Attend HACC to Become a Pharmacy Technician - Buy Bentyl

Attend HACC to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Attend HACC to Become a Pharmacy Technician

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment August 18, 2019

[music fades in]>>The pharmacy technician program
is really intense at HACC.>>I choose this program, pharmacy tech program, because I like to work in health career.>>We do teach pharmacy practice, pharmacy science,
the pharmacy mathematics drugs and medication. We learn about 200 prescription drugs,
their uses, their brand names, their generic. You learn compounding of IV fluids and, um, getting, uh, the, TPN, the total parenteral mixes ready for the patients.>>The most thing I like about pharmacy tech program is the compounding.>>We also teach job readiness. Basically we teach them about the retail
pharmacy, the mail-order pharmacies and hospital pharmacies and the requirements
that they are supposed to meet at each place. We mostly focus on hospital pharmacies
because that’s a very good environment for students to work in
because of the expanding of hospitals and the need for technicians there.>>Pharmacy technician roles here
in WellSpan York Hospital vary. We have a lot of different roles from technicians
who are pulling medications, delivering medications to nursing units. We have a sterile IV compounding room where technicians are making
sterile preparations for IV compounds.>>And at the end of the course we also train them to get their certification. If you are interested in the science field
and in chemistry this would be a great line to get into.>>Uh, the program itself it’s quite intense but it give me more informations and the, and the, and the knowledge that I need to pass a certification exam and to, and to be a professional, uh, pharmacy tech. [music fades out]

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