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Center for Global Health, Global Health Security

Center for Global Health, Global Health Security

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment September 20, 2019

From a public health standpoint wherever
you have a lot of people you always have the potential for infectious diseases,
development of new infectious diseases or spread of infectious diseases. In the world of today a disease can move from anywhere in the world within 24 hours. From any village in the world to the biggest cities of the world. You have people moving from the rural areas into urban areas and that’s causing shifts in
in the ecology, in the way that the people are raising their protein sources,
shifts in the environment and all of those are causing a sort of perfect
environment for the development of new emerging infectious diseases. Global Health Security is very important not just for the countries that are affected
by diseases like Ebola but also countries that are high-income countries
and do not see these kind of infectious diseases but the infectious diseases can
be transported from any country to another country at any time. The reason why we work globally is to stop outbreaks where they start, and that is
the importance for the world but also to protect the United States borders. This is not just a theoretical issue. We actually had a real occurrence of this happening during the 2014, 2016 West Africa outbreak. There are threats out there, there are unknown threats that’s one of the reasons why we’re here is to
put those systems in place so that we can detect those threats before they
become a big problem. Health Security matters because communicable diseases or infectious diseases don’t really respect borders. History has been filled
with instances where an event or a disease occurs in one country and
spreads throughout the world. By stopping those outbreaks where they occur, stopping them at the source we’re protecting the American public. It is about stopping diseases before they come to our shores.

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