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best supplements for anxiety and/or depression hi everyone I'm dr. Michael Johnson I'm a board-certified chiropractic neurologist I've been in private practice in Appleton Wisconsin since 1983 so 36 plus years as I'm making this video in natural healthcare on the coal area I should say the founder and clinic director of the optimal health stem-cell and Wellness Institute in Appleton Wisconsin so been a long day I'm making videos I just do them with one take but I do get this question a lot in emails what are the best supplements that I can take for anxiety depression I do and have helped and worked with a lot of anxiety and depression patients I have other videos on it I'll post them below this video but there are four supplements that I highly recommend supplement number one lies I'm this is from biotics I'll have it listed below with a link li z ym e lies i'm contains plant-based lithium it's a natural anti-inflammatory for your brain okay it's a anti neural inflammation supplement so this is one of the best how much you take two to four per day depending on the severity supplement number two be stress complex why be stress complex because B vitamins are very important for your brain and nervous system and so many people sense B vitamins are are water-soluble they're deficient in B vitamins plus B vitamins it's great for your liver supplement number three riboflavin Y riboflavin because there's something in the genetics NIP world and maybe you've heard of 23andme or ancestry you can pull information about your health from those test kits but there's something called mao-a and mao-b snip mao-a has to do with serotonin Mao has to do with dopamine riboflavin is the supplement to support both of those snips finally supplement number 4 there is a gut brain connection if your gut isn't doing well you're you're gonna be in trouble so I recommend that you take a digestive enzyme after every meal just one with a meal or after the meal it's called digestion from OHS now if you have a parasite or you have something else going on there's another supplement called a low fare ox that you may want to take with that but try the digestion first now as I mentioned none of this matters if you're eating like crap okay does that make sense I mean you're causing massive gut inflammation and there is that gut brain connection if you're eating junk food all day long if you're as a result of eating all that crap not sleeping properly and you've got to get a little bit of exercise I mean exercise does fire the brain so you can't supplement your way to health you've got to change your lifestyle if you're smoking you got to quit smoking if you're drinking a lot of alcohol you've got to quit stop self-medicating if you're eating a lot of refined sugar that's got to stop get on an autoimmune Paleo diet meat fish vegetables fruits nuts and seeds with a heavy emphasis on vegetables and fruits see because none of this matters there's no supplement that's gonna help you if you don't change your lifestyle I'm very serious about this so change your lifestyle change your diet then use the supplements as I met recommended lies I'm be stress complex riboflavin digestion and maybe a low Farex if you have a parasite I'll have them all listed below but those are my top recommendations for anxiety and/or depression supplements and I've been doing this since 1983 so if you have questions email me I'm at dr. J at oleic stem cell dot info our website Oh H stem cell dot info supplement site dr. J supplements com share this video share it with your family and friends share it on social media subscribe to my youtube channel and thank you thank you for taking the time to watch this video thank you for subscribing thank you for sharing I'm doctor Michael Johnson I look forward to helping you in the future

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