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Behind the Scenes of MacDill’s Pharmacy

Behind the Scenes of MacDill’s Pharmacy

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment August 16, 2019

we have about two hundred
and fifteen thousand beneficiaries that use all four of our pharmacies so we
have the pharmacy here at the main med group for our providers that are here in
the hospital we have the pharma care pharmacy which is all of our civilian
prescriptions the refill pharmacy that processes refill prescriptions strictly
and then we have the brandon clinic three four sometimes five people touch
a prescription before the it actually gets back to you
we received the order one person’s processing that next person’s filling it
the bottom line is once it goes in your body we can’t get that tablet back so we
need to make sure that it’s right you know patients want that that fast
service and that’s what we want as well but our number one is always patient
safety so we have numerous checks and balances as pharmacy staff we don’t like
our patients that have to wait long right we don’t like long waits we don’t
like long lines we don’t but at the end of the day to ensure that our patients
all receive the proper medication the correct dose the correct quantities
making sure it’s going to the right patient that takes time so the
technology aspect one thing that we have recently added is TRICARE online secure
messaging we have opened the option to patients that do use the TRICARE online
to send messages to the pharmacy as opposed to waiting on the phone to speak
to a staff member or come to the pharmacy and wait in line they can
actually just go online from the copper of their homes it allows them to go
ahead and get this up activated then come in and just to pick up without
having to worry about the rest of the crowds
we think of ourselves over here as a family that’s not just here at the
clinic it’s Pharmacy wide I love hearing all my airmen and civilian partners
ideas open-door policy 24/7 I love being on the line so I’m always up there
hearing what they have to say you know as busy as our pharmacare pharmacy is
or our drop-through refill pharmacy or our main pharmacy is and as tough as the
man can be we’re not stop busy but yet when I walk into any of these pharmacies
my staff they’re getting it done

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