Cequa Eye Drops - Coupon Info, Side Effects, Cost, Reviews, Dosage - Buy Bentyl

Cequa Eye Drops – Coupon Info, Side Effects, Cost, Reviews, Dosage

Cequa Eye Drops – Coupon Info, Side Effects, Cost, Reviews, Dosage

By Bryan Wright 2 Comments September 13, 2019

hello there dry eye tribe Dr. Travis
Zigler here and Dr. Jenna Zigler and this is The Dry Eye Show and we are
going to be discussing the new drug that just came out called Cequa it’s a new
cyclosporine drug and we’re going to get into it answer all your questions about
that so if you have any questions regarding Cequa put it in the comments
below if you have any other questions let us know that too and then let us
know where you’re joining us from by commenting below so let’s jump right in
and we’re going to talk about Cequa alright so Cequa is like Dr. Travis said
a brand new medication it is cyclosporine ophthalmic solution .09% and if you have ever taken Restasis Restasis is also
cyclosporine but in a much lower percentage so Cequa is basically a
higher percentage of Restasis and this is really only the third dry eye
medication that’s ever been approved by the FDA and you know in the past 19 years which is
pretty crazy the FDA it’s FDA approved to treat dry eye disease by
enhancing tear production and it also works as an immunomodulator just like Restasis does so basically you know a Cequa uses this cyclosporine but it also contains nanomicelles and micelles are these gelatinous congregants
of molecules that can help absorption so basically what the company says is that
Cequa is going to be better absorbed more easily absorbed and these micelles
should help increase the ability of Cequa to penetrate into you know your
cornea and your conjunctiva on the front of your eye so this should in turn be a
more effective medication for you and hopefully it will work much more quickly
than what Restasis does you know Restasis is well known to take at least you know six months for a patient to notice any symptom relief
that Cequa has shown in studies that you know there were changes within four
weeks which is absolutely wonderful Cequa has
been you know evaluated in two randomized studies with over a thousand
patients suffering from dry eye disease and compared to control at about 90 days
out those that had used Cequa for 12 weeks showed that there was a
statistically significant increase in the amount of tear production that those
patients had so they also noticed positive changes for corneal staining
meaning the dryness on the front of the cornea or the front of the eye so that’s
all really promising and you know it’s exciting for not only us who you know
treat dry eyes but also for you guys as patients sequa is gonna be dosed twice a
day just like wrist ASA Sens I drew 12 hours apart take it morning and night
comes in little vials just like wrist aces since I drew does and basically you
know we’re pretty excited about it I know we don’t talk about prescription
medications a lot but for a lot of people you know they can be helpful so
it’ll be something that you can try a4 stasis inside your have not worked for
you yeah and so the costs and everybody
wants to know the costs the price and if there’s any coupons or anything and the
answer is we just don’t know yet you could expect to pay about $500 a month
you’re paying cash for it that’s pretty typical for a stasis presider and all
those usually some insurance will cover that up but usually with the new
medication it takes a little longer for insurance cover to cover any part of it
and then that’s where the coupon comes in we don’t know anything about the
coupon we don’t know anything about the price and there’s a blog post in the
description and we’re going to be updating that blog post as more
information comes out what we just don’t have that information right now yeah if
somebody has talked to their doctor about sequa you know it just came out on
August 16th of 2018 which is when it was released if somebody’s already talked to
their doctor about it and knows anything about that coupon information or
anything just feel free to let us know as well yeah and so some of the side
effects and with sequa are 22% of those studied experience burning and pain
sensation which is pretty common with pretty much anything if your eyes are
inflamed and you put anything in them they’re going to burn even our hydrate
lid and lash cleanser and it’s so gentle it’s pretty much like spring
with a little bit of stuff in it it still burns water will burn eyedrops
will burn it just if you have inflammation it’s going to burn so 22%
experience that burning 6% notice that their eyes actually got redder and then
both of these usually subside within a few moments of using the medication and
then with there’s other there are other side effects I don’t even like going
over this but it’s in the packet I know blepharitis a irritation headache a
urinary tract infection which doesn’t make sense what happens is in these
studies when there’s a thousand people let’s say one person got a urinary tract
infection but it has nothing to do with the drop they have to put that as a side
effect because that person got it while being in this study so if you’re
pregnant or nursing we always recommend against it because there’s no studies
with that but you can always talk about the risks versus the reward with your
doctor and I think the risks are too great to even think about taking that
yeah and so sequin erics and alternatives of course there’s none yet
because it just came out and so what we recommend is of course first of all make
sure you’re drinking a lot of water next look at your diet this is to treat dry I
look at your diet incorporate more kale or spinach more fruit more vegetables
and less meat and less processed food less dairy and so really look at your
diet and then green smoothies in the morning we love green smoothies so and
then of course you can try our hydrate and lash cleanser so yeah again
description are in the description there’s a link you can learn more about
sequa and pretty much everything that we know about it right now and then we’ll
update that article you so you can bookmark it and go back to it every once
in a while and we’ll update it as we go yeah also include this video so any
questions you have for it so let’s jump over to the live video if you’re just
joining us let us know where you’re joining us from we’re talking about
sequa today and click the link in the description to learn more about that so
Patricia s/s where can I get sequa great question so you can get sequa by heading
to your optometrist or ophthalmologist and they will write you a prescription
for sequa which is exactly like they would do for a thesis ends I drew you
take that prescription or they send it over to the pharmacy and you pick it up
there so it’s as simple as that like any other medication but it’s probably not
available that much yet yeah so Nancy says is it as expensive as your
stasis most likely it will be more expensive than worse ASIS yeah because
their stasis has to kind of battle all these new medications coming out so
they’ll probably lessen their drop yeah and if I’m not mistaken I believe that
at some point there is going to be a generic of risk ASIS or you know if you
are a fan of prosthesis then that will be an option for you but right now you
know sequa is just going to be expensive most likely because it is a new
medication yep all right I used doxycycline for ocular rosacea my
eyes are very watery what can I do to calm my watery eyes anything yeah okay
so doxycycline is an okay medication for ocular rosacea there are better ones out
there if you’re going to go the antibiotic route a z-pack has been
proven to be just as effective in seven days and you’ll have to take it
long-term like you do doxycycline a more natural approach would be an omega-3
supplement and watery eyes is caused from usually meibomian gland dysfunction
and so you have meibomian glands 31 on top 31 on bottom and those secrete oil
onto your eye the responsibility of this oil or my bum is to keep your tears in
place if you’re not getting my bum out on to the eye then those tears will
break up and then your eye feels like it has something in it so then it tells
your brain to make more watery tears which comes from your lack of more
Grantland which is different and so you make more watery tears which makes your
eyes water more and so what what the goal of doxycycline is it helps break
down the oils in the meibomian glands and help them come out more so more
natural remedies for this are an omega-3 supplement like I talked about you can
use a warm compress to help break up those oils and give you a little symptom
relief you can do lipiflow you can do an IPL lipiflow is just a thing that you do
in in office and they just it’s pretty much like a warm compress and massage on
steroids IPL is just a light that helps break down the oils in the meibomian
glands helps them getting working again diet eliminating bad saturated fats like
red meat dairy cheese things like that eating healthier fats like avocados nuts
chia seeds hemp seeds and then using like just keeping your eyelids clean and
so using our hydrate watch cleanse really helps with that
that’s a hypochlorous pass based eyelid cleanser and so just making sure your
eyelids stay clean so I just threw a lot at you I’m host a link to an article we
wrote called Petra why are my eyes watering and that will go over a little
bit more all right we’ve got Melissa from Wisconsin hello
Tammy from Alabama Joann from Long Island and Karin from Idaho she has a
good question here so do you recommend luma fie for redness so we get this
question a lot because limo fly is a new medication that is out there for as a
redness reliever basically you know and I recommend luma fie about as much as I
recommend by zine I you know I don’t like Visine obviously because the more
you use it the more red your eyes can get so we call that rebound redness now
luma fie has been studied and shown to not have that rebound redness effect but
it still contains preservatives it still contains bak or benzalkonium chloride
which a lot of people with dry eye just do not do not handle very well so I you
know I recommend you use Loomis eye if you want to it’s perfectly fine you know
I use a similar drop because my eyes are very red and if I have a big meeting or
something like that then I will use them and you know use it before a big meeting
or a wedding or you know you’re going out with friends or something like that
and you don’t want to have those red eyes that’s perfectly fine but don’t
expect it to you know treat your dry eye or anything like that it’s not a dry eye
drop it’s just meant to get rid of that redness and really you know no more than
once a day should you have to use it yeah and hopefully not even once a day
yeah hopefully just using it as needed a great question we’re actually gonna be
doing a aluminum luma fight article and luma Phi DRI I show in the near future
it might be next week it might not be something within the next month I would
say we’ll be talking a little bit more about that too alright so this is a good
question so Lisa asks I was doing great for seven months but my dry eye is back
either because I am dude for another lipiflow or because I’m taking
omeprazole in Zann tech for my acid reflux what do you
think what do you think what do I think yes definitely medications like that
will definitely cause your dry eye to return and if you haven’t lipiflow in 11
months you could always do that too but there’s so many things that can flare up
your dry eye no matter what it can be the the weather turning cold it can be
allergies as the fall it can be you were had a bad day of eating and something
just cause you to flare up so flare-ups will occur and you just have to know how
to deal with those and that’s when we recommend artificial tears we don’t
recommend artificial tears to treat dry eye because they don’t they just cover
it up but if you’re doing everything right and you’ve pretty much solved your
dry eye issue if you have a flare-up here in there and then we usually use a
drop for that yeah all right Patti says luma 5 feels so good to me I find it
hard to avoid my only sense of normalcy but she worries about using it so luma
fight does it feel good because it actually
feels good when you put it in or does it feel good because it makes you look
better because it gets rid of the redness and that type of thing that
would be my question to you just try to keep it to you know once a day I know
they say that you can use it up to four times a day I believe but please don’t
do that you know once a day is fine to get rid
of that redness and like we said earlier we’d like to see you use it only as
needed and as needed meaning you know you’re leaving the house for a big
meeting or a wedding or something like that because it does contain
preservatives and these preservatives you know they’re in a lot of eyedrops
but that doesn’t mean that they don’t react with your eyes and they can be
harmful for a lot of people and cause sensitivities so just be careful with
how much you use it really try to you know not use it and you know find
another I drop out there that feels good when it goes in or whatever and just use
it as needed all right let’s see both only is it once a day okay good
not so worried about that patty so again if you’re just joining us this is the
dry eye show I’m dr. Travis Ziggler I’m dr. Jenna Ziegler and today we went over
the new drug sequel which is cyclosporine 0.09% which is about I
think it’s four times the strength of your Stacey
interstate 0.02 that’s just off the top man I haven’t looked at worse aces in a
while but so yeah that’s what we’re going over today there is a link in the
description that will have the replay of this video whenever we’re done and then
it also has the article that we wrote about it alright this is a great
question so Carol ass any additional feedback you have personally or have
received on the new leads device thank you yeah I mean we’ve had a lot of
people that have tried the new leads device and we’ve gotten good feedback so
far we’ve only had maybe one person or so that felt that it just wasn’t for
them and that it was making things worse but you know we’ve really had some good
feedback and a lot of people that have said that it is making their eyes feel
better and that it does work so you know I tell people there is a learning curve
with it especially with your upper lids because it’s a little strange to kind of
use the device on your upper lids but it does work and you know we have people
that have found relief so you know if you have meibomian gland dysfunction it
could be something to look into for you any comments on that anything else yeah
so we’ve sold so we became their online retailers for it because a lot of
doctors didn’t wanna carry it in their office because it it is an expensive
inventory to bring it into your office so we we were we were asked to do it
online for them so we’ve sold close to 20 of them so far and I would say it
works just about as well as every other dry eye product 10% of people just
aren’t gonna like it and they’re not gonna feel results from it and that’s
the same with our spray that’s the same with ASUS is like 50% incisor is more
like 50% but anything with dry eye it’s about 10% of those people just aren’t
gonna like it if you look at any dry eye product on the market look at the
reviews even ours on Amazon you’ll see that we have 70% are 5 stars and then
10% or 1 starts and then everything else is in between that’s because it works so
well but some people either don’t give it a chance or they don’t use it long
enough and they’ll just negatively review it and throw it off so that’s the
same with the new lids it’s more of a long-term product so again if you use it
you’re not gonna notice results right away and some people will give up right
away yeah that’s just my opinion but yeah about 10% of our patients that have
bought it so too that have bought it out of the 20
haven’t liked it yeah alright so Beth says I wake in the middle of the night
and my eyeball feels stuck to my eyelid is this dry eye
absolutely Beth this is dry eye and I I feel yeah the same thing happens to me I
wake up and oh my gosh my eyes can be so painful sometimes especially when Travis
insists on sleeping with a fan on if it’s hot outside or something like that
so you can do that you can avoid sleeping with any fans above you next to
you even in your room at all Fredrick make sure that you’re drinking a lot of
water you know half your body weight in ounces of water per day we set them out
and then you know you can always look at using maybe a gel drop at night or
something like that the reason your eyes are getting dry at night like that is
most likely because you sleep with your eyes open a little bit and I can really
dry out the surface of your eye I concur yep
all right Stacy says hello from California I have a stringy white mucus
with my dry eye and cannot find anything to stop it
it gets worse when my eyes get watery and so this can be a couple different
things mucus tends to be more allergy based and
so it depends though so if you get I’d have to see it number one but most
likely mucus is from allergies so if your eyes are itching a lot you can
always try an allergy drop and allergy drops of course have preservatives but
if you’re not sensitive to the preservatives it’s usually okay to take
once or twice a day and we usually recommend
alloway for that so try that to see if that mucus will that will help with the
mucus discharge because dry eye doesn’t necessarily cause mucus unless it’s very
very severe yeah and if it was that severe you’d be on a lot of medications
for it and I’ve only seen that privately once in my career when it was that
severe well there is something else called mucus phishing syndrome – yeah so
the more that you try to swipe that mucus out and dig in your eyes and get
that white stringy mucus out the more your eyes are going to produce that so
you really need to keep your fingers out of your eyes you know try that allergy
eye drop that Travis mentioned and see if that can get that to go away for you
because the more you mess with it the more it can become a problem
so yeah mucus phishing syndrome is what I was getting at when you have more
severe and then usually when that happens we usually put our patients on a
steroid and then you’re gonna be on side row or stasis because you have so much
inflammation going on that that’s happening yeah
again that’s something I’ve only seen once in my career so Elaine just
commented that limo fee even used sparingly causes her eyes to become dry
and actually hurt and that could be because of the preservative and Elaine
you’re probably just reacting to that bak gene says hi from Vermont and she
says thank you for being here I’ve learned more from your site than from my
doc well great to hear wish can see Patricia says can you spell that for me
it’s not worse ASIS is it that didn’t work for me so it’s not racist it’s it’s
sequa it’s C CEQ you a I just posted the link to our website so you can see it
there too so see e qu a or stasis is about zero I need to look that up yeah
look it up so sequa is a much higher concentration
of cyclosporine than what rhesus is so it’s possible that if first stasis
didn’t work for you or they just we threw a yeah that’s equal will so sequa
has about double the concentration of cyclosporine which is the medication in
it than what rhesus does so it’s possible that it could work for you but
the reason it works supposedly better is the delivery system and so it’s got a
more effective delivery system and that’s what you’re actually gonna start
seeing in healthcare now is not so much the medications is changing or new
medications coming out it’s going to be the delivery of these vehicles yeah
there’s some delivery vehicles of the medications because there’s some really
neat technology coming out yeah including nano grade like remote control
little bugs that can they can crawl all the way to the site
you remember that lecture we went to no okay doctor I gonna steal your eye but
it can go to anything yeah okay I’m not crazy don’t worry all right
when this is high tuned in late I know I Linda Sharon says hi from Florida Leah
says hello here’s the link to it’s in the comments so you can find it
it’s in the description too so stuck to your lids yeah that definitely happens
hydration hydration hydration and then you also might have a recurrent corneal
erosion but you’d know if you had that Stacy says thank you okay all right
Linda’s question and basically it was cool and windy at her granddaughter’s
game yesterday and her eyes started watering like crazy help yeah so this is
a great question so we know you’re doing things right because you’ve been with us
for a little while and the vitamins and lip cleansers is great start that’s a
great base and this is where we recommend having the artificial tear
because there will be the flare-ups there will be the situations that is
cool and windy that are going to cause that so get yourself a good pair of
wraparound sunglasses and have those artificial tears like retain MGD to be
there for you when you do have that problem because there will be touch even
me I don’t I don’t suffer from dry eye that often but there are times when my
eyes flare up and I just need to drop here and there yeah probably like once a
week or so yeah and you know there’s not much you can do to prevent that cool and
windy you know condition so like he said get
those wraparound sunglasses and have those eye drops with you the Tama says
is is it safe if you have floaters is Seaquest safe to use and yes floaters
are independent of dry eye so floaters are in the back of the eye and a jelly
called vitreous and whenever you move your eye that jelly moves around and
they float past your vision yeah floaters are actually shadows of little
debris in that vitreous that’s very normal everybody’s got it it’s just who
can see it who can’t yeah and sequa is on the front of the eye so it’s not
going to cause any harm marion says she has dry eye after cataract surgery and
that cat picture is hilarious it’s very common marion a lot of people get dry
eye after cataract surgery lasik really any type of surgery on the front of the
eye and even the back of the eye then this is where do you get the retain MGD
amazon easiest way to find them or you can go to the website or I think
Walgreens and some Walmart yep you can find them
black and they have yellow writing yeah all right well let us know if you have
any questions again this is the dry I show I’m dr. Travis Ziegler I’m dr.
Jenna Ziegler and we were going over sequel to day so you can return back to
the beginning of this video to go over all your questions answered about sequa
if you have any questions about sequel or anything else put them in the
comments below but I think we’re ready to wrap up I think so yeah great well
thanks everybody for joining and we’ll be back next Sunday so Maddie all right
take care hey it’s dr. Travis Ziggler CEO of I love and I want to thank you
for watching the video now I could ask you a favor
if you’re watching this on Facebook make sure you like our page or you can leave
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