
I’m gonna eat the part that I know I can eat so I think I would do it okay we’ll
try okay so so are we actually to try this okay so these were these were like
Earth Indian Morris option what are a best option like because we do have like
we I think maybe we have three now best restaurants where we’re talking about
the almond is salad so there’s a place close to to our place that has a really
good salad there’s a whole page of salads
your best option and okay I’m not trying to be I’m not trying to be elitist okay
but your best option is always going to be a fancy restaurant yeah your fancy
fancy yeah your best option is always gonna be a fancy restaurant if you go to
a fancy restaurant so any restaurant where like a plate is gonna cost you
know minimum 20 bucks minimum yeah but if you if I’m not gonna say like I don’t
I mean you don’t have to go crazy high but if it starts out like I mean a place
so I’m talking about not any appetizer I talk about when the main
plate is starting at 20 or more you are going to find that you can eat whatever
the heck you want he isn’t there if you want a salad they’re gonna they’re gonna
do what you want because that’s the kind of restaurant it is all right that’s the
kind of restaurant it is if you order this meat with this salad that they’re
gonna bring that out to you I’m gonna charge you for it yeah I might a $20
meal might cost you 30 40 bucks but if we go what’s that restaurant I could see
all the the dollar sign like you up to four dollar sign that slit up like if
you stick to the two dollar signs like usually that’s the meals that are
between 15 and 30 I think that’s like probably where you want to where you
want to go but doesn’t don’t get us wrong like if we go out like five to
five of us like it’s expensive that’s for sure what I’m saying I’m not trying
to be elitist I’m just saying that if you wanna be sure that you’re going to a
restaurant where you’re gonna get to eat keto the way you want to eat the way you
want to eat keto you’re starting so okay if they can do the way that I want to
eat keto it’s probably a $40 or more restaurant because I’d that means
they’re gonna have the good oils as well right so if you’re didn’t you talking
probably forty fifty dollars or more per plate but I think at twenty you at the
minimum know that you can put together something that’s gonna make sense and
taste great so if I was if you’re asking me that question like how do I know for sure
that would be like I’m going to a nicer restaurant I’m not trying to go to a
burger joint and get our best option like that that’s that that place where
we go we’re not I mean we’re not sponsored by anything first of all I’m
just and say that out loud but like so here in Montreal because I
guess you’re looking for me to say the name of the restaurant but like if you
don’t mind like saying it’s for sure like elixir is there I think there’s two
or three now in Montreal probably one Wow
they have like a nice they have a nice nice salad options and they’re really
like usually they’re like they’re not too
against like accommodating you know they’re absolutely accommodate I like I
said that’s the same restaurant where I take out I take this out and I put this
in and and they make the they make the salad exactly the way I want it the only
thing they can’t do is give me hot meat because that’s a whole other like that
that’s something that they don’t have the correct meat for that salad for but
air other than that like so I mean they really do accommodate me in terms of in
terms of my meals I’m trying to think of what other restaurant that we got a lot
of good accommodations with because we well the Portuguese you stealing my ID
so but that’s something I want to do add like I know in Montreal like the
Portuguese chicken places you have it in the the $2 fine section but but the you
also had like there’s more and more chains opening where you can get like a
chicken and and vegetables like not super expensive yeah so the Portuguese
restaurant that we port there’s more than one of them actually the Portuguese
restaurants that we tend to go to and there’s more than one of them again
another place where because it’s it’s chicken mostly um I think they do have
other meats but like it’s yeah there you have pork as well but it’s chicken and
pork mostly yeah I’m suing the most you beef on the menu we’ve done doesn’t
matter I’m just saying all of them all the Portuguese places that you’ve ever
taken me to like they it’s meat and vegetables right and salad if you want
this is like it’s again a very simple easy way to like I think in terms of
budget actually that’s a budget-friendly way to get a good quality meat and
vegetable combination and actually I do find that the vegetables were really
good like they were kind of above the ground type things a lot of yeah they
were not they were not like potatoes and so it was actually real real nice
vegetables yeah and then I guess the other restaurant
that I that comes to mind is the K barbecue another good example where you
can go it’s like it’s meats it’s meat meat more meat and then you have your
vegetables that you can order I mean all these restaurants obviously have carb
verge carb stuff that you can order but if you just stick to the stuff that’s
healthy for you to eat you should be fine so
if you have a Korean barbecue place where you just like usually I don’t know
they’re all like that but ours is all-you-can-eat so you just like put
your number on the sheet like corresponding to the meats you want and
they bring it raw and you grill it like in your on your little grill on your
table so we do like that and most I think most stuff like on the table
because like basically they bring you let us wrap so that’s a big plus for us
and you have some kimchi and but it’s mostly like vegetables like so so it’s
it’s I don’t I don’t feel like it’s a super card it’s not but the thing is is
one of those situations where it says car B’s you decide to make it at that
point because you choose the meats you don’t have to choose the meat that has
to marinate that sweet you can choose the meat that has the the savory ones
like you don’t have to have all the vegetables on that like I don’t I just
have like I usually have the kimchi and the cucumber blah blah whatever that is
I don’t know what that is called but like the it’s salty but like I put two
things online so it’s like it says car B or not car B as you decide to make it to
be so all of that to say that I think that if you decide to go to a restaurant
where you have a bit more control you will have more control but can I just
point out something else this just occurred to me that if you’re trying to
do keto in a way that you’re so we always have to pay attention to our
budget and as long as you’re keeping your carbohydrates down your health will
be improved but like I would really the same way that I would say that if I’m
driving you know a typical American car then putting medium or regular gas in it
is not going to be a big deal but if I’m driving like you know a German vehicle
or I’m trying not to say if I’m driving like a German company or whatever I’m
driving some kind of really expensive sporty vehicle
I’m not putting medium or a regular guy I’m putting the premium in you need to
you have to consider that if I can afford
to east grass-fed why would I put myself to eat McDonald’s where I spend my money
on my health is it’s gonna be spent I can spend it over the course of my
lifetime eating well good quality food or at some point in a lump sum to the
government or to the health care system depending on where you live to get
myself out of a hole right I’m either I’m gonna spent one place or the other
but you’re going to spend it I prefer to spend my money on the food I’m eating to
have a healthier body so that in the long run I can keep myself healthy
without the aid of a doctor so I’m encouraging you to do the same thing
like think about the food you’re eating you know let thy food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food right that’s what that was the saying like let your
food help you to stay healthy so that in your long term you’re in the doctor’s
office much less mm-hmm all right like skimping on food that’s another saying
that I heard I’m too poor to cha to shop cheap right III and I believe in that if
you buy cheap stuff you can be back at the store back at the store bucket and
in the end you spent more than if you just bought the expensive thing to begin
with right there’s certain things like food where I’m saying invest in your
food your body’s gonna love you for it I know my body loves me for it
my body is ecstatic that I’m investing in my food I’m drinking better quality
water I’m eating better quality food I’m still working on my sleep I’m still
working on my sleep but I’m trying to do the things that I know from research
that I know from doctors that this is the way we’re supposed to eat this is
the way we’re supposed to drink I can say in the last well except the
exception was yesterday was the first time I had a soda and I don’t know how
many days was yesterday I had diet soda yesterday we went to see a movie we’ve
ordered a guy sorta but before that I can’t remember last my like I’m really
really making a big attempt to invest in my food and my drink I’m drinking
better quality filtered water I’m investing and I encourage everybody to
do the same thing I encourage you to do the same thing I am always in
couraging you do that like let’s do that let’s be healthier he encouraged our
children to do that right we’re constantly talking them about their food
choices we’re constantly trying to kind of guide them writers I’m not gonna
torture my kids I mean honestly we have three kids that are very healthy run
around jump around duel they’re moving constantly and they eat
as well as us like 80 percent of the time you know
they have snacks but they’re on the track to know that it’s better for them
to eat less carbs choosing the good restaurant yeah look at the menu if you
like me again like like we said in the past weeks make a plan mixing to it make
a plan look at the menu see like if you what options you have for sure if if I
do look in the menu and I don’t see any pork any chicken or it’s just like beef
I’m skipping to the other one like but like usually we do find what we what we
like and and we go out your body is the most important thing you’re ever gonna
own I’m just telling you that right now it’s the most important thing
treat it properly treat it properly you only get one
you only get one so I want to thank you guys for watching Mind Blowing Health
and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat Edition I want to thank my wellness warriors as
always for being here I’m always excited to talk to you guys everybody else who’s
new please subscribe click that bell so you know in my next video our next video
is coming out we love making these videos for you guys and you can actually
contribute to the production of videos by going to
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love making these videos for you guys we look forward to talking to you guys
again next week talk to you next week

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Awesome video! Yes eating out does present a challenge when following the Keto lifestyle….I justI hosted a special luncheon for a 92 year old friend which was held at the Mandarin Buffet Restaurant….Buffet restaurants are always challenge to begin with given the huge volume of food being offered but also the sheer variety of dishes being offered! Then there‚Äôs the hidden msg,, seed oils, the sugars etc Our gathering was wonderful but no, I would not make a habit of going there for meals….


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