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Doctor Reveals The Solution To Our Biggest Killer Disease

Doctor Reveals The Solution To Our Biggest Killer Disease

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 4, 2019

– Well, you know, in medicine,
doctors just aren’t taught about the power that their forks can have, so doctors graduate
without this powerful tool in their medical toolbox. About 80% of what primary
doctors see these days are these chronic lifestyle diseases. But instead of treating
the underlying cause, they just medicate the symptoms and hope to slow down the
rate at which their diabetics go blind and go on dialysis
and lose their lower limbs, rather than treating the cause and reversing the disease
in the first place. That’s possible with
plant-based nutrition, but doctors weren’t taught about this. Doctor Dean Ornish published
the Lifestyle Heart Trial, proving July 21st, 1990, in the most prestigious
medical journal in the world, that with a controlled randomized trial that heart disease could be reversed, arteries open up without
drugs, without surgery, so we effectively have had the
cure to the number one killer since 1990, yet to this day hundreds of thousands of men will continue to needlessly die from
what we learned decades ago was a preventable, arrestable,
reversible condition. If that’s all a plant-based diet can do, reverse the number one
killer of men and women, shouldn’t that be the default
diet until proven otherwise? The fact that it can also be so effective in preventing, arresting,
reversing other leading killers, like type 2 diabetes
and high blood pressure, would seem to make the
case for plant-based eating simply overwhelming. I think there’s this
concept that, you know, food is just fuel, and
a calorie’s a calorie. So 100 calories of carrots is the same as 100 calories of Coca-Cola,
is the same, right? It’s just fuel, right?
Nothing beyond that, and whereas it’s the opposite. It is the greatest exposure of our bodies to the external environment. We have a few square feet of skin exposed to the environment, our lungs
actually, stretched out, actually we can get quite
almost a tennis court with all the little folds,
but our gut is even more, with all the little tiny folds, the greatest exposure
not just day after day, three times a day to our
external environment. So all the toxins that we’re exposed to, it’s really what we eat
that’s more important than what we’re breathing or
what we’re physically touching. And so that’s why it’s
critically important to eat a clean diet, low in pollutants, which are particularly polluting
the aquatic food chains. The highest levels of dioxins and PCBs and toxic heavy metals like mercury, are actually in the fish and seafood. All the mercury from all
the coal plants in China eventually settles down to the sea. I mean, everything eventually
flows down to the sea. Basically our oceans are
humanity sewers at this point. According to the Global
Burden of Disease study, the largest study of human
risk factors for disease in history, funded by the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation, the number one cause of
death in these United States is the American diet, bumping smoking to number two. Now cigarettes only kill
about a half million Americans every year, versus our
diet kills many, many more. So, if most deaths are
preventable, related to nutrition, then obviously nutrition
is the number one thing taught in medical school, right? It’s obviously the number one thing our doctor talks about
every single visit, right? How could there be this disconnect between the science and the
practice of medicine, right? Well, all one has to do, a
little thought experiment. Go back to the 1950s, imagine
yourself a smoker in the 50s, average per capita cigarette consumption, 4,000 cigarettes a year. The average person walking around smoked a half pack a day, right? The government was
telling people to smoke, the medical profession itself, said smoking on balance
is good for you, right? So smoking was normal. Most physicians smoked cigarettes. The AMA came out encouraging people, saying, “Smoking in
moderation, oh, that’s fine.” Right, sound familiar, right? So on one hand, through all
of society, the government, the medical profession
itself, telling you to smoke, on the other hand, all
you had was the signs. We have studies going back to the 1930s linking lung cancer to smoking, yet effectively ignored
off the face of the earth until 1964, the peak of
smoking in the United States, and then every year basically
it dropped ever since. One of the greatest public
health victories of all time. What happened in 1964? The Surgeon General’s report
against smoking came out. Just this public acknowledgment
by the powers that be, that smoking is linked to lung cancer, it took more than 7,000 studies before the first Surgeon General’s report against smoking came out. You’d think that maybe
after the first 6,000, they could have given people a
little heads-up or something? Powerful industry, right? And so that’s where we are today. Most doctors are continuing to eat foods that are contributing to our
epidemics of dietary disease. No wonder they’re not
telling the patients, just like they weren’t telling
their patients between puffs to stop smoking cigarettes. The system is just set up to
reward unhealthy behavior. I think about the foods
that are being sold. Fruits and vegetables are perishable. They’re not branded, there’s no markup. I mean, will you want something
that sits on the shelf for a couple weeks, right, great for shelf life,
not good for human life. Until the system changes,
until society catches up to the science, we have to
take personal responsibility for our own health, for
our family’s health. We can’t wait, because it’s
a matter of life and death.

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