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Dr. Allison Medlin – Heritage Physicians Group

Dr. Allison Medlin – Heritage Physicians Group

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment November 23, 2019

(upbeat music) – I’m Allison Medlin, I’m a family practitioner at
Heritage Physicians Group. Here at Heritage, I think we
see a variety of problems. We have a lot of your basic
chronic medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension. We see people who come
in with sleep problems, people that have lots
of dietary questions. I think people come in a lot
for their routine physicals just to try make sure that,
they’re being checked for cancer screening and that kind of thing. So I think here, there’s a general overall health care for all
the chronic medical conditions. We see some more urgent appointments, we kind of have some saved
appointments for colds and rashes and things that, same-day appointments. My approach to the patients
would, first of all, I just like, get to
know them a little bit, get to know the personality type and try to make them feel at ease because, I think that if you go
into the office relaxed, and open then they feel
much more comfortable and a lot of people
dread going to the doctor but if they feel like they’re going and they’re talking to a friend, it makes the experience much better. So I’d say first of all,
setting up that base for the appointment. And then I basically try to listen to them and do the work-up depending
on what needs to be done, keeping in mind that
follow-up is often necessary. I really appreciate when patients come in, because they entrust us
with the most important thing to them and that’s
their health or the health of a family member. I take it really seriously, trying to do the best that I can to make the right decisions and give
them the best care that I can. (calming music) (heritagephysiciansgroup.com
816-356-2000) (now offering convenient
online appointment scheduling)

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