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CSUMB Students Discuss the Master of Science Physician Assistant Program

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 3, 2019

I chose CSUMB because of their mission statement which is to train highly qualified,
culturally resonant medical providers to provide quality care for underserved communities. So specifically that kind of hit home for me, um, just being an African-American woman
and being in medicine and being culturally resonant, and being trained in that aspect
so I can go back and do the same for my community. My favorite thing about the MSPA program
is the way that they spiral our education, um, in the courses, so all the classes kind [of]–
they like, coincide with each other so it makes it a lot easier to follow
because there’s so much information. So with like pharmacology,
clinical medicine, anatomy and physiology, it kind of all spirals together
to help our learning. I chose this program because they teach Spanish as part of the curriculum. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish because
I did Spanish in high school and I really liked it and also because I worked in underserved
communities in New York, and I felt like, um, as medical provider, being able to speak Spanish is very important especially if you want to serve
the underserved communities. And that’s very important for me, um,
so that was one of the biggest reasons why I chose this school over all the other programs
that I got it accepted into in New York. I think this is a very conducive learning environment
because of just the nature, [the] ocean is just so beautiful than like,
being in New York where its like, just [the] subway and this kind of…… so I was like, “Do I want to study under a tree
or in the subway?” [laughs] I chose this program for a number of reasons. Some of the primary ones were the faculty and staff was very encouraging and they were fast in replying to
any issues or problems I had. The small class size and the
diversity involved in the class was very reassuring that this program was,
you know, a perfect fit for me. It was hard choosing between
eight different types of, or different programs [amongst] um, all California schools. The impressive background of the faculty reassure that
even though this program is provisional I don’t think it would have any issues
to being accredited in the future. We have Stanford and USC backgrounds which are strong, strong programs in their own Physician Assistant program. I chose this program because of
the compassion that was present during my interview, during orientation; the faculty members, um,
not only talk about wanting a compassionate and culturally resonant
program, but they also, I guess, “walk the walk” shall I say,
they don’t just talk about it. They provide a great environment
— a great learning environment — and so it’s really nice,
they are very approachable, and, uh, the material we’re learning
is super interesting so it’s great to have. The faculty really cared about helping
the members of the community, specifically the underserved. And, you know, as a paramedic
working in the community with people who are, you know,
part of that population, that was something that really
attracted me to the program. One of the things that I’m really impressed with
is the collaboration amongst all my classmates; they’ve done a really good job of
selecting people that are you know, really all about teamwork and everybody’s very much, you know,
very collaborative and wanting to help one another. The College of Health Sciences and Human Services
at Cal State Monterey Bay; helping people live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

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