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Doctor Who in 10 Seconds- Season 3

Doctor Who in 10 Seconds- Season 3

By Bryan Wright 2 Comments December 4, 2019

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Flight
Through Entirety’s Doctor Who in 10 Seconds. We’re up to Season 3, and you know what that
means- it means somehow I need to retell The Daleks’ Master Plan which is 12 episodes long
within 10 seconds. Let’s start the clock. Space Dusty Springfields face off against
Space Warthog-seals and their adorable white turd robots. Vicki finds a spaceship that
smells of wee and Steven finds he rather likes Barbara’s wardrobe.
The Daleks form an alliance to invade our solar system, which is uncovered by three
gruff blokes who are all killed horribly before they can get a message off to Earth. This
is what happens when our regulars aren’t in a story.
The Doctor attempts not to rewrite history by becoming Zeus and inventing the Trojan
Horse. Vicki follows suit by taking on the name of Cressida and and running off with
some bloke she’s just met, rewriting centuries of a bad rap for Cressida. Good for her!
The Doctor and Steven rapidly lose their new friends Katarina, Bret and Sara after stealing
the Daleks’ time destructor. Most of the speaking cast are dead by the end, the Monk in it and
there’s a Christmas episode so… yay? Steven manages not to interfere with history
after the Doctor dumps him in the middle of the Huguenot massacres, despite the fact he
tries really hard to save Anne Chaplet. But guess what? She does survive and her family
line evolves into… Dodo. Dodo completely buggers up her first trip
in the TARDIS, almost wiping the last bastions of humanity, who happen to be slave owners.
The slaves revolt, but 700 years later our heroes come back to put them in their place. Hooray for slavery! The Doctor is turned invisible by a white
guy in a comedy Mandarin outfit, while Steven and Dodo must play deadly games with his toys.
This prefigures the world of Doctor Who Action figures by at least 30 years.
A toothache leads the TARDIS to Tombstone, and a Wild West sitcom only marginally better
than that one featuring Will Smith and Kevin Kline. Dodo’s pretty good in this one and
not even the blokes from Thunderbirds can do convincing American accents.
Doctor Who finally remember it’s not meant to be condoning oppression, with a story about
sophisticated vampirism, and Steven leaves to rule a planet where some people still think
blacking up is a pretty neat idea. The Doctor ditches Dodo onto a doddering politician
and trades up to a sailor and a secretary. They have to face off against the most cumbersome
robotic filing cabinets since the Mechanoids, who are a menace to poorly built crates everywhere.
I hope you’ve enjoyed Doctor Who Season 3- don’t forget like and subscribe, and come
back next week for Season 4. You can also check out my friend Kieran on over on All
The Gory Details – he gave me a lot of help with these videos – and finally, our website, where you can find our longer Doctor Who podcasts. Longer than
10 seconds anyway.

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Have you stopped doing these? If so, it's a real shame, because I was rather enjoying them.


William Frame

Great balls of fire, these are good.


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