Alexis Spina, Clinical Pharmacist - 2018 Paragon Award Recipient - Buy Bentyl

Alexis Spina, Clinical Pharmacist – 2018 Paragon Award Recipient

Alexis Spina, Clinical Pharmacist – 2018 Paragon Award Recipient

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 4, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Alexis is really the gold
standard for our team. She becomes that model for us to
really develop our newest team members in her mold. Alexis’s current
role on our team is as a staff pharmacist, as
well as an emerging leader. She’s fantastic in her day
to day responsibilities with working our
Medicare case queue. We work with doctors
offices to try and help get the medications
for their patients covered. I would step in whenever
a medication or a case requires extra review. In early 2018, Alexis was asked
to join a team of pharmacists that were engaged with reaching
out to members of the Silver Script Medicare
prescription drug plan to engage with them about
possible opportunities in changing their diabetes
therapies to a therapy that would be more cost
effective to them. Her interactions
with the members quickly became a
talk track that we used as we helped other
members of the team really make successful,
impactful, conversational calls. I had a grandmother
who was handicapped. So I know what it’s
like to have a family member who has health issues. So I always try to put myself
in not only their shoes, but their family’s
shoes as well. Alexis was working
with a customer. Her husband had
recently passed away. And she just felt like she
was completely on her own. Alexis spent probably
20 minutes on the phone with her explaining
every option. So it just kind of made her
feel more comfortable, like she wasn’t completely on her own. I really try to tailor my
approach and my response and answers to their specific
level of understanding. And I always want them to
feel at the end of the call that they were
speaking to someone who truly cares about
their personal well-being. It was extremely important
that we educated our members on these lower cost
alternatives that would ensure that they still
had the same clinical benefits. The exciting part is we saved our
members about $150 per member per month. Lexi is one of our pharmacists
that’s on the innovation team. It’s a group of
pharmacists and technicians from different sites
in our department. As we get feedback into
the innovation mailbox, we take certain ideas to
that team to be a think tank. They’re able to think
through, problem solve. And Lexi is one
of the first ones to say, let me take that back. I’ll dig into it deeper. It’s just a great
way for all of us who are actually in the queues
working the cases to help us deliver those
clear, consistent, accurate, and timely
results to our patients. What makes Alexis so
special to our team is the fact that she really
is the whole package. She conducts herself
with integrity, clear, consistent
communication, and really just a go to team member. What I love most about my job
is that I’m helping my patients save money on a daily basis
and live a healthier life. That’s the most rewarding
part of my job to me. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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